The phone hangs up and I just sit there staring Malik in the eyes. Malik looks as if this is the first time he's hearing this himself. "Reema I swear I didn't know" he says. I feel as if I can't be mad at Malik because he is dealing with my situation so I just nod my head. "when were you and her last together?" I ask. "The day I took you to the hospital was the last time we had sex" he explains. "Would you keep it?" I ask. Malik nods his head yes before asking me what he has gotten himself into. I let him know that we will figure it out and that I am here for him. Just then the door bell rings.

    Malik goes to the door I guess it's the pizza man. "What are you doing here?" I hear Malik ask. I walk to the door to see who he is talking too. It's Keron he is telling Malik that he got a message from Tanya saying to meet him here. Keron stops talking to look at me. Malik looks back at me aswell "sorry babe". I don't reply to him I just hold Maliks hand as he let's Keron in. "Why is Tanya coming here?" Malik asks Keron. "I guess we can ask her" he replies pointing to Tanya's car pulling in. Malik opens the door for her and she steps in. "Hello baby daddies" she says smirking at me.

    "Daddies" I say questioningly. "Yes daddies as in more than one. As in could be Malik could be Keron" Tanya replies. At this point I don't know what fact to be upset with Keron fucking around unprotected or Tanya's nasty ass. "Your just nasty" Malik says to Tanya. "Just how you like it" Tanya replies sticking out her tongue. "How do we even know your hoe ass is really pregnant?" Keron asks. "Hoe? I wasn't a hoe when you were telling me you love me and that I'm better than Reema." I give Keron a dirty look. Apart of me wanted to ask how long they were messing around for but I don't. Tanya reaches into her back pocket and pulls out a pregnancy test that reads positive.

    Both Malik and I look at eachother before he tells her that he wants her to take a test infront of him. "Where the test at?" she asks him. "Let's go get it" Malik says. "Your not going no where with her" I yell. "Don't be worried boo been there done that" Tanya replies rubbing her belly. I let go of Maliks hand and attempt to step to Tanya but Keron blocks me. "Where was that energy for me" he asks. I shove Keron out of my way. I've had enough of Kerons shit and all I want to do is kill him! Keron regains his balance and walks quickly towards me.

    Malik is now the one who is standing infront of me. "Not my girl bro" Malik says to Keron. "she was mine first....bro" Keron replies. "But she's mine now, so know what your doing." Malik replies. My blood is still boiling from Tanya and right now I am just over this situation. "I'll go with the hoe to get the test" I say. Malik gives me the keys to his car and gives me a kiss. "Thank you" he whispers in my ear as I hug him. "Let's go" I say to Tanya. I brush past Keron and walk out the door.

     We get to the nearby shoppers and we go in. We drove in separate cars avoiding the awkward car ride. We read the aisle signs until we see parent planning. We look through the pregnacy tests and Tanya chooses a clear blue. "So you paying for this?" Tanya asks. "Bitch are you serious?" I ask. This girl has some nerve we haven't spoken to each other and this is what she asks. "Your a step mommy now it's the least you can do to help" she replies. "And least you can do is keep your legs closed so you know who your baby daddy is" I yell. I walk out of the shoppers pissed off.

    I call Malik and tell him the arguement that just happened. "Just come home so we can get this over with" he says. I ask him what him and Keron are doing and he says that Keron is outside waiting. "I want this to go away" I say. It may sound wrong but I really hope that test comes out negative. "Me too mami" Malik replies. We say goodbye as Tanya walks out of the store. She smiles at me as we walk to the separate cars. As I drove back to the house all I can think about is what that test is going to say. When we arrive Keron is outside on the steps knocking for Malik to let us in.

    Malik opens it and we go inside. Tanya goes straight to the bathroom to take the test. "You okay?" Malik asks me as I sit on the chair. "I just want this to be over and done with it's too much" I say. Malik says nothing back to me. Tanya comes out of the washroom and gives the test to Keron. Keron looks at it for a second before telling us that it is positive. "That don't mean me or you is the father" Malik says. "I know who I sleep with Malik but nice try" Tanya says. "Girl if you knew then you wouldn't be confused on who got you pregnant so please don't do that" I say rolling my eyes.

