It's been four days and Malik hasn't come back yet. I haven't heard from Keron either which I am not mad at. Today is my first ultrasound and I am going alone. The reason I havent told anyone is because I don't want the drama. I wait in the doctors office for them to call my name. I have seen the baby before but for some reason this time feels different. Probably because I don't have to drink a bunch of water this time. I exhale deeply and try to relax. "Ms.Wilson" the nurse calls "room six" she says.

    I undress and lay on the bed waiting for the technician. They let me know in advance that this visit will be at least an hour long. When the technician comes in she asks how I am before starting the appointment. The baby looks so big I can hardly believe my eyes. I smile to myself about this little something that is finally all mine. The technician asks if I am excited and I nod my head yes. "When can I know the gender?" I  ask. "At around twenty weeks when the baby is a bit bigger" she says. I raise my eyes brows at her because i didn't know that he could get any bigger. Wow.... I said he maybe it will be a boy.

    When were done I get more pictures and head home. I start to feel down because I wish I had someone to talk to about this. About the feeling I got when I heard my babys heart beat today. Keron pretty much isolated me from the world and the people I was allowed to talk to were his friends and it was to only make him look good. The bus ride to Maliks is deadly and I hate every part of it. The bus is completely packed to a point where everyone is chest to chest or bumper to bumper. The crowd is adgatated and complaining there have even been two fights already. I just can't wait to lay down. All these different smells have me feeling a bit nauseous. I am one of the people standing so being feeling sick isn't so good.

    I try my best to hold my sickness down I don't want the embarrassment of throwing up on the bus. I use one hand to hold the pole to stabilize myself and the next goes across my stomach. I take deep breaths but it doesn't seem to help much. I raise my head up to see where I am and I have three stops to go. I can do this I tell myself. I still have two more buses to go but I plan on throwing up when I get off of this one. Finally my stop is here and a bunch of people are getting off with me. Where I get off is small hill with a little Forrest. I go down there and I don't hold back the sickness. I stay there for about five minutes to make sure I'm okay for the rest of my journey.

    When I reach the door I feel drained yet excited. I am excited only to lay down today has been shitty. I unlock the door to the empty house and walk in. I take off my shoes and walk straight to the bedroom. when I open the door my jaw hits the floor and I am shocked. The room is covered in shopping bags and roses. I look around the room in amazement. "Open them" a voice from behind me says. I turn and see Malik. "What is all this" I ask.

    "There called gifts" he says. "I don't want gifts" I say. "Well you have them, you needed new clothes right?" Malik says taking my hand and leading me to the bed. I take a seat still exhausted as he hands me the first bag. I give him an annoyed look but he just gives me a grin. "You sure this wasn't meant for Tanya" I ask slitting my eyes at him. "Damn someone's got their petty hat on today" Malik replies laughing. I take the bag and open it to find lingerie. I give a dirty look to Malik as he starts to laugh harder. "That's really not funny" I say. "What I can't be like Keron" he asks sarcastically.

    I shake my head not really finding it funny and I get up to walk away. Malik pulls me toward him and when he does my ultrasound photos fall out of my pocket. Malik picks it up before I get a chance to and stares at it. "This is dated for today" he says. I dont reply to him as he continues to stare at the babys picture. When Malik looks up from the photos he smiles at me. "Go look in those bags over there" he points to the bags on the left side of the room. I walk to the bags without a complaint and open them.

    I open the first bag and there is a bunch of baby stuff in it. It was all mutual colored clothes, baby toys, bottles, blankets and diapers. I feel my eyes fill up with tears but I hold them back. "Why did you do all of this?" I ask. "Because I wanted too. I wanted to show you that I am serious about us and the baby." he replies. I walk over to Malik and give him a hug and let him know that I appreciate what he did. We sit down and open the rest of the bags that had clothes for me, jewelry as well as shoes. Apart of me feels bad that Malik spent all of this money on me and the baby. I also know if I tell him that he will feel offended so I keep it to myself. We clean up and put stuff away the babys stuff goes in a separate room that Malik says will be his or hers.

