"Keron" I say as I walk in. I get no answer as I walk through the house. I go into the bedroom and see Keron sitting on the bed. "So you want a test done on our baby?" I ask. "Your trying to get right down to it huh?" he asks. "Yes I am I have a man to get home too" I reply. "Yes i want a test done." Keron answers. "Why? I have never given you a reason to doubt me." Keron gives me a little chuckle before saying "who knows how long you were with Malik for". "You're suck a bastard" I say shaking my head.

    I start to regret coming here because I remember now just how cruel Keron is. I turn to walk out of the house. I can't take anymore of Kerons bullshit. "Wait" Keron says holding me by the wrist. Keron turns to face me. "I don't want you to go" he says. "Well I don't want to be here" I reply. "I know I don't need a test but it's the only way to keep you close". "How? How is that keeping me close?" I ask. "Because if it's proven by law then I can find a way to make the lawyers make sure you stay in my life". I give Keron a crazy look because he sounds like a complete maniac.

    Keron takes a step towards me and lifts my face up by my chin. "I miss you he says" I shake my head no because I knew Keron would pull some crap like this. "I'm with Malik and I am happy." "You never left me, and for as long as you have my baby I own you". "No you don't" I say. "What do you want me to do?" Keron asks. "You have done so much to me that you can't fix it". Keron wraps his arms around my waist "I can be better". "I've heard that before".

    "We didn't have a baby before Reema". "So you have just magically transformed?" I ask. "Stop asking me questions and stop acting like you don't love me" Keron kisses my lips. I pull away quickly and push Keron off of me. He comes backs and try to fight him off but he is too strong. Keron lifts me up and slams me on the bed. "Keron stop" I say as he spreads my legs. I try to close them but he pries them open scratching me in the process. "Please Keron" I say as he lays on top of me. "I still own you. I know exactly what you like." Keron says as he bites my neck.

    The strength of his bite makes me cry out. I just want Malik I think to myself. "I don't like it" I say through my tears. Keron rips my shirt and squeezes my breast over my bra. I pull his hands away. Keron laughs as I try to squirm away from him. He takes hold of both my hands and pins them above my head. He uses one hand to hold them in place and the next to pull down my pants. When he gets them off he rips off my thong and forces himself inside of me. "Keron please stop" I beg as he keeps going.

    His thrusts are strong and fast, I try my best not to make any sounds. I silently cry as Keron wraps his hands around my neck. He squeezes and tells me to take it. He starts to speed up his pace and squeezes tighter. I can't breathe but I don't move or struggle because I want him to hurry up and finish. When he is done I gasp for air as he laughs at me. When I am able to breathe again i get off the bed and pick up my stuff. Keron is cleaning up himself in the room. We say nothing to eachother when I lock myself in the bathroom. I slide down to the floor crying as hard as I can.

    When I calm down a bit I reach into my pocket and grabbed my phone. I hesitate before I call Malik because I know I messed up. I start to cry again because Malik is the only person that can save me. I press call and wait for him to pick up. "Hello" he says. I whisper help me and Kerons address before Keron hears me and starts to bang on the door. I put my clothes on as fast as I can and put my phone back into my pocket. I open the door and stare at him. "who were you talking too?" he asks. "Nobody I was just crying" I reply. "Give me your phone" Keron says.

    "Why" I ask taking a step back away from Keron. "Don't make me come and get it" I take my phone out of my pocket and hand it over to him. I changed my password so I know he wont be able to get into it. We stand there for a second before he asked if I changed my code. I don't answer his question as he hands the phone back to me and asked me to unlock it. I put the phone back into my pocket. "Didn't I ask you to do something?". "I'm not unlocking my phone for you to go through it were not even together." Keron starts to laugh. "If you leave me I will take you to court for custody".

