Chapter 644: The miracle and loyalty

Banished to Another World

The Niutou Mountain covered an area is not small. The highest two corners are about 3000 meters above sea level. The mountain in the middle is relatively gentler sloped. The Gao-Cave people live there. The whole Niutou Mountain looked like the head of the ox demon from a distance.

Looking at the wildebeest running on the mountain, it's more than half of the afternoon. It's not the best time to enter the mountain. Yan Mo guesses that there are no things that can be found on the open surface in the ruins, so it's not necessary to enter the mountain in such a hurry. Now he orders everyone to rest in silence and climb on the mountain in the morning.

Jiu Feng has come to the Nasheer Mountains to investigate in advance. Although there is only a small circle on the map, the small circle is enlarged into the whole Nasheer Mountains. It is also a relatively large number of connected mountains.

This mountain range is not a small package. Several mountains are larger than the sum of the two cities of the Jiu Yuan. The terrain is extremely complex.

Jiu Feng stayed in the mountains for a long time before collecting some plausible information.

There are indeed several human tribes living in the mountains surrounded by Yan Mo. However, in the words of the birds, these humans are very fond of fighting. They often fight. Either today they are killed or tomorrow they are taken from the nest.

Birds can't distinguish these human changes, so they can tell Jiu Feng that some people have been killed and some people have moved away from this mountain range, but they can't tell Jiu Feng what the dead and migrating tribes are. They can only take him to see them.

Seeing the Niutou Mountain, Jiu Feng told Yan Mo that there was a very busy human tribe here. About a few years ago, birds didn't remember the number of years, and they couldn't remember exactly how many years ago. In short, that human tribe was attacked by another human tribe, many people were killed, and then it was occupied by another human tribe.

But the tribe that took over the mountain left just two days before Jiu Feng flew in. Before leaving, there was a fight within the tribe, many people were killed, and some people fled into the Mountains.

After hearing the narration of Jiu Feng, Yan Mo speculated that most likely that here is the place of the ruins.

Luo didn't know about the changes in the Mountains, and he had a little expectation. Yan Mo didn't have the heart to tell him the truth, so he didn't tell him that the Niutou Mountain was deserted.

Luo was so excited that he didn't seem to know what to do. He looked at the Niutou Mountain eagerly, hoping to rush right now.

Si grabbed him and whispered, “It's right in front of us. Have a good sleep tonight. Maybe you can see A-Ma tomorrow."

With a strong nasal sound, Luo's head was stressed.

Yan Mo's eyes fell on Si and waved to him.

Si didn't know what the priest had to say, so he walked over at once, "Da-Ren."

“Let me see how you are doing." Yan Mo beckoned Si to sit next to him.

Si thought of a possibility. His heart beat faster and faster. He tried desperately to control his excitement. He knelt down and stretched out his hand.

As soon as Luo saw priest Da-Ren looking at Si's physical condition, his attention was immediately attracted here. Is it Da-Ren is going to help Si recover?

Not far away, many of the slave warriors are secretly looking at this side. Their courage has been raised a little bit in this one and a half months, especially priest Da-Ren, who took his disciples to collect medicine and prepared the external and internal application for them, so that they can adjust their body.

What excites them most is that under the herbs and soup made by priest Da-Ren, Luo, who is as physically disabled as them, not only recovered from internal and external injuries, but also grew the ears and male features that were cruelly cut off by the Lie tribe!

It's not a legend, it's not an exaggeration, and it’s a miracle that happened in front of all of them!

Lie Da-Ren said it was a reward from priest Da-Ren for Luo, who provided valuable information.

And the rest of them are not without opportunities. As long as they are loyal to work for the priest and the Jiu Yuan, as long as they can make contributions and reach a certain amount of contribution points, priest Da-Ren will also help them recover.

But this miracle needs to consume a lot of vitality of priest Da-Ren, so it can't be carried out frequently. It can only be sorted according to the number of contribution points.

As for how to improve and record the contribution points, there are clear regulations. They followed the Jiu Yuan people and soon got a bone plate with their names, ages and other information. At this time, they didn't understand these very well. It's said that the bone plate is a kind of bone objects. After that, they would use another bone objects to input tribute into their bone plate. There is another bone objects to query a person contribution points.

The function of bone objects is amazing, but the slave warriors don't understand it very well. At this time, they don't understand that they just can't add up all the property of all the people to equal such a small dominoes.

And the slave warriors don't talk about contribution points before. They are mostly in a gloomy mood of muddling along and glad to have escaped death after being saved by the Jiu Yuan people.

But now they see real hope!

And in the past one and a half months, how the Jiu Yuan people treated them and any slave warrior knew it. The cruel Lie tribesmen can't even compare with the Jiu Yuan people.

They not only have their own private property, but also eat three meals a day!

Eating three meals. They didn't even dare to think about it before. Even before they were slaves, they didn't have such a good day in the original tribe.

