Chapter 643: No grass left for him

Banished to Another World

"The Gao-Cave people?" Yan Mo was stunned when Lie came to ask if there was a tribe with this name nearby.

"Why, there's something wrong with this tribe?" Lie asked in a hurry.

To make sure that Yan Mo took out the map again, even if he remembers several tribes nearby.

After clicking on the map, Yan Mo beckoned Yuan Zhan and lie to come and have a look. “I don't know if there is one of the Gao-Cave people around here, but here..."

Several of the Jiu Yuan high-rise and several small people came together to see the position that Yan Mo pointed out. There was a big circle. In this circle, the name of several tribes is indicated, among which the Gao-Cave people is there.

Looking at the other person, big and small, isn't this their final destination? Priest Da-Ren said it's a place they have to go.

"The child said that the neighborhood looked familiar, but there were many similar terrains. Maybe the child remembered it wrong." Lie guessed, and without waiting for Yan Mo's orders, he got up and said, “I'll bring the child."

"Don't scare him." Yan Mo is very busy.

Lie left.

Yuan Zhan took the map and said, "We don't need that kid to lead the way, do we? I don't know if he remembers the way. "

“It doesn't matter if he doesn't remember the way, as long as he can remember the exact location of his tribe. These tribes are all in the Mountains and forests, and it is impossible to find them without the help of acquaintances. "

Yan Mo only thought that he was very lucky. Although he speculated about the location of the ruins, they went deep into the Mountains. There were few real people in them. He and Yuan Zhan were not afraid of danger, but they could not look for them on the ground, right?

"Without energy, the D.U.O.B.I scanning function is not available. Wu Guo's treasure hunting ability has been temporarily sealed. It's not clear how long it will take just a little search by Jiu Feng and us. Although I can ask local creatures for help, it's better to have a clear goal than to look for a needle in a haystack. "

For this reason, they had secretly collected information everywhere before they went, and learned that there were still several small and medium-sized tribes in that area. The Gao-Cave people is a relatively large tribe in that area, dealing with some goods of Mucheng-Forest City.

There may be some small tribes living in the deep forests and Mountains, but these tribes never come out of the Mountains, just like the savages, and Yan Mo can't understand them in advance.

He also thought that after he got to the neighborhood, he wanted to find the local savages first and ask about the situation. He always thought that if the Ding Yue could find the relics and occupy them. The local savages knew about it.

He didn't expect that God would help him. He even sent one of the native people of the Gao-Cave people to him in advance.

Yuan Zhan was happy to see him smile and poked him in the face. "How can you be sure that the local savages know about the ruins?"

Yan Mo put the map on the mat. “I'm not sure they must know that relic, but I think that most of the local savages may know something about the Ding Yue tribe."

"Shifu, why are you so sure that the local savages know?" Xiao Hei and others asked without understanding.

Yan Mo taught the children: “If I tell you my judgment directly, it's not interesting. Who can analyze first?"

D.U.O.B.I was the first to raise his hand. “According to the information we got, the Ding Yue tribe didn't live in that place ten years ago. So the question is, how do they know and find the site when their territory is so far away?"

Yan Mo praised: “Good question! Go on. "

Xiao Hei looked around and raised his hand. "Suppose that the mountain tribe or some other tribe found the place of the ruins, but they didn't know the precious place of the ruins, maybe because they couldn't go through it, maybe because of the traitors, some of the things they found in the place of the ruins flowed out through tourism. Zhe Li, the Great Witch of the Ding Yue tribe, has the power of prophecy. He may have discovered the secrets of the ruins through some special goods brought by visitors. Maybe the caravan of Ding Yue went to the Mountain Tribe. That would explain why the Tomahawk guy had to go over the Niutou Mountain to occupy territories that were not very useful to them at the moment. "

"Well said." Yan Mo is always ready to praise his disciples.

It is said that the Nasheer word of the Niutou Mountain is a very ancient indigenous language, meaning mysterious and terrible.

The mountain range is located between Shuicheng-Water City Mucheng-Forest City and Ding Yue. It is a vast forest and mountain area, extending from the upper reaches of the Jiu Yuan River to the lower reaches of the river, just like a Dragon Ridge, almost parallel with the Jiu Yuan River, and to the east of the river.

