2 Chapter : Changing his mind being a Hero for humankind even he is not in the same group as a hero.

Awesome God System

John was thinking as he said in his mind ", so, system how many heroes power I could choose for now"? Ask John to the system.

as the system replied,

" *host can choose 4 power more and any kind of anime heroes power host wanted* ".

" I see, but for now I would stay with Saitama power this power is already overpowered for me".

* System Acknowledged *

His father ran to John as he hugged his son as others can see tears in his eyes. "Don't do such thing ever again, if anything you need to tell me straight up alright"?

While his father busies nagging at John his mother running from her house toward John as she hugged John tightly, from there John could feel his mom body shivered while she hugging him. John knows he has made his mother worried about what just happened before.

His father explains everything to his mother with what's happening, others who are unaware that the squad of knights is behind them while listening to their conversation and some of them are surprised. Having finished explaining the matter, his father and other watchmen saw that the knights from the palace had arrived.

Due to what had been described before, many of the knights were stunned, John was being the target for the knight squad who started asking a lot of questions so that eventually the commander of the knight was believed and determined that John was destined to be a Hero who would save mankind. The commander of the squad sent a formal letter as he sent it as soon as possible on an emergency excuse to the palace and it has made John's mother and father surprised and afraid of what would happen to his son. John comforts his parents making them feel a little bit relieved.

The Commander came towards John parents as he said loudly about John merit to the kingdoms as he said that the king will give a great reward to John family.

3 days after the attack of the wild beast there was a messenger from the palace arriving in the town of Moonpearl with a member of the castle and palace guard. The envoy announced that John was appointed as a middle-class Baron for his service saving the town of Moonpearl and also the Crescent Kingdom, as his father was appointed by the king to join the royal guard. His mother smiled happily to find out that their king was very honoured to award John ranks to a low-class noble just because he managed to eliminate a bunch of beasts that tried to attack their country.

(all the beast who came is at the stage 8 divine beast it is as high as the Knight Peak Gold Stage, where the watchmen has nothing to fight with it but the Knight who been sent by the palace is only Knight Lower Gold Stage.)

beast level

low level beast

Divine beast infent stage 1-9

middle level beast

Divine Beast Chaos stage 1 - 9

High level beast

Divine Beast Disaster Stage 1 - 9

Legendary Divine level beast

Divine Beast Plague Stage 1 - 9

Ancient Divine level Beast

Ancient Beast Death Carnage Stage 1 - 5

King Crescent also presents the land and also a special mansion for John and his family. And moon pearl town became a fief land under John's care. With the rank of mid-grade Baron John can recruit villagers to be his own private army. John also received 200 pieces of gold 100 pieces of silver and 100 pieces of copper.

And the last one but not least John was directed to meet the King Takumi Crescent, the King was interested to meet the boy who managed to beat a bunch of beasts with just one punch.

Now John is the youngest baron in the Duo moon continent history. John himself was shocked by the drastic changes in his life, he only hoped that his parents had not forgotten their origins and were not blinded by the wealth they have now. John started announcing recruits for his own private army and John was only allowed to recruit only 3,000 people, the town of Moonpearl had a population of 70,000 to become a city status it had to reach a population of 100,000 and if it was compared to other big cities has a population of 10 million very far apart from other small towns.

The day John be waiting for has finally arrived, John entered the palace with a noble dress stitched by a palace tailor because his baron was young and small then the king gave a direct order to the royal tailor sewing official dress for John. John had already begun to arrive at the hall where ministers, military generals and some nobles were gathering regularly and the King who was in high position with a beautifully decorated gold chair with a gem on it could be seen seating with a crown on his head. John with one knee on the other side facing the king of the right hand on his chest to salute King Takumi, making him smile and saying "are you a john boy who wiped out a beast horde with just one punch"? King Takumi asked John, "Your Highness I am John the one who attacking the bunch of beasts with one punch," John replied. "Hahahahhahaha ... good..then ... you are the first 7-year-old boy ever to talk to me without fear. * Heh...my lord is sure that this boy here is the one who attacks the bunch of the beast horde, I do not believe in his words or the words of the other villagers, I can't believe in their words * said a man who appears to have a high rank after the King.Now King Takumi trying to respond with the Minister's words as John had answered much earlier than the King, with the minister's denial. *Oh, if you do not believe it, can I prove it to you? "I do not want to be accused of deceivers by people who did not know the circumstances that took place at that time, John's reply to the minister, the sign that John was angry with the minister's words and accused. *Hah! You want to prove your ability well I give you the opportunity, you look at your right side"? that is a mirror shield made of Vibranium Mithril the hardest metal in this world Dragon breath cannot melt it or destroy it, this shield is made taking 100 years to make it perfectly finished if your fist can destroy it I'll keep silent and kneel to apologize to you, *heh! if you can do it... hahaha..hows my suggestion, wher you agree with it ?.

As John only smiling as he puts a fighting stance as he shouts

SUPAMAJIPANCHI ( super serious punch )

the right side suddenly burst and explode,

dust and stone fragments scattered in the main hall, after 5 minutes they could see clearly after the dust began to disappear from their eyes sight, the walls of the palace with the entire forest on the same side of which everything was destroyed only the impression of a broken land a power destroyed altogether a mountain which is located at a mere 15 kilometres from the castle also vanished somewhere, the minister who had been mocking to John fell on his buttock as he seems scared and fear as could be seen a very shocked reaction on his face.