31 Return to Dunbarton

Axel in Mabiland

The backlash from using mana after a replenishment of potions seemed to be quite agonizing. If it had been inside of the game of Mabinogi, one would not feel potion poisoning until drinking up to 30 potions. Axel had underestimated the effects of potions when drinking it in person, and his entire body felt like as if it had fallen into a frozen lake and his mind was inactive to the point where his muscles were twitching. From the viewpoint of an outsider, Axel's face was so pale, there were huge black eye bags under his eyelids.

"We really need to find a medic soon! Mana deprivation is a grave issue.....You could die from the prolonged effects!" Baxtor yelled.

Baxtor wanted to help Azel get on his feet but soon realized his wound was stopping him from using his strength.

"We're both really hurt so let's just rest on the road for now! At least we're near the portal to Dunbarton away from the middle of the mountain ledge where the monsters linger!" Baxtor said.

"Haahh.....Alright, maybe someone will pass by us and give us a hand eventually....." Axel said weakly.


It was already early morning when both of them had leaned against the clearing of rocks. The pitch blackness of the night seemed to never have existed when the sun came up.

"Here, have some jerky!" Baxtor said as he passed Axel some food.

Axel was not particularly hungry, but he felt deprived from the inside after using the last bits of his mana. He chewed on the jerky to divert his attention off the suffering.

"It seems like you're not a pure magician! Or else how would lose out on mana points so quickly?" Baxtor asked.

"There's no such thing as a perfect skill. This is even more the case when I'm not a magic focused stat build and using such a high tiered skill multiple times without rest." Axel replied.

"Damn, I knew it was one of those ancient magic! I've never even seen something like that even among the royal magicians in Emain Macha!" Baxtor exclaimed in surprise.

"My good brother, I hope you can keep it a secret. It's bound to cause trouble if too many people know about it. Especially since I have learned this skill through a forbidden channel." Axel said with a whisper.

"Don't worry Azel! As long I am alive, there won't be a third person that knows of it!" Baxtor proudly said.

As they continued to make small talk, a mid-sized carriage came into the picture from the direction of Emain Macha. There was an stocky looking attendant in a business attire controlling the reins to the two horses ahead, and they appeared to be carrying some kind of goods to sell over at Dunbarton. Seeing this as an opporunity to go to the nearby town, Baxtor yelled,

"Hey guys!!!! Are you okay with the two of us accompanying you to Dunbarton? We are both gravely injured from a fight with the wolves here last night. We would able to pay you some gold for the trip there!"

The carriage suddenly stopped in front of Axel and Baxtor. The attendant got off and pulled Baxtor up.

"Are you okay? You seem to have a horrible blood stain on your back! Hurry onto the carriage! And I will carry your companion after you!" The attendant said.

With this, both of them got on the inside of the carriage which was covered with a large cloth. Inside the carriage, there were barrels of what looked like to hold wine, and some crates other food products. At the corner of the carriage, there was a mercenary that sat with one knee crossed over the other leg as if he was trying to show off his flexibility. He wore a large gray robe with a hood, and had a Greatsword leaning the floor next to him.

"Don't mind the swordsman! He's just here for extra protection in case we just attacked by the monsters while traveling through Osna Sail! Gosh, I would have never taken this route unless our master was in a hurry to deliver the goods!" The attendant exclaimed.

"Your master must be a real daredevil! Who doesn't know how dangerous Osna Sail is for normal adventurers, let alone merchants like you!" Baxtor replied quickly.

"Well time is of the essence for doing business as they say! "So how did you two get so beat up? We did pass by a group of 3 brown dire wolves, but the swordsman took care of them easily and went our way after! Don't tell me you were entangled by an entire wolf pack?" The attendant said as he continued to control the reins.

"Just 3 wolves and you managed to get away? Such terrible luck that we had then! It was the group of 3 wolves like you said, but more kept on coming and coming! If my brother Azel didn't-" Baxtor said as Axel tapped him on the back to stop him from saying any more.

"Didn't what?" The attendant asked him as Baxtor was cut off halfway.

"Ahem, if our brother Azel didn't distract the wolves with magic, we would have not lived to see tomorrow!" Baxtor said with an exaggerated voice.

"Oh, what a disaster! We were indeed lucky to only have met 3 wolves then!" The attendant said.

It was a good thing Axel stopped Baxtor from saying the exact details of how they escaped in the nick of time. Although the attendant of this carriage was nice enough to give them a ride to Dunbarton, a secret like having an ancient magic skill was not something you could mention to anyone about.

Baxtor gave Axel a thumbs up from behind his back to show him that he had understood that he had misspoken.

"Look, we've just reached the area near the Dunbarton Moongate now!" The attendant said.

"Nice, it seems that we'll be able to get you to the healer pretty quickly at this rate Azel! By the way, my name is Baxtor, and the pale faced brother beside me is Azel? How may I address this brother here?"

"Hahaha! Just call me Davis! I am one of the general managers under the Shriel Trading Company in Emain Macha!" Davis replied.

"Oh the Shriel Trading Company! I've heard that you mainly deal in winery and fruits!" Baxtor said.

"Oh yes! If you have anything to order from us in Dunbarton, you can find Glenis near the main plaza! She is the one that receives most of the goods usually." Davis said with a large grin as if he was trying to link up with a potential customer.

"That's great! My uncle is also a famous crafter in Dunbarton! He works in Simon's shop by the main plaza as well. It's been great to be acquainted with you brother! Maybe we will have some business between the two companies in the future!"

"Hopefully yes! But let's hurry into the town! I'm not sure if your brother can hold up any longer with his wounds!" Davis said with concern.

Axel who was listening to their conversation had learned a bit of the culture and works of society of this world in an instant. Although he could barely stay awake, he now felt that it was ironic to have returned to Dunbarton as just a few days ago he was being chased down by an entire company of soldiers!

Up ahead, countless adventurers seemed to march towards the West Dunbarton Gate. There were several carts pulling injured members and the crowd was massive.

"Oh one moment, let's wait for this horde of adventurers to pass by first! It looks like they're heavily injured as well!" Davis said with a hint of worry in his voice.