130 Pool of blood- Part 4

Bambi and the Duke

"P-punish?" she stuttered, "I didn't do anything."
He leaned forward, his lips touching the outer shell of her ear which brought little shocks of pleasure when he spoke next to it, "Maybe that's the problem here," she flinched when his teeth nipped her ear lobe, "Let's go a more private place."
He pulled back to see Vivian flushed, words not coming out of her mouth. He slipped his hand on hers to catch hold of it, pulling her from the room and taking her up to his room where the door was initially closed. She followed him like any other time without a question, her heart beating and no words of refusal on her lips.
Stepping inside the room, Leo still held her hand without letting it go as he turned the knob of his room to lock the door. When his hand loosened on her momentarily, she pulled her hand for it to be only caught by her wrist. He pulled her, crashing her front to his chest.
"Where do you think you're running away so quickly, Bambi?"
His eyes were set ablaze, the need and want to consume her burning behind those red dark eyes of his, "Didn't I say I had to punish you," his voice felt like warm velvet which grazed on her skin to the Winter that was approaching but she wondered if it really was warm or hot like an iron that would burn and melt her.
"I haven't readied my heart yet," out of nervousness the words spilt out of her mouth and when it was out she couldn't wish more to run away at that moment.
"You don't have to fret about it. With what I have on my mind, I am sure your heart will catch up soon today without any further delay," she felt his thumb brush over the pulse of her wrist.
Leonard didn't feel her resistance, she looked nervous at his tease-filled serious words but there was no fear that he could sense or detect. She was shy, her eyes looking everywhere but him.
Treading carefully towards her, he caught hold of her waist and leaned down to see her eyes beginning to drift close and he stopped. Looking at her anxiously waiting for the kiss he held back. As if realizing her reaction to his closeness she blushed wanting to step back which he restricted her from doing so as to both his arms had been wound around her waist.
"Expecting a kiss while I said I am going to punish you," he commented to see her open her mouth and close in embarrassment and before she could get to speaking the actual words, her covered her mouth with his. His lips sucked on her lips, gnawing sweet and tenderly. The sound of lips smacking softly on her ears turned Vivian embarrassed.
She gasped into his mouth when his hand trailed down her body to squeeze her bottom in his palm, feeling its fullness which his large hand had grabbed on to. It was when the cool air of the rain hit her skin on the chest did she notice the buttons of the front of her dress that had come undone by Leonard's hand. He pushed the dress down which fell with a small poof around her feet, leaving her naked and bare for him.
Her legs squeezed together, trying to hide what laid between them and her hands crossing against her chest which didn't just cover her breasts but also emphasized them by making them seem much more in size as they appeared to look swell.

Though Leonard had called it to be her punishment, he didn't want her feeling uncomfortable with her nakedness. Apart from him, there would be no one else to see her like this and if they did, he would gauge their eyes out with his own fingers. Taking the ends of his shirt which he wore, he pulled it up and removed it from his body, to throw it on the ground.
Seeing her too shy to move, he bent down and picked her up, walking towards his bed to plop her in the middle. The bed bounced as she landed on it, adding more allure to the creature who sat there now with her black eyes looking at him anxiously. It was the first time to have her like this in his room.
Leonard had been to several night play to study the art and form of teasing a woman and how love was made that he didn't need another woman to test his skills on. Some of the soiree's that were held by the pureblooded vampires provided free entertainment in the form of making use of the slaves they had which was in a more private setting. The man was confident with the touch he provided Vivian as her response was everything the beast inside him could crave for.
While Leonard went to look for something through his drawers, Vivian looked at the four-bed post which stood tall and straight with little translucent curtains that hung loosely around them. Feeling the dip on the bed, her eyes snapped back to Leonard held a silk scarf in his hand.
With his shirt gone, she looked at the smooth planes of his body which was made of muscles. Her eyes trailed down his chest to look at the dusty trail which started somewhere below his chest which disappeared under the trouser he wore.
