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Grand Pavilion Hotel

Pierce was woken up by the loud ringing of his phone.

He tried to lift his sleepy eyes and reach out for his phone, the ringing stopped and he saw a few missed calls from his mother.

He propped up his body then rolled out of bed, his hair a bit messy.

It's already 10 in the morning, he found it hard to sleep with the bugging feeling he had last night. He remembered that after checking some important documents, he finally get to sleep.

The contract signing is scheduled at 8 in the evening.

Other than the collaboration at Queen's City, he originally had a business conference at Harrison Country. His company branch has been facing a lot of trouble lately, he wants to settle it personally but the partnership with Mr. Evans is more important so he pushed aside his trip to Harrison.

It was a coincidence that he and Mr. Evans happened to meet 2 years ago. It was one of his business trips here at Queen's City, the H&E Pharmaceuticals together with the other companies are choosing exceptional medical researchers after exhibiting their experiments and successful inventions. They plan to give support and provide funding for their future adversaries.


Flashback 2 years ago

" A liquid type of medicine that can heal wounds faster than a blink of an eye? How is it possible?" A man with a white medical robe talking to another man with a high pitch voice.

"Can you lower your voice? Someone might hear you!" The other one hissed at the man.

" Sorry, but is it a bit absurd? I know Dr. Evans is the best among the researchers in our association. It will be a huge contribution to the medical field if this is true. Wait its true right?"

" Well rumors been going around but Mr. Evan and his team haven't verified anything yet."

" They said it's top secret but someone leaked the news, others believed that maybe Dr. Evans succeeded his experiments but some mocked him for causing this commotion since you know last year he failed his presentatiod huge money was lost."

The two were too engrossed gossiping that they didn't realized someone approaching them.

" Hey you two! Why are you still here? The others are already leaving, we have to go back to the lab." The man said to the other two.

" B-brother K-kyle...we..were just-" The two flustered being caught off guard.

" Come on! let's go and hurry up" The man named kyle said impatiently.


Research Center

"Didn't you hear about rumors regarding Dr. Evans?" A woman asked his colleague curiously.

" We'll yes, its been circulating for a few days but still they haven't given any response to it." The lady answered.

" They said that Dr. Evans invented a liquid type of medicine that can heal wounds faster and a pill that can help replenished blood. I thought Dr. Evans has given up on this experiment since what happened a year ago really did tarnished his credibility down."


Grand Pavilion Hotel

" How many times do I have to tell you? We are not interested in your products! You have your chance a year ago but you screwed it up!" A man yelled while talking to someone on his phone.

" But Mr. Richard, We already told you someone sabotage our presentation that year. We promise you that It won't happened again. Please you need to trust us this time. Our products will be a huge breakthrough in medical field!" The man on the other side persuaded.

" No and it's final! We wasted too much money on you and you still want us to give you more for what? Product testing? Your still not sure if its effective or not, right? Just find and pester other people! I'm done wasting my money over something that cannot be achieved." Mr Richard mocked then hanged up the call.

" But Sir--" The man pleaded but still the call was cut off.

Mr. Richard who has a business meeting with some important people, walked towards the private room. He was fuming mad at the person who had called him earlier. It's one of the researchers that the company hired and been supporting. Those useless people only know how to spend money but unable to produce products that can boost the company into higher ground.

After taking a few steps, he heard footsteps behind him because of his anger, he hadn't notice the person approaching.

He turned his back when he saw a familiar man walking towards him.

The man was tall and very handsome. He looks delicate but his sharp features gives him a devilish vibe. His deep gray eyes cold and unfeeling. He was wearing an expensive tailored made black suit, his hair neat and perfectly in place. He was wearing spectacles and that added to his charm as he look smart and business like.

He was stunned looking at the man not just because he's extremely good looking but he recognized him.

He was the sole heir of the most powerful family at Light Country, the Lancaster's.

His forehead creased, Why would this powerful man be here at Grand Pavilion? Then he's eyes brighten when he remembered the gathering of business men of Queen's City tonight.

He's foul mood immediately faded. Opportunity is now walking towards him. Being acquainted with this man is a very rare chance. Only companies who has been running for a long time and had been into the business world for ages knew how Mr. Pierce Alexander Lancaster appearance. It is because the man is maintaining his low profile for privacy. He's family prohibits media to expose their son to the public. He never attended banquets and others public gatherings.

Although he has a very powerful background, Pierce is still a mystery to the common people.