34 Ambushed!

Axel in Mabiland

The third wave was a similar mix of mobs consisting of monsters from the first two waves. 'Final Hit' had run out of time, and Axel could only use normal attacks and 'Windmill' again to deal with the incoming monsters. After grinding through all ten waves in the first room, his stamina gauge had reached nearly zero, and Axel pulled out a few stamina potions to drink. For some reason, since this dream had been similar to that of inside the game, he could not taste the bitterness of the potion like the time he drank those MP Potions in the new world he had reincarnated.

With that, the door to the second door had opened up, and Axel quickly readjusted himself before hitting the orb in the middle once again. After smacking the orb, a horrendous amount of monsters spawned inside the dungeon room. Then Axel felt a jittery sensation in his bones. Before he knew it, he had been struck with 'Thunder', which is a mid-tier magic skill where thunder is struck on the existing target. He immediately activated 'Mana Shield' and 'Lightning Shield' which are both cleric based skills that have the ability to reduce the damage of incoming magic attacks. Luckily, only about 60 points of his mana points had gone down with the help of both skills in place.

"Sh*t! Those little f*ckers!!!!!!" Axel bellowed. In the dark shadows of the room, three invisible cloth like existences came into picture. These monsters are known as Cloakers, and they have the appearance of a ghost, but with a more baggy like body. Although their physical attacks are weak, they have strong magic skills that can rival most formidable magicians in the game. The almost cheat like ability to watch out for is its ability to 'Chain-Cast', which means automatically stacking a full 5 stacks of a spell, whether it is beginner or intermediate spells. This can prove to be truly lethal when an intermediate spell is charged automatically with 'Chain Cast'. It skips past the normal steps of charging a spell, and is often used among players to 'Chain Cast' the beginner spell, Firebolt. Firebolt with 5 charges can reach up to the combat power of a intermediate spell. However, due to the 'Chain-Cast' ability of the Cloaker, it is able to push out a full 5 charges of the 'Thunder' spell with no limits. 'Thunder' is also an intermediate magic with a high chance of a 'Critical Hit', which can multiply the original damage of the skill by many times over. This can often quickly kill off the average party of players in matter of seconds.

No matter how strong Axel was, if he was ganged up by a group of Cloakers that decided to endlessly 'Chain Cast' 'Thunder' onto him, he would also be in a big pinch without using 'Mana Shield' and 'Lightning Shield'. Without any delay, he used 'Charge' at one of the Cloakers. The 'Charge' skill is as it suggests, a skill that utilizes one's charging run to engage or intercept an enemy. Giants are able to use it without a shield. Normally humans or elves would need a shield to use this skill but Axel's full Saint Guardian Armor Set has a Shieldless Charge Reforge attached to it.

The impact from the 'Charge' was so sudden that it landed a 'Critical Hit' on the Cloaker, rendering it immobile. He followed up on the other few Cloakers with normal attacks and 'Windmill'. As he was about to attack some more Cloakers, he was again ambushed by the hidden Cloakers from the corner of the dungeon room, and this time he did not have enough time to activate 'Lightning Shield'. While 'Mana Shield' could be continuously active after turning the skill on, 'Lightning Shield' required one to turn on manually each time, and had a cooldown after using it. This time around, Axel took slightly more damage which was shown in the larger drop in his mana points.

Almost in a rage, he used 'Charge' again at one of the Cloakers hidden in his blind spot and sliced it in half upon impact. After a cycle of getting ambushed and retaliating, all the Cloakers were dead, and a new menace had appeared in the dungeon room. Looking extremely transparent and full of gel like a slime, this monster took a shape similar to that of a human body but with some distortions in the body parts otherwise. It had a red glow in its eyes, and there was a shrilling sound whenever it went about. This was one of the most powerful mobs in the continent of Uladh, a King Red Ghost. If it was a normal ghost, it would have been fine, but a King Red Ghost is often very aggressive and can become quite deranged when one provokes it. Not only is it superior to the Cloak in terms of magic, but it can teleport without any limitations within a mid-ranged distance. It also possesses 'Heavy Stander', 'Mana Deflector', and 'Natural Shield', which are activated at all times. Monsters with these kinds of skills are typically all extremely powerful when compared to the common monster. In a lot of cases, they are just one step away from becoming a boss tiered monster.

Not only was it just one Red Ghost King, but there was at least a dozen of them in the room at the moment. In an instant, half a dozen Red Ghost Kings rushed over to use 'Smash'. The other half were had just all used 'Chain Cast' 'Fireball'. Axel knew that fighting with these types of monsters needed a bit of strategy. Instead of just attacking normally and using windmill like usual, he switched to using 'Counterattack' and 'Defense' to fend off the incoming Ghost Kings. Due to the aggro, he was not able to hit back every ghost, and was dealt a bit of damage in the process.

"Hahahaha! It's been a while since I fought monsters this strong!" Axel yelled in the distance. Although it looked quite troublesome to deal with such monsters, he felt a sense of dominance roar inside his heart. He had been running away from a lot of the battles in the new world he had reincarnated in, and was cursed by Cichol by a stroke of misfortune. For someone as proud and overbearing as Axel, being so submissive and weak was unbearable. Even if it was a dream, he intended to enjoy trampling over these monsters with his game character which is at the peak of combat power in the game of Mabinogi.

Right as he chuckled more, six different 'Fireball' attacks were closing in on him.