"Get up Reema" I hear as I am being shaked. I open my eyes confused to see Keron. "I've tried to call you" I say. "Come on we gotta' go" he tugs on my arm. " I can't leave i need to be treated". "What we need is money now get up, I won't tell you again" Keron demands. I don't challenge him I get up and start to gather my things. Keron is keeping watch as I start to cry, I know I could lose this baby if I leave. On the other hand Keron will beat it out of me if I don't.

    I decided that now is the time to tell him. "Keron, I'm pregnant." I continue to pack my things and not look at him scared of his reaction. "Reema we will talk in the car let's go". "But if I leave our baby will be in danger" I plea.  Keron then runs over to me grabbing me by the neck. "What did I tell you to do? If you don't hurry up you will be in danger" he says. When he let's my neck go I do as he says and not say anything else. Keron goes back to his look out by the door. When it is safe to do so we leave the hospital.

   I try to hold back more tears when I get into the car. Crying about it won't make him bring me back. For the first couple of minutes there is nothing but silence. I put my hand to my stomach but notice Keron watching. I instantly remove it feeling guilty for some reason. "Are you really pregnant" Keron asks. "13 weeks" I reply. "So you keeping it?". I feel a type of way hearing him ask this because I didn't make this baby on my own. With him asking me this makes it seem like I did and that I'm in it alone.

"Do you want me too?" I question. Keron give me a chuckle. "Well in order to have a baby we need money" he says. I never really understood Kerons over obsession with money because we aren't broke. "We have money Keron we aren't broke". Keron looks at me "we aren't rich either". "We have more than enough money for ourselves and a baby" I say. "And we will have even more once you start this hotel work" he replies. "How can you still want me to do this I am your girlfriend and i am having your baby." Keron raises an eyebrow "is that suppose to mean something to me?".

    My jaw pretty much hit the floor after hearing his words. If there was never any confirmation before then there definitely is now. I mean absolutely nothing to him. Neither does this child, his child. Keron will never change. I really thought that hearing this news would make him change or at least stop putting me in harmsway. At least until this pregnancy was over. "When will I mean something to you?" I ask. "When you start making some real money your little nine to five isn't cutting it." Keron stops at a light and looks over at me, "I told your work you wont be in anymore".

    I start to breath heavily. This is too much I think to myself as I try to calm down. He expects me to sit in a hotel all day having sex with strangers for him. How did my life get to this? "You need to relax before we get to Maliks" Keron says. I look at him as if he is stupid. I can feel the anger in me about to explode and I can't  hold it back. "I hate you" I scream. Keron starts to laugh and for the life I don't seem to know what's funny. Before I can stop myself I raise my hand and slap the right side of Kerons face.

    The minute I hit him I wished i could have taken it back. Keron steps on the breaks so hard that the two of us fly forward as the car stops. I start to panic knowing exactly what is about to happen to me. Keron gets out the car and quickly walks over to my side. He opens the door and pulls me out. "Your brave now right" he yells. Keron strikes the first blow to my face. The impact hits my jaw and I stumble to the floor. Keron then pulls me up by my hair. "Consider yourself fuckin' lucky because if I didn't want this money I would kill you right here" he says.

    I don't cry as he pushes me back down to the floor. I hold my stomach to shelter it from the fall. I stay laying on the floor until I hear the car door close. When it does i get up and see Keron driving off. I am about a fifteen minute walk away from Maliks and a thirty minute walk from our house. I see my phone and wallet on the floor where the car use to be. I guess he threw it out. I walk over to pick it up and see a text from Keron. **make sure your ass goes or I will kill that kid** I start to walk to Maliks crying uncontrollably. How can he want to kill his own baby?

    I get to Maliks and try to pull myself together before I knock. I don't see Kerons car anywhere so I guess he isn't here. I take a deep breath and then knock. I wait about a minute before the door opens. Malik looks at me and then at my wrist. "What are you doing here?" He asks. I didn't remember to take off the hospital bracelet with all that was going on. "I'm here to work" I say. "What happened to your face?" I look down at the floor without answering.

