13 Part time job 1

BabysittingThe Heir : Possessive Baby Boss and His Weirdo Nanny Wife

Monday morning

I woke up early and get ready. I left the bedroom while lance still sleeping soundly. I started stretching my limbs, that guy likes to wrapped his whole body on to me.

After a little bit of stretching, I started preparing breakfast. I cooked pancakes, scrambled egg, bacon and hotdogs.

Then I returned to the bedroom to wake up Mr. Sleepyhead.

A little disoriented from walking up, he sat on the bed yawning. His hair was a mess sticking out in an adorable way.

I chuckled looking at him.

I pulled him off the bed and he stand lazily. I Pushed him towards the dining area and made him sit. As usual, I put food on his plate and we started eating.

I have to go to work today and decided to bring him along, it will be a good experience for him. Meeting new people is what he needed.

After eating, I washed the dishes and cleaned up a little. Lance was showering, that guy takes up more time taking a bath than me.

I knocked on the door and gave him a warning.

" You better hurry up or I'll leave without you!" I laughed when I heard water splashing and then the shower turned on.

His in the tub for sure and forgot that we're leaving.

An hour passed and we are ready to go. We stepped into the elevator and thankfully, there's no Mrs. Collins on the way.

We stepped out of the building and walked to the streets then we waited for the bus. When the bus arrived, we got in and find ourselves seats.

Lance fell asleep during the ride. He was leaning on to me. Afterwards, I felt his hands hugging my arms. It was his habit, clinging on to me whether his asleep or awake.

Reaching our destination, I woke him up. Our first stop Will be at the Barbeque Restaurant. The place was small but the business was booming. It hasn't been long since the owner started the business but the people already love the place so the auntie owner have to hire more staffs.

I'm scheduled to give out flyers today so we entered the place and started the work.

I introduced Lance to Mrs. Quinn, the owner. She was praising him for his good looks while the latter stood awkwardly beside me.

I smiled to Mrs. Quinn and told him that He's not used to be around with other people. I told him that the guy is extremely an introvert person.

There are six servers and two of them called in sick while the other one can't make it due to an important family matters.

Mrs. Quinn was short in staffs today and was very worried that they can't handle the work.

She told me to help out and put aside giving flyers today.

So Mrs. Quinn at the counter, two servers, me and Lance doing the dishes.

The busy hours started, the BBQ place was located near at the Central Plaza so a lot of people rushed in to eat.

The two waitresses was busy noting orders and serving so, I told lance to help out cleaning the tables.

I was surprise he didn't complain. I instructed him and thankfully he knows exactly what to do.

My spoiled brat is a fast learner.

It went just fine although we're short of people, we handled the pressure like a champ.

But later, the BBQ place started to get crowded. The busy hours were finally ending but the people doesn't seem to lessen a bit.

The customers are rushing in, especially females. They were sneaking glaces at one particular man who was busy cleaning up the tables.

" He's so handsome!" A girl wearing a school uniform exclaimed.

"I haven't seen here before, I always eat here and I'm sure, this is the first time I'd seen him."

"Me too!"

" Is he a new employee? Are we going to see him everyday here?"

" Look at his face! He looks so dreamy."

Murmurs, squealing, giggling filled the place. Some girls are secretly taking pictures of him but no one is bold enough to approach. Well some tried but they were struck with glares from the other females.

I was stunned at first, when I said he needs to meet new people, I didn't think it would be a bunch of women.

A few ladies started ordering again even if they've just finished their meals.

Well their fun was cut short since " CindereLance" have to go when the clock strikes twelve, literally because my next job will start at 1pm.

After a while, we bid auntie Quinn goodbye. She thank us for helping her out and then she gave Lance a goody bag.

This time Lance gave her a smile as he cheerfully stuffed his face with food.

Seeing him, happy I guess it's worth it bringing him here.