I drag the girl out by her hair as she struggles to fight back. I punch her in the face still holding her hair. I'm still holding the knife in my hand when Malik comes out of the car. I put the knife to her neck and look at Malik. "Reema relax" he says inching over to me. "this is what's happening now?" I ask. "Reema please" he begs. "Now it's Reema please?" I look at the girl who is now crying. I drop the knife and start to choke the girl.

    "Do you know who I am?" I ask her. The girl shakes her head no with tears still streaming down her face. I punch the girl in the face two more times upset by the fact that she felt the need to cry as Malik pulls me away from her. "Now your saving your bitch? Keron was right about you wasn't he?" I say. Malik tells the girl to go as he holds me down. "Reema go in the house" Malik says. I laugh wickedly as I walk into the house. Malik is outside making sure the hoe leaves safely. When Malik comes in I waste no time attacking his ass too. He wanted to be mad at me for answering Kerons call yet look at what he is doing!

    I hit him in his face and yell "you liar". Before he can answer I hit him again in his jaw. When I go to hit him a third time he catches my hand. "Reema I can explain" he says. I try to pull out of his grip but I can't. "your a piece of shit" I yell. Malik let's me go and tells me to relax. I go into the kitchen and get another knife. I walk toward Malik "tell me the truth are you using me?" "No I am not" Malik replies.

    I walk closer to Malik holding up the knife. "Reema what do I need to use you for?" he asks. "you fucking tell me you came to me I didn't come to you" I scream. I can't hold back my tears anymore so I let them go. Malik steps towards me so that the knife is touching his chest. "Baby relax and let me explain please" he says. "why did you allow him to be right?" I say. "babe I went to see her to tell her about you and that our benefits are over." he says. "but you called her earlier" I say. "I did ma' and I'm sorry".

    Malik steps closer to me so the knife is now making an indent. "You going to kill me?" he asks scarcasticly. The tears in my are falling wildly. "I am so tired of being hurt" I say. Malik takes the knife out of my hand and for the first time I find myself breaking down. Malik attempts to hold me but I push him off. I don't want him touching me. I cry so hard I start to fall to the ground. Malik tries to hold me again and I have no energy to fight. "relax ma'"

    "I promise you Reema it's done between me and her and nothing happen today." With each gasp of breath Malik holds me tighter and gives me a kiss. I go to to push away but he manages to kiss my lips. I feel my stomach drop and butterflies take over. I try to pull away from the new feeling but he puts his hand on my thigh. I move from his lips and he immediately goes to my neck. "I'm not going to hurt you" Malik says between kisses. he uses his body to slightly push me down. Were both laying on the floor, him on top of me to be exact. Malik runs his hands through my hair and pulls the elastic out.

    he continues to kiss me, his hands running all over my body. He pulls my pants down slowly as he kisses down to my thighs. "Malik" I whisper. Malik gets up and takes off his shirt. I stare at his body as he gives me a grin. "it's all for you" Malik says laying his body back on top of mine. We kiss a little longer before he shuffles his hand into my thong. His kisses run from my lips to my cheek to my neck. The kisses turn into little soft bites. I let out a moan that excites him.

    I reach down his pants and slowly stroke his penis. His length and thickness surprised me, Keron has nothing on him. Maliks finger feels cold as he rubs my clit making my body shake. Malik speeds up his pace as I close my eyes focusing on his movements. I feel myself getting wet. Malik let's out a moan as I start to cum. "That's my girl" Malik says as I bite gently on his shoulder. Malik then takes off my shirt and starts kissing on my chest. I throw my head back while my eyes start to roll. Everything feels so different with Malik like it's not being forced.

    Malik stands up and pulls me up too. He gives me another smile before he lifts me up. He carries me into the bedroom and well you know what happens after that. The next morning I sleep in exhausted from the three rounds of last night. When I do wake up I brush my teeth and join Malik in the kitchen. He has breakfast made and was waiting for me. I smile big when I see him. "I guess you had a goodnight?" Malik says. I go to sit around the table but Malik pulls me onto his lap and kisses me. "shopping today?" he asks. I smile at him "you don't have to do that".

