3 Chapter : youngest student in the knight & mage royal academy

Awesome God System

After John finished showing his power, King Takumi kept laughing loudly, "hahahahaha .... good..that was great, I felt when you let go of the punch there was no aura nor the magic power I could detect from it". "Can I know what the technique is that"? with a confused face The King Takumi asks John, John with his emotionless face answering, "I do not know, which I know of this power that I accidentally turned on 3 days ago after hearing an unknown voice". "Alright nevermind about it, I called you to come here is to order you to continued your studies at the Knight & Mage Royal Academy as I know your age is just 7 years old only I presume you are qualified to learn at the academy. "As you going to be the youngest baron and student in the kingdom".

You do not have to go to school anymore because you can not learn something like everyone else, with the strength you have to learn techniques, strategies, political knowledge, and government management.

John was silence all the time, as he nodded and said, " it would be my honour, your Highness". "I shall follow your order".

One week after meeting the King Takumi, John prepares to pack things he needs for the academy. In front of his mansion, a carriage was ready waiting outside, with a young maid probably at age 15, blonde, smooth and white skin, slim and sexy (when in the anime it was like that John's nose was burst sprayed with blood ) when looking at the maid. John could see 6 men were dressed in full-fledged armour coming in and bowing toward John and saying "sire, I was sent by his highness to accompany sire until we arrived at the academy and the carriage was specially prepared by his highness, please ride it sire". John was shocked to see the special service given by King Takumi, he just nodded his head and stepped on the carriage followed by the pretty maid. John's mother and father could be seen tears around their eyes because she was separated away from John for 6 years as long as his son there, it was unlikely that she couldn't watch her own child growing up without her on his side.

After a 5-day journey northward from the castle big city of Cresentz, John finally arrives to the destination. John is amazed to see the atmosphere around the Knight & Mage Royal Academy with its tall and beautiful buildings. A lot of academic students were busy walking into the academy, a teacher who was standing in front of the main entrance of the Academy seen the carriage that John had arrived with, as the instructor hurriedly rushed towards John carriage and said, "is this carriage belonging to Baron Johnathan?" The guard who accompanied John had bowed to the instructor and said "this was Baron Johnathan's carriage. "

The Royal Guard dropped off from his horse and opened the door of the carriage and Johnathan got out of the carriage with his maid, the Instructor was surprised to see how young John was when he bowed to John and introduced himself as Instructor Nicholas and then pointed his way to the dean's office.

Upon arrival at the dean's office, John saw a stout man standing in front of his office looking outside his office window, then the man said, "Hoh .... young indeed this Baron", then the man turned round looking right at John. "Before you start your study here, I want to test your ability, first ability of combat techniques without using weapons for long or short range, the second is a test using any kind of weapon you wanted and the last combat training with the Instructor that I will choose myself"? John thought for a moment "I never fought with any weapon before but no worry I still have 4 more hero power that I have not used", then John nodded the sign he is agreed with the dean's term. Then they switched to the academy field where all the students were full at that time. As John walked toward the training ground, accompanied by a royal guard there was a whisper around him, "you know that's the boy who became the youngest Baron in our continent history", some say "hoho..I can't wait to see the boy's skills and how he can be that great, we need to see with our own eyes ", many more words are positive and negative, but John does not care about them. Upon arrival on training field, John climbs the stairs towards at middle of the training ground. Finally, Dean, known as Indra, announce an entrance test to Baron John to divide John's class.

First test the Dean shout would be close range combat without a weapon.

As John took a kickboxing stand and hand style, Muay Thai, as he waiting for his opponent.

A student goes to the training court same as John and then introduced himself, I Ye Cheng's 4th-year student, Middle-Class Knight of Silver. John was shocked for a moment because his level of strength was quite high compared to John until now he did not know where he was at is. John introduced himself, "I'm Johnathan Edward Stainvo the 2nd 7 years 11 months". John nodded to indicate that the exam had started. Then Dean Indra knocked the gong to indicate the fight test could begin, then the student turned on his power suddenly his clothes who wore the official dress of the Academy switched to silver-coloured full armour and then roared towards John and fired a kick, John still did not move from his stance. Until the kick was hit right to John's head but John still did not move from his stance. Other students and Indra were surprised by the resilience of John's body. Then John caught the student's foot with one hand, while the student tried to escape from John's grasp but could not escape John's grip and eventually he threw him out of the court. Silent atmosphere occurred in training at that time and John spoke in his heart "Lol ... awkward .."

Indra stunned for a while and coughed in trying to hide his sense of shame and announced John's victory, then started fight with weapon test without delay. As John was thinking, Dean just give a fighting partner on a high level, I cannot take this test half-assed anymore, I need to show them what I've got but whom am I going to use as my 2nd power...as John still thinking and suddenly...

Ding* Host has chosen the 2nd hero power, Kenshin Himura Battousai The head Slayer.

John moved toward the weapon rack as he takes the long wooden sword as he moves back to the centre taking the samurai stance. other students were confused when watching at the sword stance that John showed as they saw john hold the sword grip with both hands. As that time a killing intent burst out from John body without he knowing it. That time all the students and instructors could feel the killing intent pressured. Indra is included in that he never felt this kind of killing intense in his whole life.

Students who had been chosen to fight John had already panicked when he felt pressure from the killing intense that John had burst out, all his clothes were wet with sweat, his feet shivering with fear when he could feel how powerful the pressure of the killing intence was.