Her gaze broke when Leo spoke to her, "Bring your hands forward for me, Bambi," was he intending to tie her hand? she gulped while raising both her hands forward as he asked her to do. He wrapped the blue silk scarf around both her wrists, turning it around until the ends turned to smaller which he crossed over to tighten it firmly so that it wouldn't come loose.
After checking the scarf had a grip around her wrists, he touched her shoulder which travelled up to hold the side of her face. Kissing her lips again he helped her lay flat on his large bed.
The more they kissed the more her head felt fuzzy and mushed in a way where she started to feel light headed. She felt him take her tied hands to push it up where he tied the ends of the scarfs to the headboard. With both her arms up, her back arched slightly to raise itself from the bed to form a curve.
She found him staring at her, starting from the tips of her fingers which travelled to her face, her lips looking pink in colour due to him kissing and sucking on it.
It then travelled to her slender neck before his eyes fell on those two beautiful swells on her chest with its tips that had turned dark, tempting him to lean forward close his mouth around on it. His red eyes followed down to look at her stomach to which where he brought his finger to run very slowly that made her shiver and her toes curl immediately.
At the mere contact, her stomach dipped to get away from his tantalizing touch but she had nowhere to run or hide.
"Leo," she whined at the tickle and the brewing pleasure that began to form in the pit of her stomach.
"You look quite edible tied up like this. Remember, Bambi. This is how I will punish you, or worse if necessary," his finger followed her smooth pale skin. Bending down without putting his weight on her, his lips touched her neck to bring a blissful sigh from her lips.
He bit on her neck, showing no mercy as he used his teeth to nip and leave it over and over again until her pale skin turned red in complexion. With her hands tied, Vivian was under Leo's mercy but the man showed none. He wanted to let her know what he meant by the word punishment in his books when it concerned her.
He licked the skin, cooling the bruised area. Kissing and showering her with more kisses he came to sit between in front of her to push her legs apart which she tightly held with her heart beating loudly in her chest.
"Nothing I haven't seen before, Vivi. Let go," he stated to feel her legs resist him from pushing them apart, "There are more scarfs in the drawer for your legs if it's needed. Personally, I think I would like the scarfs," he didn't want to force her and therefore he gave her time, lightly warning her what he could do.
Vivian was too shy to spread her legs apart, to show him her intimate areas though like he said he had seen it, it still was embarrassing for her. The way he looked at her now felt so different from what she was used to seeing. His eyes that were usually passive looked dark yet alive, his presence dominating with an edge that for some reason turned her on like never before.
As her legs lost strength, he spread her legs apart for him to see what laid beneath so beautiful legs.
He didn't have to go too close to know how wet she had turned by his touch and words. He could smell her sex from where he sat, her heart thudding in her chest while she looked at him.
Making sure she was comfortable, he dipped down his head, his mouth coming in contact with the wetness making her gasp. It was a new feeling for Vivian which she couldn't describe. As his mouth sucked on her skin down there, she felt her soul ready to leave and go to the forbidden land which she feared she would begin to want to stay there longer. Her hands pulled on the scarf but it had been tied securely to make sure it wouldn't come off easily.
Her breathing turned shallower when his tongue probed in and out of her sex, licking and swirling it around that had got her panting. Not soon, his finger replaced his tongue, pushing it in and out to see her writhe under his skilled hands.
Leonard saw the tiny little beads of sweat that formed on her skin which created a shiny appearance under the candlelight like the mermaid the folklore spoke of. Her eyes were closed, her lips parted to breath as she concentrated on the feeling of his fingers. When the movements of his hand turned faster, she cried out his name, her voice almost worried and scared at what was building up in her body. He had fingered her before and she had been worried that time too.
But he wasn't going to let her cum that easily this time. This was supposed to be a punishment, and with that thought, he slowed down the movement to see her eyes fly open to meet his eyes. This went on for more than fifteen minutes that Vivian's body wanted to release the heat that had been built but to only be denied over and over again.
Understanding the situation she was in and the 'punishment' Leo was talking about, she realized he would only bring her to the brink to only deny it. And every time she was close, his hand would slow down giving her a few seconds, tormenting her body without letting her feel what she wanted.