    "Have you heard from Keron? Does he know about the ultrasound?" Malik asks. I shake my head no. Not that I'm complaining after the threats he sent me a few days ago. I guess he was just talking crap at the time. Malik then starts to laugh. I give him a look for sounding crazy laughing with himself. "He ain't about that life ma' I don't know why he was tryna' flex." Malik laughs again. I kind of giggle a little myself at the way Malik says what he says. i feel safe with Malik and hearing him talk right now the way he is makes me feel even more secure. "You think so?" I ask.

    "Think? I know why do you think we never ask him to ride?" Malik says. I never really knew Kerons buisness but he never once made it seem as if he wasn't needed. I decide to change the subject not wanting to talk about Keron anymore. "Where have you been?" "The hotel I stayed a bit longer" Malik replies. "With who?" I ask. Malik pauses and looks at me weird. "Myself" He replies. I say nothing back as I nod my head. Sucks because apart of me wants to be petty. but another part believes him.

    "Well why didn't you come back?". "Didin't think you wanted me too." He replies walking toward me. "It's your house" I chuckle awkwardly. "Our house" Malik kissed my forehead. " Has Tanya ever been here?" I ask. I know I shouldn't have asked but the question has been burning in my mind. "Why does that matter Reema?" "Because I don't want to lay where she has been and with who she still wants to be with". Malik shakes his head and walks out the room. "I guess that's a yes" I call after him.

    "Reema I just got back and your already starting a problem." "There is no problem I already got my answer from the fact that you don't want to say nothing" I say. "Reema. Stop it" Malik says firmly. I roll my eyes at him and when I do he gets in my face. At first I jump getting startled. Malik kisses me and I immediately feel my body crumble. it would be a lie if I said I didn't miss this feeling. I wrap my arms around his neck as he pulls me closer to him. "Don't leave again" I whisper. Malik gives a smile "I won't".

    Malik's kisses get more intense as he lifts me up. we go into the room and he lays me down on the bed. I've misses you" he says. I let out a moan as he climbs on top of me. Malik kisses my neck and down to my chest. I start to bite on my bottom lip when he sits up. "Your not getting no dick though" he says. I sit up myself jaw dropped before I ask why he started something then. "Because you kicked me out my own house" he says laughing. "I'm taking a nap" I say upset.

    Malik is still laughing when I leave the room. I close my eyes and try to relax. Today has been too much so far and I just need a little break. I take a short nap and wake up to Malik yelling. I go to the living room to where the source of the noise is. Malik is sitting on the couch watching a ball game. "You up now babe" he says. " Have you heard how loud your mouth is" I joke. I go into the kitchen to get some juice and Maliks phone is going off. "Your hoes are calling" I yell. Malik gets up and checks the name on his phone.

    He declined the call and put the phone back face down on the table. I don't question what he just did I just go and sit beside him. "Want to order something?" he asks. "pizza?" I say. Malik calls the pizza place while we watch the game. Maliks phone is still going off but he is trying to pretend as if it isn't. When his phone stops ringing mine starts. The number doesn't look familiar. I slide my phone answering the call after three rings. "Who is this" I ask in my somewhat professional voice.

    "Tell Malik to answer his phone!" the girl yells. "Tanya how the fuck did you get my number?" I ask. When I say this Malik turns his attention to my conversation. Tanya then hangs up the phone and calls Malik again. This time he answers. "Did you just call my girl?" he asks. I have no clue of what she is saying to him but he is telling her to leave me out of the situation. Now this bitch has me wondering what the situation is. Maliks voice starts to raise at Tanya before he hangs up. No more than five seconds pass before my phone rings.

    I answer it because it's Tanya again. "Girl don't you ever stop?" I ask. "That's the game Malik wants to play? Tell him that he can't get rid of me" she says. I look at Malik before putting the phone on speaker for him to hear. "What is it you want Tanya?" I ask. "Well I was going to say something but it seems Malik doesn't want you to know." Malik yells at me to hang up the phone. "what's wrong Malik? you don't want your new boo to know that you would kill the pussy raw? or do you not want her to know that your having a baby too?"