    Malik moves over and let's me into the house. My head is still down as I walk in. He shows me to the living room and gestures for me to sit down. "Where is Keron" he asks. "I don't know". "I'm going to ask you some questions and I don't want to be lied too" Malik says. I nod my head in okay. " but before we do that theres a bathroom down the hall go shower and fix up, I will have clothes out for you." "Thank you for everything" I say referring to the other night. Malik looks at me and points down the hall.

    As far as me and everyone else knows Malik has no girlfriend. For someone without a female his house is extremely clean. I take off my clothes and sit in the tub. I let the hot water run until the tub is filled before turning it off. I soak in the water and feel more relaxed then I have in a while. I wet my face and hair and look around. I find some soap and shampoo in the corner of the tub. Before I get a chance to use it the door opens. I jump getting a little startled. "It's just me" Malik says. I cover up my body so he doesn't see any of my private areas.

    "Sorry" he says. He sets down a towel and a rag for me. "You can wear these" he holds up a t-shirt and boxers. I nod my head as he sits on the toilet seat. I give him a confused look. He does know that I am trying to take a shower right. "What happened to your face?" He asks. "I'm sure you already know". "I do but I want to hear it from you". I sigh before saying "my boyfriend hit me".

    "Boyfriend, that's a funny word" Malik laughs. "Explain everything to me please" he asks. I am not sure why but I do. It feels good to not have to hold things in. I leave out the fact that I am pregnant ofcourse. When I am done I ask him to keep what I had said to himself. Malik gets up off the toilet and looks at me. "Finish your bath" he says as he leave the bathroom leaving me feeling lost. How can he ask me to explain things and when I do he just ups and leaves.

    When i am done my shower i get dressed and i go back to the living room. Malik is there with Chinese food. I sit on the couch as he brings over plates and drinks. We start to eat and Malik tells me that he called Keron. "You got through" I ask. "Nah. I didn't". As much as I dont want to ask what happens now I do. Malik laughs and says that we finish eating. I look down at my plate and smile. I can't even remember the last time i ate a meal with someone.

    "What are you smiling at" Malik asks. "Nothing" when were done I take the plates to the kitchen and wash them. Malik is standing by the stove watching me. "Why did you agree to the hotel?" He asks. "I didn't I was forced and threatened" I reply. I turn the faucet off and turn to him. "Why do you care so much?" Malik stands there staring at me. As his lips part to respond the door knocks. "I will be back" he says walking off with a big smirk on his face.

    When he returns Keron is with him. I don't say anything to Keron as he gives me a kiss and a pink Victoria secret bag. I look at Malik who is trying his best to hold back his laugh. "What's this?" I ask Keron. "Open it and find out". I open the bag and pull out a leopard print bra with black lace and a matching thong. "You like it? You can wear it for work" he says. I squint my eyes at him wondering if this man has lost his mind. "Keron I am not doing this". "Do you want to speak in private?" He asks through his teeth.

    "No actually I don't" I say. Keron looks at Malik and tells him that I'm just getting cold feet. "That doesnt look like cold feet that looks like she doesn't want to do it" Malik says. "Reema follow me to the bathroom for a second" Keron asks. I don't move and when he realizes that I'm not going to he grabs my hand and pulls me. He drags me into the washroom and closes the door. Were facing the mirror over the sink staring into it. Keron puts a hand over my stomach and squeezes. I scream out but he uses his other hand to cover up my mouth. "What did I say about embarrassing me"

    Tears stream down my face at a fast pace. "You think I was joking when I said I would kill that kid?" Keron let's my stomach go but grabs the back of my neck. He turns the tap on and puts the clogger down. "You will learn" he says. Keron pushes my head down into the water and holds it there. I squirm as much as I can but his grip is too hard. When he finally let's me up he throws me out of his way. I end up tripping over and mat falling into the bath tub hitting my head on the faucet and blacking out.