There are a large area of hills and plains in the middle and lower reaches between the Jiu Yuan River and the Nasheer Mountains. The land is too vast. It is reasonable that the Ding Yue tribe, which originally lived in the lower reaches of the west of the Jiu Yuan River, would not run to the Nasheer Mountains in a few years even if it crossed the river to occupy more fertile land resources.

You should know that even the Mucheng-Forest City and Shuicheng-Water City, especially the plant friendly Mucheng-Forest City, dare not easily enter the Nasheer Mountains, so that a large area of primitive forest in the Nasheer Mountains has always been in a state of no ownership.

Sumen held Wu Guo and pointed the map with the branch, “I see. Even before the Wucheng-City of Witches party, the Ding Yue didn't capture all the Nasheer Mountains. They only moved in this area most frequently, less than one-fifth of the mountain area. But it's clearly in the center of the mountain. If it's a normal occupation, it should develop from the outside to the inside, instead of jumping to the inside like the Ding Yue. "

"Well, all these reasons prove that the behavior of Ding Yue is very strange. And the strange behavior always has its purpose. The Ding Yue is willing to pay such a big price, not hesitate to use human life to start a road, and at the same time to fight with several local savages, but also to occupy this land, which only shows that this land has greater value and can bring better benefits to the Ding Yue.” Yan Mo summary.

Yuan Zhan suddenly chimed in, “I don't think Ding Yue paid special attention to this after occupying this site, otherwise it would not take those bone objects found in the site to trade with various tribes."

“I think the Ding Yue people must be regretting it, so they only trade bone objects found in the site once." Yan Mo smiled, "They should find more powerful weapons such as energy guns in the back, so as to understand how precious the ruins are."

"So we will fight with the Ding Yue?" Xiao Hei blinked. "The ruins are so good, they don't want to give up, do they?"

“Not necessarily." Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan look at the other person, and Yan Mo said, "Shu Yi told me that they would give up... Hey, don't be jealous!”

Yuan Zhan is upset. He pinches his lover’s thigh hard and asked with his eyes: when did you two meet behind my back? Tell me you the truth!

Yan Mo grinned to him, and his face was pierced by wood needles.

“Hedgehog! My teacher has become a hedgehog.” A few children grinned at the other person.

Wu Guo is in Sumen's arms, his mouth half open, drooling and sleeping. He doesn't see his dad's face looking like a hedgehog.

Sumen is a serious child. He grabbed the small handkerchief sewn on the collar of Wu Guo and wipes his mouth. Then he lowers his head and kisses Wu Guo.

Yan Mo saw that and the corners of his mouth were slightly twitching. His eldest son's mouth has been kissed by several senior brothers for many times. Let alone the first kiss, it may be more than 100 kisses.

But Wu Guo doesn't mind at all. The big ones don't bite him. Instead, he climbs onto people to bite them.

Yuan Zhan has thick skin and is used to pricking. One of the wooden needles was pulled out and not returned to Yan Mo. All of them were confiscated and used to prick his priest Da-Ren cubs.

These little kids dare to call him Mother hen. Do you think he didn't hear them!

Yan Xiaole is the first one to give out a loud click and roll all the way to Yan Mo's back.

Xiao Hei also screamed and jumped up, covering his buttocks.

D.U.O.B.I swish and swished. As a result, he only paid attention to dodge the wooden needle, but didn't notice the hammer palm called by Yuan Zhan. He was hit straight at once and hit the tree trunk far away.

Sumen held Wu Guo and didn't escape. He held the red bag knocked out of his forehead and looked at Yan Mo with tears in his eyes: Shifu, what did I do wrong?

Wu Guo is even more unlucky. He slept soundly and gets a little creaky noise. Before his eyes are opened, he started to purr.

Yan Mo pulled his sleeve and punched someone. "How old are you? You try bullying my apprentices all day long?!”

“I'm doing my duty to teach them that you've spoiled them." Someone spoke the right words.

Yan Mo speechless for a long time: it's hard for you to think of the word “Father".

Sitting on one side, Da-He would like to ask: If it is so easy for Ding Yue to give up, is it necessary to go to the ruins? They should have moved all the good things, right?

However, seeing the family having a good time, Da-He put the problem aside. He thought that since the two came out in person, there must be value for exploration in the ruins - this is the typical example of the Jiu Yuan people who always have confidence in Priest Da-Ren's mystery.

When Luo was brought here, the highest family of the Jiu Yuan had returned to “Normal", at least it looked like a dog. Only Wu Guo was still biting his and dad's fingers angrily to relieve the fire.

