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Pierce was walking down the hall when he saw a familiar man talking or more like yelling someone on the phone.

He recognized the man, Mr Frank Richard. Owner of the Queen's Pharmaceutical. The biggest Pharmaceutical Company in Loran Country. The man hadn't notice him yet.

A few minutes he hanged up the call then walked towards the private room for the conference.

Mr. Richard suddenly halted his steps then looked behind.

The man look stunned after seeing him.

He approached the man and said

" It's been a long time Mr. Richard, Its good to see some familiar faces here at Loran ." He calmly greeted the man.

Mr. Richard was probably shocked due to the unexpected greeting.

He then snapped out of his daze and greeted back. " Good to see you too, Mr Lancaster. It's been a long time indeed since we last saw each other." He greeted politely.

Pierce nodded at the man then the both of them entered the venue.

After going in, the two found their respected seats and started the meeting.

A few hours passed when the gathering finished. The meeting went smoothly since they were just choosing their researchers and their achievement so far.

Others have great progress, some unlucky like Mr. Richard.

He was frustrated and embarrassed. Thinking how much hope he had put on to Dr. Evans' team but there's no point crying over a spilled milk. The only thing he can do is to kick them out of his research center.

He was out in the corner watching other business men bragged about how their companies have great results throughout the year, he felt envious.

Then suddenly Pierce walks toward him with two glasses of red wine, he reached out and gave him the other one.

" It's seems that Mr. Richard's deep in thoughts, something's bothering you?"

Pierce asked.

" Oh, nothing Mr. Lancaster, its just some company matters." He replied.

" I heard that your terminating your hired researchers in your company?"

" Ah yes, it's true. of course Mr. Lancaster had heard the news about what happened a year ago right?"

He knew what Mr. Richard is talking about. It was the latest product that his newly hired researchers had succeeded to create that year. It is a medicine for those who suffered from seriously burned skin. They carefully explained that the effects of the said medicine was to restored the original skin and repair the damaged tissues. The healing process is faster too.

But when the product testing was done the result was so bad that up until now those who witnessed the scene couldn't help but to shuddered from the grim experience. The supposed cream for healing burned skin when applied doesn't restore nor repaired tissues but it slowly charred the skin like an acid melting the flesh. It was horrible the only relief is that it wasn't applied to a person but to a testing mannequin with synthetic type of skin.

Everyone is bewildered. Especially Mr. Richard who happened to greatly anticipate the success of medicine that day.

Dr. Evans wasn't around that day. The members of his team is the only one present so Pierce didn't meet him that day.


The meeting ended that day and everyone started to leave back to their own suites.

This period of time he didn't have a personal assistant since he could do everything without relying on someone to do his biddings.

Its also because he still wary of people and doesn't want to trust his company matters to other people.

But when he's heath started to deteriorate because of too much work. His mother got worried and insisted to get him a personal assistant to lessen his workload.

That's when Mr. Clay became one of his people.

So basically, Mr Clay doesn't know his dealings with Dr. Evans.