"You would never win" I chuckle. Keron then slaps me across my face. "but you can change right?" I asks. "You and that baby belong to me for life." he says. "We are not property and I am with somebody I am happy!" I yell. "So your going to have him raise my kid?" "Yes I am because he will never put us in harms way". "I put you in harms way?" he asks. "You beat me all the time you just raped me!" I scream. "You can't **** what's already yours". "Your sick" I say pushing past him.

    Keron then pulls me by my hair back towards him. "Watch your mouth" he says before punching me in the face. My face and body shift at the impact of the blow and tears run down my face. I taste blood gathering in my mouth. I spit it in Kerons face and kick him in the balls. When he is slouched over I knee him in the nose. I then full sprint to the door that is still unlocked and I run out. I run down the street in the direction that Malik would be coming from. when I see his cab I speed up my pace. "What happened where is the car?" he asks coming out of the cab.

    "I'm sorry I shouldn't have come here" I say hysterically. Malik holds me and tells me to calm down. "What happened?" he asks again. "Keron raped me, then he beat me. He told me that he wants custody of the baby because we belong to him." Malik's face is full of anger as he grabs my hand and tells me to calm down. We walk back to Kerons as I calm myself down. "I'm sorry that I lied" I say to Malik. "Why did you go?" he asks. I explained to him why I went and why I lied. He told me that we will deal with that another time.

    We get to Kerons and Malik pushes open the door. Keron is standing infront of the door. "So it was you she was talking too." keron laughs. "I told you not to touch her no more right?" Malik says letting my hand go. "She liked it bro why do you think she lied to you and came to me? she missed the dick". Keron says. Malik laughs. " I know you know how I get down already so tred carefully bro." Malik steps closer to Keron. "Look at you manning up for a bitch and a baby that's not yours" Keron taunts. Malik puts his hands down the left side of his pants and pulls out a gun. "Keep talking" he says to Keron.

    "So your going to shoot me?" Keron asks. I stand there stunned by Maliks actions. To be honest I just thought that they would fight and that would be the end of it. "Babe he isn't worth it let's go" I say. "I thought we were boys" Keron interrupts. "We were boys but now your raping and beating my girl while shes pregnant". "Baby please can we go" I try to plead with Malik. "You're a weak ass punk, your not going to bust that gun" Keron taunts again. Malik turns the gun around and starts to hit Keron repeatedly with it. I try to pull Malik off Keron but he breaks my grip.

    "Go in the car" Malik says standing over Keron. "What are you going to do?" I ask. "Go in the car Reema" he yells. I don't argue with him I go straight to the car. I get into the passenger seat and close the door. I sit there for a minute before I hear the gun go off. My stomach falls to the floor and tears run down my eyes. Malik is now coming out of the house. I stare at him as he gets into the driver's seat. He turns on the car and starts to drive.

    "What did you do?" I ask. Malik doesn't respond to me he just keeps his eyes on the road. "What the fuck did you do?" I scream. "I handled buisness" Malik responds casually. "Did you kill him? Did you kill the father of my child?" I ask. "Now he's the father of your child?" Malik asks. I don't say anything as Malik shakes his head. "Reema you are really confused" Malik says. "How am I confused?" I ask. "Who do you want me or him? because your lying to me to be with the guy."

    "I told you why I went" I say. We are now sitting in the car quiet neither of us wanting to speak to the other. "I didn't kill your man I fired a warning shot" Malik explains. "Now he's my man? why are you being petty?" I ask. "The same reason you went out to meet and fuck your ex because I want too" Malik responds. "I was raped!" I yell. "What's the difference?" Malik asks. Malik has me so shocked right now. How could he think that this is something that I wanted. I understand that I lied but what he just said was uncalled for.

    The rest of the car ride is silent and long. When we are home we are still not talking as he goes to bed. I go into the washroom to clean myself up. This was all my fault I think to myself. I know things will never be the same after all of this I can feel it. I shower and clean up and lay beside Malik. I want to hold him but I also know that it isn't the right time. Good job fucking this one up Reema I say to myself.