21 Omake

Baby Naruto


"Hii?" Naruto calls.

"Yes Naruto?" Hii asks.

"Can I have some Blackmail material?" Naruto asks.

"Ohh? And why do you want blackmail material?" He asks again.

Naruto shrugs.

"Hm... Ok." Hii grins.

Naruto smiles 'innocently' before jumping onto Hii's lap.

Hidan whispers into Naruto's ear and Naruto's smirk widens.

"Okay! Thanks Hii! Love you!" Naruto yells and runs out the room.

-The next day-

"Daddy." Naruto calls over the quiet breakfast.

"Yes Naruto?" His father figure asks.

"Hii said that you paint your nails like a girl and Deidei combs his hair like a girl and Same plays with the fishy's in the lake and Sori plays... Adult things with his puppet mummy and daddy? And Kuzu likes to stare at himself in the mirror and play with his own strings and Uncle Carrot talks to himself and Kon has a smile Everytime she plays with her paper and makes oragami!" Naruto manages to yell and say all in one breath.

"Wa-Wha-Naru- Hey! You can't just say that!" Hii splutters.

The temperature in the room drops down dangerously low levels as everyone turns their heads towards Hidan slowly.

"Ohh~" Itachi smiles ever so sweetly, cracking his knuckles.

"No... Wait... It's not what it sounds like... I swear... No.... No... Nooooooooooo!!!!"

And that was the one time Hidan had ever hated pain.

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