65 They know each other?

Back from the Dead

Looking at the other remaining pictures Albert gathered, Ashton suddenly had a bad feeling.

"What's the meaning of this?" Ashton asks and look at Albert like he was about to dissect him anytime.

Albert took a step back and gulp three times before answering him. His boss is really scary when the Madam is involve to one of his peers.

"Before Madam appeared at the orphanage, the Croft Family already had a close relationship with the orphanage and they are also one of the major donators"

"Tyler at eight years old was already adopted by Father Rashmoore and Mr. Croft would always visit the orphanage thus forming a friendship with Mr. Tyler"

"At seven years old, Madam arrived at the orphanage and is adopted by Father Rashmoore thus making her Tyler's sister by law."

"Tyler at ten years old is adopted by the Sanders Family. The Sanders had a close relationship with the Crofts, Tyler foster mother didn't have the ability to bear thus they adopt him through the Crofts relationship with the orphanage"

"Tyler and Christian are already close since childhood and Callista being Tyler's sister formed also a good relationship with Christian thus making the three of them childhood friends"

"I didn't find anything about Tyler and Christian when I did a background check on the Madam. I was also shock when I found it lying behind Tyler's information"

Albert explained and from this point of view, he could be a great story teller.

Albert stood in his place waiting for his boss to answer, but looking at his boss reaction, Albert found it very strange.

His boss is just sitting in a cross-legged position, his right arm supported his chin and on his left hand was the picture wherein he is tightly holding it with a focused expression.

Not even Albert could read what's going on his mind, suddenly Ashton speak in a very weird way and smile that sent chills to his bones.

"So, they knew each other" Ashton chillingly said and the pictures in his hand crumpled.

Ashton dared not imagine her type of connection with his friend.

Suddenly, a memory pop into his mind. It was roughly six years ago during his birthday party.

"Hey, Ashton! I'm leaving tomorrow don't you have any farewell gifts for me?" Christian loftily said.

"Your just leaving, it's not like you won't come back here" Ashton plainly said while swirling the glass of red wine in his hand.

"I really hate to go, I could almost imagine my girl crying!" Christian helplessly said and lean on the chair with a heavy expression.

"Then break up with her" Ashton blankly said like it was right the solution to a problem and Christian frowned with his remark.

"She's the love of my life, when time comes that you'll fall in love. You'll know how I'm feeling" Christian said and drink his glass while Ashton didn't reply anymore.

After remembering that, it also came to his mind that she will be meeting a friend that is back and that day is also the same day of Christian's welcoming party.

He also remember that Christian's girl would be attending the party. Just thinking about it makes his mind go swirling.

Ashton quickly took his phone from his pocket and called Liam.

Liam on the other side is busy reading his script when his phone started ringing. Without looking at the caller's ID he instantly decline and start to read again.

After declining the call, he was about to flip the next page when it started ringing again, as usual he decline and got back to his reading and it went on five times making Liam so angry that his veins is bulging from his forehead.

One thing he hated the most is when someone is disturbing him while reading his script!

On the sixth call he answered the call like a roaring lion.

"You motherf-" before he could finish what his saying, a deep cold voice resonated in his ears.

"Liam, keep ignoring my calls let's see if you can still act in the industry" With that reminder, Liam's face turn pale. One thing also Ashton hated was ignoring his calls.

With a big gulp, Liam answered in a sweet tone.

"Ohh, it's you my dear bro! I was just busy reading my script. Do you need any help taking down opponents? Or any lovelife hints?"

"The girl that Christian wanted us to meet, did she come?" Ashton's voice was a little bit off but Liam didn't notice that. He was focused on what he just said.

Christian's girl? Why would he suddenly asks about it? Then a thought pop in his mind.

"Oh, you also wanted to know who she was? We were also looking forward to see her, sadly she didn't came thus putting our bro into sulking-" Before Liam could finish his words in a playful tone, he heard a beep tone reminding that the call has ended.

"Err- what? Did he just reallh call to ask that?" Liam was left dumbfounded again. Last night he was also cut off by him.

Liam just shrugged it off and continue to memorize his script for the movie he will be shooting.

Meanwhile, Albert immediately left after reporting to his boss. If he stayed a bit longer, he would be frozen on spot in the chilly room.

Ashton is quietly sitting with deep thoughts running in his mind. His head is filled a lot of questions after a call with Liam.

Could it be that the girl he was waiting for was Callista?

If she was his girlfriend that year then what happened to them?

Or Am I just overthinking things?

What if she really was? Did she know that I have a close relationship with Christian?

Ashton was on the verge of having a breakdown, he can't imagine if Callista and Christian have that special relationship.

Just looking and deducing about their informations, he can roughly guess but he had to be sure if it is true or not. He could only guess.

Amidst the chaos in his heart, he heard a soft voice not far from him.

"Hubby...your lunch is ready"

"Hubby, Midnight is hungry feed him"

"Hubby, let's go on a date"

"Hubby, cook for me"

It was Callista mumbling in her sleep and brought Ashton awake from his deep thoughts.

He must've really overthink things. What should he be afraid of? He just took a deep breath and calm himself

He just stood up and slowly walk towards the bed. Seeing her face with a cute expression, still mumbling about random stuffs, Ashton just chuckle and his lips curve upward.

"Hubby, I love you very much"