"Leo..." she whispered the insides of her squeezing every time his finger went in.
"What is it Bambi?" he asked coyly as if he didn't know what he was putting her through, coming to her side he kissed her neck while his hand was still working between her legs. A sigh left her lips, with every lick and kiss she melted in his hands.
Breathless she pleaded, "I can't anymore," she gasped when his finger went deeper, her toes digging into the bed. He removed his finger slowly, getting up to look at her with his haughty eyes.
Leonard tsked, "My sweet Bambi, if I let you give you want you want so easily, there would be no point of punishment," he caught hold of one of her legs when she began to close for the need to friction. Going back to take a seat between her legs, he brought the finger he had used on her to put it in his mouth, licking it slowly to see her eyes widen.
Vivian's cheeks turned red seeing him lick his finger clean as if he had tried to swipe a cookie dough from a jar, reminiscing the last of the remains on his fingers. The way his tongue peeked out and licked his finger felt sensual and erotic, burning her gaze and sizzling the atmosphere around them.
"You taste divine, Vivi."
His finger went to swipe on the lips between her legs making her shudder, delving into the wet folds again, "Please Leo," she pleaded to see him not change his expression.
"Please what Bambi?" she was shy to ask and he needed her to open up to him. Not just mentally but also physically, to not feel shy or embarrassed about what they did or would do in the future, "Tell me in words and depending on that I will think if we have to end or continue with your punishment."
It wasn't her fault that Jerome had come to offer her a ride, and not that she had sneaked behind Leo's back without telling him anything. Vivian didn't know how much longer she was going to last like this with him teasing her.
"Don't want to? Alright," he sighed looking at the headboard, for a moment Vivian thought he had finally decided to let her off but when his gaze returned back to her, he said, "I gave you an easy option, Vivi. All you needed to do was pick your words but now that you aren't willing, let me do things my way," the serious tone in his voice got her startled and suddenly in an alert as to what he was going to do, "Let's see how many times you sustain, shall we?" he smiled, the smile that was terrifyingly devilish.
Before Vivian could fully comprehend what he meant, she felt his finger go deep, fingering her in and out with his hand moving in a quick and steady movement that had her writhing in pleasure, her abdomen tightened at the feeling that she had been denied previously to let go of herself in his hand before coming over his hand. But Leonard didn't stop there, and he continued teasing and torturing in delights she didn't know where after minutes her body had begun to tire.
"I-I can't," she stuttered in a dazed state, her eyes dazed and her body spent after coming over and over that she didn't know where she was anymore.
Leo kissed her cheek, to whisper to her, "It'll be the last one," he continued the relentless movement of his hand as she panted, her chest heaving up and down along with her breasts that called for his attention. As her last orgasm began to build, reaching to it's peek, Leo, bent down and captured the dark and inviting nipples with his mouth. Tasting and sucking it where it didn't take her long to hit her orgasm as she cried out his name with her back arching in the process.
"No...more," she said turning to look at Leo. He pressed his lips on hers, and then said to her, "No more for now."
Vivian laid her head on Leonard's bare chest, her head a little dizzy from all the attention Leonard had given her body a few minutes ago. She felt him run his hand through the back of her hair, weaving his fingers before running it back again.
After what she had seen from the night play, she realized that Leo had not once asked her to help him with anything. Apart from kissing him, she had done nothing to please him. Thinking about it, she lifted her face to look at him who kissed her forehead.
"Are you okay?" he asked while he tenderly held her in his arms.
"Yes," she smiled to receive a spontaneous smile from him, "Leo?
"How do you know about it?"
He stared at her first, wondering what she was talking to, "What we just did? I am a good observer," one side of his lips tugged, "Besides you, I haven't touched another woman if that's what you're curious about. If I did it wouldn't be the same, the person wouldn't be you and it would be pointless."
She didn't know what to reply back and therefore she rested her head back down on his chest. It made her happy, his words, they were always frank, blunt without holding back anything when it came to speaking to her. Those friends were enough to soar her heart.
