14 Part time job 2

BabysittingThe Heir : Possessive Baby Boss and His Weirdo Nanny Wife

Leaving the Barbeque Restaurant, we went straight to Sweet Nothings. The Café was a library type, you can read books while sipping your favorite coffee and eating sweets, enjoying your leisure time.

I told lance to take a sit at the corner and wait for my shift to end. I promised him ice cream if he behaves and the guy nodded his head happily.

He chose to sit at the corner by the window. He was browsing through the magazine, crossed legs while leaning on the chair. The warm rays of the sun through the glass window caressing his skin with a warm glow.

It was mesmerizing, his charming face is very exquisite. He shifted his head and caught me staring at him. Then he smiled at me briefly and continued browsing the magazine.

She can't help but smiled back, her heart seemed to beat erratically from the beautiful sight.

It was quite uneventfully afternoon. The café that day has a few customers.

Time passed and her shift ended.

Lance was seriously staring at the magazine and didn't notice her approaching. She took a peek and saw his eyes locked on a particular page where the Light Country's biggest mansion was featured, the White Palace of the Lancaster's.

I tapped his shoulder and he eventually snapped out of his trance.

I smiled at him then said that my shift ended and finally we're going home. He got up excitedly, remembering the reward I promised.

I laughed seeing his childish antics, this guy is so adorable.

I closed the magazine he was browsing before and then he clinging on to me like he always did.

We got home tired but happy.


Morning came, unlike yesterday Lance woke up early almost the same time with her. This time they went out pretty early to babysit. Every Tuesdays, she has to watch Kevin, the five years old child of Ms. Gwen Hanson.

Ms. Gwen is a single mom. She's very kind and hardworking.

Her son, Kevin is a very sweet and smart child. He's not hard to take care of and he behaves himself all the time.

Arriving at her place, Ms. Gwen had left early. They entered the house and she started doing her routine work every time she came here.

Kevin is still asleep so she started cleaning a little, then prepared breakfast for the kid. He loves pancakes so that's what she made. I heard little footsteps coming down. I guess the little guy was awake.

When the little guy saw me, he immediately run towards me, giving me a hug.

"Good morning baby, did you miss me?" He nodded his head while still hugging me. " Aww, sister missed you too." I kissed his round fluffy cheeks and he giggled, so adorable.

The boy is not much of a talker, it reminds me of someone. I glance at the living room and saw lance lying on the couch like a lazy cat watching cartoons.

I was feeding Kevin, when I sensed someone staring at me intensely. I turned my head and saw lance with a frown on his face. I mouthed 'what' but he ignored me and continued watching.

After eating, she decided to bring him at the near by playground. The child looked excited so she called out Lance telling him that they were going out.

Outside, she's carrying Kevin while Lance was walking beside her. Some people throwing glances at them and even mumbling how good they looked and what a blessed family they are.

My cheeks feeling hot from the comments. I look at Kevin and Lance then figured, we really do look like a family.

Enjoying the walk Lance is completely oblivious.

When we arrived at the playground, I put Kevin down and he giddily runs to the slides.

I shifted my attention to lance and found him looking towards the direction Kevin had gone to.

"You want to go to the slides?" I asked him.

He look hesitant, " Come on, you can play with Kevin, he's a great child. I'm sure you both will get along just fine." I'm encouraging him.

Then he followed Kevin timidly at first but a little while I heard them both laughing and find them on the swing.

Kevin sitting on one of the swings and Lance pushing it moderately.

The two were playing harmoniously.

We stayed for a while and when the two finally felt tired we went home. The two looked closer than before, they even took a bath together while I prepare lunch.

I heard the two laughing upstairs, I called them out for lunch and they both come down and sat on their respective seats.

I put food first on Kevin's plate while I was busy tending Kevin, I saw lance looking at Kevin and me with an unhappy face.

I felt like I was babysitting two kids

Kevin was eating on his own. He doesn't want to be fed by me so I shifted my attention to the sulking big baby beside her.

I put food on his plate but still I'm being ignored. I grabbed the spoon put food in it and reach out feeding him. I saw his expression change, his lips curving into a smile but was trying to suppressed it by biting his lips.

My attention darted towards his red lips, him biting it looks so inviting. I suddenly felt thirsty, her face felt hot. She lowered her head, avoiding the temptation in front of her.

When she felt that her heartbeat stabilize, she raised her head and find him in a ridiculous situation.

His mouth wide open, waiting for her to feed him. His brows knitted and eyes staring at her with impatience.

The sexy man a while ago vanished and replaced with a glutton.

Well that was quite an expectation vs reality scene.

In a minute, he looks so dashing and the next he's just an adorable dork.

But its okay, I love all the things he do and accept all the sides of him.

It was already 3 in the afternoon when Ms. Gwen got home. We chatted for a while and I introduced Lance to her as my 'brother'. I told her that I'm bringing Lance every Tuesday and she agreed.

After the conversation, we bid her goodbye.