    "Eat and then we will go" he says not listening to what I just said. We eat together and while we eat we ask and answer a bunch of questions about one another. "You look good in my t-shirt" Malik laughs. "you didn't answer my question from the other night." I say. Malik looks confused so I remind him. But before I can the door knocks. Both Malik and I give each other a weird look. " My lady" Malik says as he stretches out his arm. I take his hand and we walk to the door. Malik looks through the glass and then back at me "I'm sorry".

    I give Malik a look before he opens the door. Standing there on the door step is Keron and the girl from last night. "What are you doing here bro?" Malik asks. "Ran into Tanya she said my girl attacked her and that she was here with you" Keron replies. I guess Tanya is the girls name but how the hell does she know Keron?  "You mean my girl and what's it to you? I told you about us" Malik says. "Did she tell you that she is carrying my kid?" Keron asks smugly. Malik laughs "yea bro she did". Keron looks at me up and down. "you slept with him didn't you" he asks me.

"What I do is my buisness" I say. "Hold on Malik some used pregnant bitch is what you left me for?" Tanya asks. "Where was that energy last night when I dragged you out of your car?" I ask. "Bitch we can go again now that I'm ready" Tanya says. I smile and let go of Maliks hand to walk toward the girl. Malik stops me "think about the baby". I look at Malik and then at Keron and Tanya. "Let me handle it baby" Malik says. I take a step back "your lucky" I say to Tanya. The girl smirks at me. "I'm getting my man back"

    "Tanya stop we weren't even like that, and ya'll gotta go I'm tryna take my girl out" Malik says. "You cant keep me away Reema you have my kid" Keron says. "She and the baby will be just fine bro" Malik says. Keron turns to leave and says "you have two days to get your ass home or things will get bloody". Keron walks to his car but the girl stays. "What ever your name is just know that Malik always comes back to me" Tanya says. "Tanya stop and just go" Malik tells her. The girl shoots daggers at Malik with her eyes. "Why take me from Michael if you were just going to leave me" She asks. My eyes widen by what she says.

    I walk away leaving Malik and Tanya talking. I really don't want to hear anymore of their conversation. Once again I'm here feeling like Keron was right. For him to bring the girl here too was a very bold move. Now I know the truth I just wish I didn't have sex with Malik first. Maybe I should just go back home. If I'm still going to be lied to I may as well have stayed with Keron. I hear the door close and Malik comes back. "You shouldn't have walked off." I give Malik a grim look.

    "If you didn't you would have heard me tell her that what she said wasn't true." "So she made it up?" I ask. " She was with Michael but she came on to me" Malik says. "Are you kidding me? that's what they all say" I laugh. I get off the chair and go to the room. "Reema what are you doing?" he asks. "Getting my stuff to go home". "You are home Reema". "I'm going to Kerons" I say. Malik walks over to me and grabs my hands.

"Just give me a chance" he says. "Why would I?" I say. "because I can prove to you that they are up to something. If you want you can stay and I can go for a couple days." he says. I look at Malik blankly but then nod my head okay. Malik looks at me then gives me a kiss. "I will be out soon okay?" he says. I don't reply I just go into the living room and turn on the TV. I sit there and stare into space thinking. Thinking about Keron, and Tanya and all that was said today.

    I feel tears starting to sting my eyes. I try my best to hold them back and curl up on the chair. Malik is in the room packing a bag which makes me want to cry even more. I really don't want him to go and I don't want to go either. But at the same time I am beyond confused. Malik comes out of the room and goes into the washroom. It made my heart stop because I thought he was going to come to me. I want him to come to me and tell me he's staying and I just have to deal with it. The sound of the room door closing again does it for me. I start to cry softly into Maliks shirt so he doesn't hear me.

    "Reema" Malik calls. I sit up and look at him "yes". "I'm leaving now, I got a hotel up the road I can stay at for a couple days" he says. I nod my head okay and move my eyes from him. Malik sits with me for a minute in silence before he gets up. Malik and I take one last look at eachother I hope for him to say something but he doesn't and then he is out the door.