Luo seems to be a little bit scared and stupid. He is stupefied. He can't stand in front of Yan Mo and others without shaking. Even if Lie told him more than once, Mo Da-Ren just wanted to ask him something.

Luo also wanted to beg to Lie, saying that he doesn't want to go home to have a look, just let him return to the team, but he doesn't dare to say that now.

Si saw that Lie didn't stop him, and he came with him.

"Sit down first, you two." Yan Mo raises his hand.

Xiao Hei industriously distributed two cushions to the two men and poured them two glasses of water.

Luo, who was so scared that his legs were soft, was pressed by Xiao Hei to sit on the mat, and then he gave him a water glass.

Si clutched the wooden cup hard and knelt on the ground. He didn't dare to use the fur mat which was very delicate and thick at first sight.

Yan Mo saw that the two were too nervous, and motioned for the others to disperse, but the small ones refused to leave. Sumen was obedient, but he saw that everyone did not leave, and he sat down again.

Yuan Zhan is even more reluctant to leave.

Lie and Da-He just laughed and sat farther away.

"Your name is Luo, isn't it?" Yan Mo said to the teenager with the kindest expression.

Luo nodded foolishly.

Si gave him a little bump, and Luo said in a trembling voice, in his loudest voice, "Yes, Da-Ren."

"Don't be nervous. I asked you not to punish you, but to ask you something." Yan Mo's tone is soothing and seems to soothe the soul directly.

Luo suddenly felt that the Priest Da-Ren in front of him was not so terrible. Originally, he was not afraid, but he was afraid of the senior management people.

Yan Mo looked at Si again. “I remember you were the former leader of the slave warriors, whose name was Si, right?"

"Yes, Da-Ren." Si looked up, didn't look at the appearance of Mo Da-Ren, and quickly lowered his head. He didn't expect that the high priest Da-Ren could remember him, or even his name.

“Are you the Gao-Cave people, too?"

“No, I'm not."

"Then you don't trust this child?"

Si didn't answer. His body remained motionless. His unbridled behavior was used to be punished lightly with ten lashes in the past, and he was ready to be punished.

However, the young Mo Da-Ren only smiled at him and said "You're fine" without any other expression to him, no punishment or repulsion.

Yan Mo began to ask Luo about the Gao-Cave people. When asked about the attack and the break-up of the clan, he asked more carefully: "Do you remember who attacked you? What are their characteristics? What weapons were used?”

Luo shook his head in a confused way. He was only trying to escape, but he was still young.

Yan Mo saw his restlessness and nervousness, releases his soul power to appease him again, and tries to recall his memories.

"Don't be nervous, don't be afraid, good boy, come on, and breathe in with me... Exhaling... Well, tell me, how many people are there in your family?”

Xiao Hei stared at Yan Mo's movements, looks and intonation, he was fascinated.

Everyone else was quiet, and Si felt a little strange in the silence. Then he saw the young man around him close their eyes like a dream, and began to describe his life with a smile.

When the boy recalled his past life, the Ding Yue was withdrawing from the Nasheer Mountains.

Shu Yi, Zhi Chun and Zhe Li are all here. Lamo-Na, who has been married to Ding Yue, is not here. It was the highest secret of Ding Yue. Lamo-Na is not qualified to know.

“Are you sure it's all empty?" Zhe Li reassured again.

Zhi Chun replied respectfully: "Don't worry, Great Witch, there are no more items in it. Even if the patterns on the wall can be peeled off, we will peel off all the things that can't be peeled off and destroy them. In addition, we've smashed the ground and walls open. There's solid soil underneath. There will never be anything left behind. "

Zhe Li still felt a little uncertain. He always felt something was missing. Unfortunately, he used his prediction ability many times to see things about the future of the site, but only saw a white fog.

He dare not use his ability willfully anymore. The ability of prophecy is probably the most hated one among all the blood abilities. Whether it's the first witch of prophecy, Grand Witch Xiang, or him, every prophecy need to pay a huge price.

Now Grand Witch Xiang can no longer predict - no one can be sure about this, but Grand Witch Xiang has said publicly that he will not predict anymore, so at least he will not. As far as he knows, he is the only one who has the ability of prophecy and is known in the east.

If even he can't see the future of the site, it can only be said that God doesn't want people to see it.

But this led to a question that bothered him most: why didn't God want him to see it?