It wasn't that Vivian didn't know or understand the lifestyle of the vampire or pureblooded vampires. Taking a woman was common but to think that he hadn't touched anyone and had reserved himself just for her, it only showed how special she was in his life. The importance he gave her was everything she could ask for from him. A smile etched on her lips, at the simple thought of it.
As two days passed by, Eleanor invited Vivian to her friend's house as there was a tea party organized at the time of post morning. Though she wasn't keen on going there, Eleanor had pestered over and over again always involving her mother to tell her how important it was to have a social life. It was after a lot of thought did she decide to go as there was something she had to find out by herself.
She knew if she asked the vampiress with straight questions she wouldn't be able to get any answers, not only that things could turn in a direction she didn't want. The only unfortunate time was that Leonard had left to go to the council as there was jury meeting taking place with a victim who had suffered abuse for twelve whole years. She didn't find it coincidental that Eleanor had so conveniently picked today to have a tea party. She doubted it was coincidental.
"How many cubes of sugar would you like to take in your tea, Lady Vivian?" asked Lady Sheryl who had organized the tea party.
"One please," Vivian answered politely. Surprisingly, Lady Sheryl was a human friend of Eleanor Henz. The lady had taken upon herself to serve the guests who had arrived instead of letting her maids do the work.
"How about you, Lady Eleanor?"
"Three, please. I like my tea sweet," Lady Eleanor took the tea made for her, sipping it she enjoyed the sweetness in her mouth.
Vivian drank her tea too, taking a sip and placing it back on the table they sat with men and women who had come on the invitation of Lady Eleanor. At the table, she noticed that out of eight of them only three of them were humans while the rest of the male and female were vampires. If it weren't for Lady Eleanor, there would hardly be any vampire sitting here as all of them hailed from pureblooded families. No one would come at the mere invitation if a human unless they were very rich and had the class which the vampires clearly saw that Lady Sheryl had money but no class like the pureblooded vampires.
"How did you spend your time in Hollifard, Lady Eleanor?" asked one of the men in interest who seemed to be caught by the beauty of Lady Eleanor, "I heard it gets rather hot at times."
With Eleanor who had only got back, she had decided to gather her friends whom she knew, "It was absolutely wonderful. Though I have to say I didn't go out much as I didn't want my skin burning and crumbling to a fire."
"You have been a delicate flower," the man laughed and the others joined. Vivian only smiled, going along with it as she wondered again why did she come here.
"I think one should always travel along to know and understand how the world works," she raised her hand.
"What about you, Lady Sheryl, did you have the opportunity to leave Bonelake?" asked the same man who was trying to be polite to everyone at the table.
Lady Sheryl was meeker than the rest in the group. Her voice was shy but eager in her actions. In appearance, the woman had tan skin with olive green eyes, her black hair was tied into plates which now rested on her shoulder. She answered the man's question while tucking her hair behind her ear, "I haven't. Bonelake has been where I have been for years without stepping outside."
"That must be really boring and sad," one of the vampiresses commented who sat on the other side of the table. Lady Sheryl looked embarrassed by her comment but not retorting back.
Another male vampire who had been sitting next to Lady Sheryl had been staring at Vivian for a while now. He was the same man whom she had bumped into during the council exam. During the introduction, Eleanor had made them meet, jogging his name in her memory- Jamien.
She had politely smiled at the man before picking the seat away from him. The man was undoubtedly a suspicious person. Not because of her visions, because her visions could only be memories of what he might have seen someone else inflict but it was because he looked like an entirely different person. The last time she had met him, the man wore shabby clothes as he belonged to a poor man's family but here he was in crisp clothes which were confusing.
Vivian was careful as she had spoken to every person, greeting them while feeling the way they judged her first for being human before the information was broken about her passing the exam in the council. Apparently, vampiress or any female for the matter usually didn't opt to be part of the council as it wasn't an easy task. Before that, they had no enough intelligence to crack the first and the second exam.
Since the time they had sat down, she had felt the continuous subtle gaze of Vivian while she tried to concentrate on what others were speaking at the table. Now that he transformed himself from rags to riches, the man was handsome with his round glasses and combed hair. Vivian didn't know why he was staring at her but the more time passed the more uncomfortable she grew in her seat.
