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Baby Naruto

-Naruto's POV-

I pout with my arms crossed as I look up at Kuzu.

We are currently at a training ground, Daddy, Sori, Deidei, Hii, Kuzu, Kakashi, Sasuke, Chouji, Ino, Shikamaru and me.

"Don't look at me like that. Blame your teacher. He asked the question." Kuzu sighs.

I huff and continue to pout.

"Maa... It was just a thought." Kakashi giggles pervertedly.

"Who knew Kakashi had a side like that huh?" Ino asks.

"It was surprising to say the least." Chouji says.

"Yea. I didn't even suspect anything like that." Shikamaru adds.

"It was... Something. Even I didn't know." Daddy says.

"What? It wasn't that embarrassing." Kuzu says.

"You idiot Kuzu! How do you not find that embarrassing??" I yell at him.

-Flash back-

We were all walking back to Konoha.

"So... Itachi." Kakashi starts.

"Hai?" Daddy asks.

"Who's the mother?" He asks.

"Mother?" Daddy asks back.

"Yea. If you're the father then who's the mother?" Kakashi asks.

Daddy goes a little pink and turns around to me.

"Who do (or did) you think was going to be the mother Naruto?" Daddy asks.

I turn crimson.

"W-What are you talking about?!" I yell as I heard the conversation from the start, only because no one was really talking anyways.

"Well... There's only one woman in the organization." Kuzu says.

"Hmm... Is that so? A woman as the mother and Itachi as the father? How boring. Couldn't it have at least been a trap?" Kakashi says.

It was silent for a moment.

"WAIT WHAT DID YOU EVEN THINK?!?!" Everyone yells.

"What? Of course I would've thought the mother was a male. We didn't get all the information of the Akatsuki after all. How would I know if there was a female or not?" Kakashi says.

"Even though... A MALE???" I yell.

"What? Are you against gays?" Kakashi sighs.

"Well are you?" Ino asks.

"How can I be against my own kind?" Kakashi says like it was casual.

"WAIT WHAT?!?!?!"

-Flash back end-

"A trap he said. A TRAP!!! AS IF THERE WAS SOMEONE LIKE THAT IN THE AKATSU- Oh wait there is..." I remember.

"HUH?! SINCE WHEN?!" Everyone yells.

"What? He was always so girly and he was scary when he's angered like a woman. He even cooks and he's like a housewife." I say.

"WHO IS IT?!" Everyone practically bursts my eardrums, Akatsuki even more so.

"You haven't noticed? It's Deidei." I say pointing to the long haired male.

He jolts in shock at the mention of his name and then he yells a loud-


Everyone was staring at him.

"BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" Hii bursts in laughter and starts pointing at him.

"Now that you mention it..." Sori says.

"Holy shit... I can see it..." Kuzu says.

"Ok No. Just... No." Daddy says as he shivers slightly.

"But remember? That one time-" I start.

-Flash back-

"Deidei!~" I call out.

"What is it?" He asks.

I run into the kitchen and see him sitting by the table.

"'m hungry." I say.

"Go ask someone else to cook." He grumbles as he plays with his clay and doesn't look at me.

"B-But... No one can cook properly and daddy says I need to eat proper food to grow big and strong." I say staring at the ground about to burst to tears at the tone he was using.

Deidei flinches at that and looks at me.

He then sighs and runs a hand through his hair.

He leans down and picks me up gently.

"Don't tell the others about this ok?" He says in a softer tone as to not scare me.

I nod slowly.

He gives me a small smile and strokes my hair.

"Good boy." He says as he stands up and starts to grab ingredients out of the cupboards.

I grin and sat on the chair patiently... Probably too patiently that I fell asleep.

I woke up to someone rocking me slightly.

It was warm.

A blurry figure appeared in my sight as I'm still waking up slowly.

"Mummy?..." I mumble.

"Hm? What was that Naruto?" He asks.

My eyes cleared a bit and I look at him carefully.

"Deidei?" I ask.

"Yea? What's wrong? When I turned around you were asleep so I figured you just got tired. I was waiting for you to wake up then you can have your meal." He says.

"Still... Tired... But hungry." I say.

"Alright then." Deidei says in his 'Mummy' tone.

He sits me straight, leaning against his chest and brings a spoon to my mouth.

I didn't hesitate to engulf the spoon and anything on it.

"Yummy..." I mumble and I hear a soft chuckle against my back.

"Do you like it Naruto? It's my best dish." His voice was radiating warmth and I leaned back farther into his chest.

I nodded and I heard the chuckle again.

-Flash back end-

"And that's what happened." I say.

"Wai- Naruto!! You can't just tell them that! You promised like a good boy! I'm not cooking for you for a week!" Deidei yells in embarrassment.

"Yep... I can see it now." Shikamaru yawns.

"Yea, he even said 'like a good boy'." Ino giggles.

"What a mother hen." Chouji says.

"M-Mother hen?! I'll have you know I'm scary when I'm angered!" Deidei yells.

"Definitely a mother. How have I never seen the signs?" Hii laughs.

"Well, he never really cooked for us. Only took care of our wounds and helped us out with problems... And cleaned our rooms...... And washed our clothes...... And cleaned the base........." Sori trails off.

"Y-You guys!!!" Deidei yells.

"Aww~ don't worry Deidei I'll still love you even if you do become my mummy." I smile at him and snuggles against his side.

He nearly melts at my hug but steel's his eyes.

"I'm not your mummy!!" He yells again.

Everyone laughs this time and starts teasing Deidei while he splutters in embarrassment.