The more invisible it was, the more uneasy he became.

"Kill all the slaves who know this place, and don't leave any of the natives around here." Zhe Li is ruthless.

Shu Yi frowned. "The slaves were brought back. Those savages don't know anything. Those who know the secret here are dead. "

Zhe Li shook his head. "The Jiu Yuan people will find this place here sooner or later. That Mo Da-Ren It's so strange. Even if he doesn't know there are traces here, it's hard to guarantee that he won't hear from anyone. I can't see his future, I can't see this place of ruins, and I can't even see the future of the Jiu Yuan. I don't know if we've emptied this place, but I don't want to leave anything for that Mo Da-Ren or the Jiu Yuan, even a piece of grass in the ruins. Instead of worrying me about keeping them, I'd better get rid of them all. "

With that, Zhe Li looked up at Shu Yi, and his eyes were a little weird. "Shu Yi, is your heart soft? That weird Mo Da-Ren is affecting you, isn't it?”

Shu Yi didn't answer. He didn't think it was necessary.

Zhe Li felt that Shu Yi didn't answer because he felt guilty, which made him say the next paragraph: "Shu Yi, if there is no accident, you will be the new generation chief of our Ding Yue tribe after you go back. Your actions and judgments will affect the development of the whole tribe. As a Great Witch, I have to remind you: Don't forget that the Jiu Yuan is the biggest enemy tribe of our Ding Yue predicted by the Great Witch of the previous generation. And the development of the facts also proves that the previous generation of witches did not read it wrong!”

Zhe Li suddenly became excited. He shook his fist and said: “Our territory is plundered by the Jiu Yuan! Our chief was killed by them! Our warriors were humiliated in public by the Jiu Yuan! You can never forget the hatred!”

“Great Witch..." Zhi Chun wanted to reconcile them.

Zhe Li waved him away, pointed to Shu Yi with his scepter, "Do you think I want to kill? The Jiu Yuan is forcing us to do it! These slaves, as well as the savages living nearby, all died because the Jiu Yuan greedily wanted the land! It's not me who killed them. It's the Jiu Yuan people! Zhi Chun, do it!”

Shu Yi grabbed Zhi Chun and doesn't even have a voice, “Great Witch, I repeat, it's meaningless. Zhi Chun, go to serve the Great Witch. It's getting dark. We have to get to the camp at the foot of the mountain before it gets dark. "

"Shu Yi!" Zhe Li was angry.

Shu Yi turned around, “It will take ten days to walk out of the forest. If you have that time to kill people, it's better to keep your physical strength."

Zhe Li held his forehead, Shu Yi is very good, but it's a little set in his ways. What he thinks is that it's very difficult for others to shake him. He doesn't blame Shu Yi for contradicting him in front of Zhi Chun. Shu Yi is this character, and so is he to the former chief.

The main thing is that Shu Yi is the strongest and the hope of Ding Yue. Ding Yue people adore the strong. If other people want to be the chief are not as strong as Shu Yi, even with his great support, other high-level warriors and middle and high-level warriors will not be willing to kill Shu Yi.

But if Shu Yi doesn't even listen to this order, how can he persuade the other party to accept Prince Lamo-Na?

Lamo-Na is so important to the Ding Yue that he can't give up the princess. But if Shu Yi doesn't want to marry her, how does Lamo-Na deal with herself in the Ding Yue? The woman of the former chief? The former chief has a son, but it's just the former chief's son.

Is it necessary for him to give up the position of the Great Witch to Lamo-Na?

Zhe Li fell into thinking. When he made a decision, Shu Yi had already taken people away. Only Zhi Chun and some guards standing far away were waiting for him.

"Zhi Chun," Zhe Li grabbed Zhi Chun by the shoulder.

“Great Witch, what can I do for you?"

"Kill the slaves and the natives, not one of them are to be left alive."

Zhi Chun is in a dilemma, but after seeing Zhe Li's cold eyes, he has to nod his head - Shu Yi is not the chief yet, but the Great Witch can make one of his little disciples die at any time and any place.

A month and a half later, Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan finally arrived at the range.

With his ears and lower body recovered, Luo recoiled before the change, with real happiness. The mountain which looked like a bull's head in front of his fingers, said quickly, “Look, the Niutou Mountain! Just in front of us, this time we can't be wrong. We, the Gao-Cave people, live in that mountain!”