5 Chapter : Fully defeated

Awesome God System

Felix startled when he sees his own cloth shredded into pieces, as John only showing his dark stoic faces toward the audience without saying anything.

Felix was shocked to see John's ability, but in his heart was filled with hatred and revenge as he shouted: "I killed you"! "Dammit, you're the son of a bitch I'm gonna chopped you until your body becomes a meat paste!" Felix enabling all the strengths of his power, he finally wore a golden full fledge armour covering all part of his body with a wide sword carrying 2 feet wide and 8 feet long he darted as lightning as he swung the big sword towards John's head. John just turned his head looking toward Felix as he smiled cynically, as he lifted his sword toward the sky suddenly black lightning coming from nowhere came as it sparks and snatches John's sword as it produces a powerful blast to make the eyes of the audience there temporarily obstructed with the light that was shining from the explosion. After 15 breath the light decreased as it disappears slowly. All the spectators present at that time were unlikely to forget what was happening before their eyes forever, John was covered with a blackish samurai armoured full suit including a helmet with a horn similar to a Spain buffalo horn, with a face mask (menpo) covering half his face and only his eyes only highlighted without coverage of the mask.

As John replied back to the astonished face Felix as he said, " what!? only you could use the Armour and I can't use it? huh.....hah!!..." said John in mocking manner toward Felix.

Everyone was shocked because John had not yet reached the level of the gold stage knights but was able to use the battle armour suit. Because Felix was surprised to see John's ability and not just his armour except because all the knights, paladins or battle priests suit their combat armour were the only ones that distinguished only the by colours but John was totally different from the fact that the design of his combat armour sets only showed its different, with black colour that does not exist on the list of knights ranking from the bottom to the highest.

But someone around the crowd was standing as he shouted, " that suit....that is the suit... combat armour from the legends that is the Emperor Knights Of Ancient, it is the hero who was said in the prophecy !, it is the legend of the emperor of all knights .... (the man repeats he says repeatedly) until many others who know about the prediction history since 500 years about the legend of the knight emperor who will save people someday. Including Dean Indra also stand up from his seats as he remembered back from what he knows when he still living as a child with his grandparents past hundred years ago, as he still remembered about the story his grandfather always told him.

He never thought that John was the chosen person to be the Hero who would save the human race someday, not only Indra all the instructors who were there including royalty and nobles that had a lot of power in the kingdom were stunned to see what had occurred in front of them at this time.

Back to the ring stage, John ignored the words surround him as he just said a few pieces of verse to Felix who still stunned when he knows and hear the words of the crowd who were watching this fight, "I'm Johnathan Edward Stainvo ll never have been Fighting with you, nor ever hurt or touch you, I also never knew about you before but you've repeatedly attacked me in shadows a lot from long ago I was being patient about this thing for so long but not for this day, accept my attack !!! .... Nameless Sword Art of Death!.

As the katana only touch on Felix armoured surface with the sound of low "*Ting" sound as the armour that Felix was wearing right were shattered into pieces as the attack was continued from Felix back making a deep line cutting through the battle stage until it stopped in front of audience seats. Without any sound the other the "*Ting*" sound only, others just startled when they saw what just happen in front of their own eyes with just a simple slash toward the floor and with the simple low sound it's already shattered Felix proud Battlesuit armour into pieces until it becoming dust and gone with the wind. That time it was just a simple totally awkward silence were happen as John only showing a *returning the katana into it sheath stance*( like that cool samurai always do when they wanna put back the katana inside the sheath back) as all the equipment including katana and the armoured samurai suit just gone, (whoosh) light magic, making the others much more feeling stunned toward John action. As for John he just showed his simple face with a happy smiling and with " peace finger sign" like there nothing happens before, as he just gets down from the battle stage and seated back at his own place until he just falls asleep like nothing really happened,"(what the hell, seriously dude," you just sit there as nothing have happened before your own eyes and fall asleep as fast as no one in this continent ever had done like what you did* sign of face could be seen on the some of the audience faces")

Dean Indra, just smiling wryly only that he could afford. Seeing the behaviours highlighted by John as he had just begun doing it recently made him really confused. The silence situation was short-lived when the battle ring broke out with the comments and cheers from the spectators who were at the present, the aristocrats who still had an unreasonable grudge against John were sweating a lot until they wet their clothes with their sweat recalled the seemingly simple attack on their mind, as they shuddered they can feel the dangers of the "usual and simple" attack. Finally, many of them made a drastic decision to purge their ego and forget about their intentions to "teach a lesson" towards John.