52 Master and the maid- Part 4

Bambi and the Duke

Vivian looked at Leonard, her eyes wide while he had his eyes closed as he pressed his soft lips on hers. He had caught her off guard when he had flipped her from top to bottom in the small space of the tub, and with the simple touch of the lips, she lost the ability to think about any and everything.

As he pulled back from her lips and face, his eyes languidly opening up to look at her, giving her enough time to process what just happened, Vivian sat frozen.

For both of them who hadn't kissed anyone before, they stared at one another. She had been too shy to be exposed to a world of bodily desires and if there were a slight possibility of it Leonard had closed her eyes and ears, away from anything that would taint her. On the other hand, Leonard who had been living in the world full of desires for ambition, power and sex in midst of the hungry humans and nightly creatures had never taken an interest in involving himself in the sexual pleasures the world was waiting to offer him. Being born into one of the respectable pureblooded family, women had subtly tried getting close to the Duke but he never took the bait.

Because he was the one to place baits and not the other way around. Being taught and mentored by the finest men of the high class pure blooded vampires, Leonard had turned out to be just like them or maybe better. Unlike other men, he didn't indulge too much of his time on other women.

When he had first met Vivian, she was of no importance, someone who worked for his family. A stupid human girl who broke things and still did on occasions. Few things changed while few things remained with them as they grew up. In the beginning, when they were still young, it was as if Leonard had received a pet to take care of, the pet being the fawn named Vivian. From watching her hide behind Paul to seeing her cry, Vivian had grown to share the silliest details of her days in the mansion without holding back to being her tears wiped by him.

She was no different than the rest of the humans or vampire's he had come to know but it was the little gestures from her that had stolen his heart piece by piece in time before his heart wasn't with him anymore.

"Vivi," he placed both of his cold hands on her cheeks to hear her gasp.

Though her mouth was slightly parted, Vivian couldn't get a single word out to speak to him. Not with him touching her so close. He called her name again while approaching close to her, his hands not letting go of her and instead settling there in comfort.

After what had happened at the Lord's mansion, she hadn't spoken anything out of the Carmichael mansions matters to him. That didn't mean she hadn't noticed the eagle like red eyes that watched her keenly. She had always been conscious when he was around but this time she was nervous, her nerves wrecking beneath her pale skin.

He sat so close to her that for a moment she forgot what it was to breathe. Her eyes were fixated on him and so was him. While he looked calmed, Vivian could feel her breath get shallower and lower that she began to breath through her mouth.

She gulped when he leaned closer to her, his face merely few distances apart from hers. Eyes staring, lips hovering overs she could feel her mind beginning to spiral out as her heart began to pick its own rhythm.

He had never looked at her like this before. There was tenderness mixed with fierceness in them. And somewhere in her chest, she could feel her little heart jump with every movement of his.

"Leo..." she whispered his name on his mouth.

He was going to kiss her again and out of shyness she went to turn her head to her right but that didn't go far as the man in front of her leaned forward to close the gap between them. The kiss that had been initiated with a small press of lips had now become deeper.

She felt Leonard's hands slide down her cheeks to settle on either side of her neck, pulling her closer as he sucked her lips with his. He licked her lips taking the sweet taste and savouring her patiently, not wanting to rush anything. She was sweeter than he had imagined her to be, intoxicated with her, he gripped her tighter in his arms. Taking her closer so that she wasn't leaning on the tub anymore he bit into her lips making her gasp in pain before licking to soothe it.

He kissed and sucked, tasting her upper and then her lower lip in a routine. Impatience taking over patience, Leonard wanted to feel her more. His hands going from gentle to fervent which sent the girls senses to go haywire. Not giving space to move away from him, one of his hands was quick to entangle in her loosely tied hair while the other pulled her back towards him. With clever movements, he slipped his tongue into her warm and sweet mouth, tasting every nook and cranny not letting anything unknown to him. Once he was done taking enough taste of her for the day, Leonard finally loosened his grip on her head yet keeping the other hand on her small back.

Her face was flushed beyond red, her eyes staring down unable to meet his gaze anymore partly because of him kissing her so intimately who hadn't moved away from her.

All the while, Vivian's heart had continued to beat, flipping and tripping with every minimalist touch of his. She couldn't believe it. To realize that he had kissed her, it was the pain on her lips which had brought to her senses. Unconsciously, Vivian's tongue peeked out of her parted lips to run it down her lips. At the same time, he brought his hand up to run his thumb over her swollen upper lip, Vivian couldn't stop herself from closing her eyes at the thought of his lips being there a minute ago instead of his hand.

"Are you alright?" she heard Leonard ask her, breaking her haze so that she could look up into his dark red eyes.

Not knowing what to say, she did nothing but nod her head to see him give her a tender, boyish smile which she hadn't seen in a while.

"Let me help you up," he said standing up first and it was then did she remember that her master was naked as a newborn baby. She quickly averted her eyes from him and stood up in the tub with him.

Water dripped down from her soaked clothes back into the tub. The water that had been previously warm had turned cold, and once she stepped out of the tub she felt her body shiver.

Not knowing what to do as she stared at the floor, she felt Leonard come into view in front of her with a towel hanging loose on his hip bones. With another towel he had picked he wrapped it around her shoulders carefully.

"I don't want you catching cold. I'll ask Jan to send your clothes up here so that you can change into them," with that he leaned forward to drop a kiss on her forehead and left her alone in his bath before stepping out of it.