    "Reema your just mad that I slept with both dudes you claim with out effort." "This bitch is about to make me lose my zen and bring out my ratchet" I say looking to the sky for god's help. "I have both of them forever boo" Tanya says. "Nah were doing a DNA test as soon as it comes out." Malik says. "That's fine you and Keron can go halves on paying for that test" Tanya snaps. At that point both Keron and Malik start laughing. "Keron why are you laughing don't you have papers for Reema?" "Excuse me?" I ask in shock. Keron says nothing as I stare him dead in the face. "Is that true?" I ask him.

    "I gotta go" Keron says as he walks out. I am speechless standing there with my mouth hung open. How in the hell could Keron want a DNA test for the baby that I am carrying. He damn well and knows that he is the only man that I've been with. He is the one that isolated me to make sure of it. I look at Malik who is just as confused as I am. "Baby daddy I have cravings give me grocery money" tanya asks sticking out her hand. "What you need is a pack of Magnums" I say to her. "Tanya get out of my house" Malik tells her. "So your gonna just put me out?" Tanya yells.

    "Well you do belong outside on a street corner." I reply. "Don't worry Reema I  got something special for you boo." Tanya finally leaves the house. When Malik is done locking the door he comes back into the living room. "Pizza is in the oven" he says. I can't even eat after all of that. What the hell did that disgusting waste of space mean by what she said? Malik sits beside me and puts his arm around me. "Don't take on that girl she's not worth it." I shake my head at Maliks words.

    Through all of this I haven't even asked the most important question. "Malik could this baby be yours?" I ask. Malik looks as if the question has thrown him off. "I believe that it could be" he answers. "If you thought that she was so nasty why weren't you careful?". "why weren't you?" Malik shoots. My eyes widen at his words. Is he kidding me? "How could you possibly think that it's the same thing?". "Because it is" he says.

    "I was with Keron for years we were in a relationship." I say. Malik is now quiet. "Answer me. Were you and her in a relationship?" I ask. "Let's just drop it until we get the results." Malik says. I can't help but feel like something is wrong. "What are you keeping from me Malik?" "We weren't in no relationship no one is hiding anything Reema". "What about Michael could he be the dad?" I ask. "Could be" Malik replies. I leave the conversation right there because it seems to be upsetting Malik.

    My phone starts to go off. I have a message from Keron. **Meet me at home let's talk about the papers** I close my phone and look at Malik. "Who is that" he asks. "No one" I reply. I know that I shouldn't lie to Malik but I don't want to fight with him. Plus I really need to know if Keron wants a DNA test on our baby. I am not sure how to get away from Malik though. "I'm about to go shower" he says.

    "You want to join me?" Malik asks. "No thanks I'm probably going to go for a drive I need some air." I reply. Malik nods his head and heads to the bedroom. I wait for him to go into the bathroom before I grab the keys. The moment I hear the water running I leave. I know that everything about what I am doing is wrong. I pull out of the drive way and head to Kerons. I can't believe that i am going back to that house. It seems like it has been forever since I've been there. As I start to get closer I start to feel this weird feeling at the pit of my stomach.

    I try to take deep breaths to calm the feeling down but it doesn't work. I pull up to the house but I sit in the drive way for a bit. What the hell am I really doing right now? I pull out my phone and text Keron letting him know that i am outside. He responds back saying that the door is open. I turn off the car and take another deep breath. As I am getting out of the car my phone starts to ring. It's Malik calling and I feel like this is a sign to not go in. I answer the call he is asking me if I am okay and where I am. Against my best wishes I continue to lie and tell him that i am at a nearby lake. We hang up with eachother after he tells me that he will be going to bed. I put my phone away and walk to the door of what use to be my house and go inside.