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BabysittingThe Heir : Possessive Baby Boss and His Weirdo Nanny Wife

It was still early so I decided to take a stroll with Lance. We found a little market area, with rows of stores, street foods and other establishments in a downtown alley.

We dropped by at the little store that sells cute stuffs.

I was planning to buy Lance a couple of pillows since that guy likes to monopolized mine.

There are lots of people and the place is too crowded. This place must be too popular.

As I was busy talking to the lady owner and choosing other stuffs to buy. I forgot Lance who was behind me all the time.

I realized he's not with me anymore.

We're still inside the store so I look for him but he's not inside.

I paid for the stuffs and immediately stepped out of the store.

I searched for him outside but he's gone, completely no trace of him.

The place is too crowded and narrow path, lots of people walking back and forth.

My worries increased as time passed and I haven't caught sight of him.

I called out loudly for his name, some people staring at me.

I felt nervous, I tried to calm down and looked for him, I searched evey stores, corners and other places but couldn't find him.

Oh God, where is he?

To worsen the situation, it started raining heavily, droplets of water hitting her whole body.

It was getting colder and her worries increasing.

She was walking aimlessly, she's tired and cold. She looked around her and saw the familiar place she and Lance went into.

A few meters from where she's standing was the little store.

Her eyes swell and tears started to fall. It was her fault, she was to careless.

A while ago, she couldn't even cry because of panic and nervousness she felt.

Time passed and the night grew darker coupled by the heavy rain, she felt hopeless.

She walks toward the store and find out that it was already closed.

This would be the last place and still she couldn't find him.

If she hadn't been so careless..

She was crying her heart out, the cold wind and the heavy rain doesn't matter anymore.

Lance where are you?