Trying to ignore the stare, Vivian spoke to the people making light conversation and most of the times nodding her head.
Just when everyone had finished their tea, Eleanor spoke to her, "You're not wearing your gloves today," she smiled looking at Vivian's hands, "You have pretty fingers."
"Thank you, Lady Eleanor. The weather felt a little hot today," Vivian answered, placing her empty teacup on the table.
One of Eleanor's female friend looked at Vivian's hands that rested on the table, "We aren't wearing any either. I doubt anyone wears one for tea parties. Right, Lady Sheryl," the hostess nodded her head in agreement.
"Of course, but Lady Vivian's gloves were absolutely gorgeous," Eleanor complimented her with a smile before going back to reply to her friend who was talking about the gown she had bought from the Isle Valley.
Vivian wondered if she had mistaken Eleanor's intention. The vampiress had been polite with her words to her. Making sure she was comfortable around her friends and she would have let it go if it weren't for the way she had observed her hands. She didn't know why but the way she looked and spoke made her wary on her toes.
"These are delicious, Lady Sheryl," Jamien complimented her as he took a bite from the cookies she had baked, "You should open a shop at the Isle Valley, I am sure it would bring a good profit and add it to your name."
"Oh, please, Sir Jamien. These are just simple baked treats, I don't think I would be able to bring revenue as high as the standard," she answered waving both her hands.
Vivian who had taken one of the cookie from the plate, ended up eating it wrongly as she had sucked in a breath for the cookie crumble to get stuck above in her throat causing her to cough as tears began to form in her eyes.
"Lady Vivian, are you alright?"
"Have some water," a glass of water was pushed to her and she gulped it until the irritation at the back of her throat stopped.
"Pardon me," Vivian apologized for making everyone worry about her.
"Human lives are so fragile," Eleanor's friend commented as if there were no humans around them, "One minute they are fine and next second you don't realize that one could have choked on a biscuit," Vivian's hold on the glass tightened as she heard it.
Her eyes narrowed.
When they finally began to head out from Lady Sheryl's garden, one conversation led to another speaking about the women and men who were currently courting each other in the society,
"Did you know Mr Anox was trying to marry his fiance's younger sister?"
"I am sure all of them heard about it. It was quite a scandalous time when the news came out. How unfortunate for him," Eleanor tched, shaking her head as they stepped inside the mansion, making their way to the drawing room.
"Haven't you found anyone for yourself, Lady Vivian?" asked one of the polite male vampire.
This seemed to have got some interest among the people as they waited for her to speak. The way Eleanor watched her, waiting for how she would reply to the question, Vivian decided to play along, "I would like to spend my time studying for the council and passing the exam before thinking about a man," some of the women gave her a dire look while Eleanor appreciated her.
"That's how a woman should be. Vivian is a live example of what we as a woman can do," that was a lot of compliment for the day, thought Vivian to herself in her mind, "Isn't that right, Lady Monica? It would be unfortunate for us to let go next year's opportunity than talk about other's relationship," she asked the other vampiress who had previously taken a jab at her.
Lady Monica laughed, "Relationship and trust do look difficult in comparison to the exams. Finding love is so hard. It would surely be unfortunate. "
Timely, Vivian spoke, "It would be more unfortunate in a relationship when you know you can't find a man or a woman who is already married and is letting you do you. One should keep their dignity intact," this drained the blood from Lady Moncia's face, "I mean to say, relationships are so fragile these days. You never know when you'll be hurt. It is best to stay away and out of it."
Vivian had her own tricks under her non-existent sleeve. Previously, before they had sat at the table, Vivian had bumped and touched Lady Monica by mistake which had taken her to a memory of her conversation with a man arguing on how she deserved to be his wife than his actual wife. Lady Monica was the mistress in a married man's life and it seemed that she had guessed right, hitting the hammer on the nail.
"Wise words spoken, Lady Vivian," Jamien who stood with his back leaning against the wall raised his glass to her while the other began to agree, Lady Monica stared at Vivian as if she saw a ghost.