11 Sorry

BabysittingThe Heir : Possessive Baby Boss and His Weirdo Nanny Wife

At the kitchen, Olivia put the bowl on the table. Lance walked out the room and went to the kitchen.

The bratty man was oblivious that someone is already plotting things against him.

Olivia was genuinely concern for the man. He looks like a man but his mind belongs to a child.

She felt bothered too, her cousin will be back soon. Every time she tried to open up the topic to her cousin, she can't help but hold back.

Then she saw Lance walking towards the dining table where the bowl of soup was. He's eyes immediately brighten being the foodie he is. He grabbed the bowl thinking that it was her who cook without a doubt, he scooped a mouthful then shove it in his mouth.

After a few seconds his face grimaced, the soup was too bland. It wasn't like the familiar cooking he had always fond of eating.

When he raised his head he saw Olivia looking at him. Afraid that she might misunderstood the looked on his face while tasting her 'soup', he immediately smiled at her.

Seeing this Olivia's face turned grim. He must have like the taste of that soup.

"Did you like the soup?" She asked.

Sensing her anger, Lance thought she had seen his expression a while ago so to avoid being nagged he nodded.

This seems to irritate her more, He was bobbing his head vigorously but when he saw her face darkened, he paused and didn't know what to do.

" That soup was given by your suitor, your majesty Lance. I guess the taste was to your liking."

Realizing what she said, He's face paled but seeing her beautiful face red with irritation, he find it cute. So he teased her.

He cocked his head and grinned at her. There's amusement in his eyes.

"Don't get cocky on me mister, or you won't get dinner tonight. You can have that disgusting bowl of soup instead."

Hearing this, his face paled. He looked at me with his pitiful eyes but I ignored him and resume cooking.

I don't know why I felt so agitated. I was facing the sink when I felt familiar arms circled around my waist tightly. I stood stiffly, he was back hugging me. I felt his face snuggled at the side of my nape and muttered in a soft voice " I'm sorry."

She was shock at first, this was the first time he spoke to her.

He has a pleasant voice. It sounded gentle and warm, giving her a sweet feeling.

Right at the moment her heart melted. She was about to speak but he said.

"I'm sorry Nana." gently he repeated, still snuggling on her.

Remembering the words he said. Her forehead creased.

Who. the .heck. is Nana?