4 Chapter : Ranking in first only in 2 weeks.

Awesome God System

The atmosphere is quite intense at that time,

Dean Indra has senses John intense and had to change the partner's to fight with John as he summoned instructor Roy Bennet an Ex-royal knight who had reached knight of the mythic gold stage were he presented in front of John and was ready with his own battle stance.

Mr Roy, who first initiated an attack on John's various techniques released toward john but all the attack was easily discarded by John by demonstrating a far-reaching sword technique different from other techniques known to the entire continent. Finally, the sword met with the sword as Mr Roy face to face with John, Mr Roy a little bit shocked when he sees John expressionless eyes, Mr Roy has not yet activated his fighting dress, he just battled with a formal instructor's dress. John smiled because his blood was now boiling right now excited with the fight and happy to be able to fight with Mr Roy with his much higher strength and further stage the other he ever fight before and decided to use the special technique of Kenshin Himura to end the fight as he shouted Ryūkansen 

(Dragon Coiling Flash) - (Most often used as a counterattack against a thrust or charge, one sidesteps a forward-moving opponent and moves past them. In doing so, one spins in a full circle, adding momentum and centrifugal force to the strength of the sword swing, which is then aimed at either the opponent's back or the back of the neck.)

Mr.Roy was surprised when he was defeated by a technique that he had never heard of in his life as a knight and without having enough time to change into his combat armour. At last, he just left a sighed as he raised his both hands up in the air showing the surrender sign, the situation made everyone there was stunned and startled did not know what to say about what did happen in front of their eyes sight including Dean Indra.

Dean Indra also left a sighed as he senses relinquished and announced that John passed the three trials, hearing the results of the Dean's announcement, the place where the training ground was suddenly burst with loudly cheers from the students as well as instructors. Dean Indra clenched his fist now he totally believe that his academy this time have a chance to win for the first time in history with the presence of John for his knight & magic royal academy in the All-Academy Kingdom Competition that would start around 2 years from today, John will honour the name of his academy as well as the Cresentz Kingdom.

After a week of getting accustomed living in the academy, John started adapting towards friendship with his other classmates without distinguishing other status it's different from other noble students who were just being friends based on status making John easy to be approach and speak with. John been loved by everyone with his natural attitude except a senior from the 5th years Class A1 who disdain and envy with John's success and tries to plan to jot down and embarrassment towards John whom John ignores it totally and makes him much more angrier as he determined with the decision to abolish john from the world by immediately hiring a assassin to assassinate John but every assassin that was sent to kill John never coming back to him because every single assassin that been sent to kill John was killed by John owns hand by using the technique he got from Kenshin Himura power bundle pack.

After a month he has been living in the academy dormitory when the academy students seems they were totally excited when the day that they all have been waiting for has arrived it is the Power Ranking Competition, John was very excited also when the competition was announced, but it was a bit disappointed since the start of the competition that no opponent wanted to fight with him after seeing his ability fighting with Mr Roy using only the sword technique without switching to the full armour force covering his body and wooden sword he casually defeated Mr Roy easier makes the other students afraid to fight him, so when their names are called and when they know their opponent is John they continue to surrender from fighting. Causing John to be a little bit disappointed as he has no opponent to fight with.

The Dean only shook his head showing pity with John's luck at this competition day, as he is just only able to give a word of encouragement to John as he understands with John's condition, John just smiled sadly. The senior who envied John's ability have saw a chance to humiliate him in front of everyone on the stage live as he was challenging John openly to the public as he make all who were present at that time looking toward him made him feel more proud toward himself and said, "I'm Felixander of the A1 class, Knights Legendary Gold stage, Challenging you John Edward Stainvo the 2nd fight with me were you dare or not "!? he asked John, where the reaction shown by John he suddenly rose up from his seat with a cheerful and happy face when eventually someone was challenging him to fight eventually. Felix at that time when Mr Roy and John were fighting each other he is not on campus yet that time, he was busy doing the mission.

Many have an idea in their thought who had seen the senior would be defeated by John's hand and turned their head as they shooked their head they felt sorry with the senior stupidity, they throwing a look toward the senior with a pitying gaze as they knew the result later. But senior Felixander's was convinced he would win against John with a long sword that he just bought made from Mithril Vibranium and his sword was ranked Mythic gold. John sprawled on the stage with a cheerful and smiling smile while introducing himself, "I'm John Edward Stainvo the 2nd from B2 first yea... John never have a chance to ended his introducing himself, Felixander had speed up towards John asap by blowing his sword towards John's throat, as John just dodging it casually. The other students and instructors were shocked by the bad attitude that the senior felixander have shown as they all scolding his actions silently. The instructor and the referee just shook their head thinking about what would happen after this with Felixander as they smile wryly.

Armed with a sword provided by the academies made with ordinary iron metal John attacked Felixander with new technique, could be seen 20 shadow of John who looked like doing a sword dance around Felixander and eventually John stopped behind Felixander and not as much as Felix's clothes were shredded into small pieces.