Although they don't know where the chief and priest Da-Ren are going to take them. Although they don't have a mount animal, they are not tired. They take a rest almost every two hours, and they don't even move fast, which is a little faster than walking. Even the slave warriors with poor health can keep on.

What's more, the kind priest Da-Ren pays special attention to everyone's body. As long as anyone is not well, he can immediately lie on a simple bed called a stretcher. Priest Da-Ren will also take his disciples to see the sick people. Even priest Da-Ren gave each of them a sachet to wear to avoid mosquito bites.

After a month and a half of walking, all the slave warriors felt that a strange thing happened to them. Their physical condition not only didn't get worse due to a long walk, but also became stronger. Some people's dark injuries also disappeared unconsciously.

The slave warriors regarded this as a miracle, and thought it was all the benefits that priest Da-Ren gave them. In fact, it was also true.

For this reason, Yan Mo's eyes not only had trust, but also had deep respect and fear.

They are afraid of Yan Mo not because it is terrible, but because they have gradually regarded Yan Mo as a God.

Besides gods, what other priest witch can regenerate their stumps? Even if there is such a witch, he will not have the kindness and patience of Mo Da-Ren. When he teaches his disciples, he will also tell them about the herbs and medical treatment that only the Great Witches can learn.

Where can anyone find such a Great Witch?

No wonder the Jiu Yuan people are so proud of their Great Witch and Chief, and if you were to change to them... Ah, they are also the Jiu Yuan people. In fact, they don't need to envy them so much anymore. They can all live like the Jiu Yuan people in the future. They will protect the Jiu Yuan and Priest Da-Ren, and the Jiu Yuan and Priest Da-Ren will also protect them.

And as long as they are loyal and hardworking enough, as long as they can accumulate enough contribution points, their bodies can also recover like Luo, and then they will have no regrets.

Look, Si has been waiting for his miracle.

With the first and the second, the third and the fourth... Will it be far away?

Yan Mo completed the pulse checking for Si, and the whole body scan of Si naturally emerged in the brain.

“It's good. It's recovering well." Yan Mo put down his finger and said to Si, "Do you know why I asked you to come here?"

Si shook his head in fear.

“Because you've been helping other people, Luo and a few younger people, and a few who are not in good health, it's good that you took care of them all the way." Said Yan Mo mildly.

“I dare not to do this before, but now I dare to do it. Da-Ren, you gave me the courage to do it."

Upon hearing this sentence, Yuan Zhan suddenly felt that this Si was of great cultivation value. He couldn't help but point out: “In addition, because you often publicize the benefits of the rules of the Jiu Yuan in the Mo Army, you also respect and love Mo very much."

For the convenience of calling this slave warrior and for the convenience of management, Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo decided to add another regiment to the Jiu Yuan, which is called Mo Army.

Si is not a fool. If he is, he will not be the leader of the slave warriors. He is honest and plain again: “I am willing to do this, because Da-Ren and chief are really good to us, and the Jiu Yuan rules are also very good."

Yuan Zhan looked quite satisfied. "Remember what you said today, Mo Army will only be loyal to..."

“Mo Army will only be loyal to the Jiu Yuan in the future." Yan Mo interrupted Yuan Zhan's words, held his hand and said: "The first generation of Mo Army is in a special situation and will follow me first. But in essence, she still belongs to the Jiu Yuan army, but in the future, Mo Army can train for the sharp knife (assassination) army or Special Forces. "

Si didn't quite understand what Yan Mo said. Seeing that two Da-Ren had an argument, he just closed his mouth.

Yuan Zhan shaved his chin with his fingers, which seemed to disagree with priest Da-Ren's suggestion.

Seeing this, Yan Mo said plainly, “I have guards and temples. It's not a small force. It's enough to protect me and the temples, but no more is good. The status of the priest and the temple can be special, but not superior to the Jiu Yuan. We... It has to be considered for future generations."

Yuan Zhan woke up, recovered his sense of mind as a chief, and barely nodded, “OK, for Wu Guo."

When Yan Mo saw Yuan Zhan and opened his mouth, he decided the next generation of the Jiu Yuan chief. He looked at him silently, but he doesn't rebuff. As long as Wu Guo has that ability, he will not deliberately block the way of his older son. As for the younger son...

Yan Mo felt his belly, as long as he is happy.

Yuan Zhan's name for this slave army naturally has his own plan. In his eyes, nothing is as important as his Mo, even the whole Jiu Yuan can't be compared to him. So even if he knows that Yan Mo is very powerful, he can't help but want to give him more protection.

It's a pity that Mo in his family is too calm and rational. Now it's Mo who pays more attention to the Jiu Yuan and wanted more.

Yuan Zhan has no choice but to agree not to privatize the Mo Army, but in this way, he thinks that maybe the Mo Army will not exist for a long time and will probably be dispersed to various legions.

However, both Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo did not expect that the establishment and name of Mo Army not only lasted for a long time, but also became the most loyal and powerful military group to maintain the rule of the Jiu Yuan, especially the bloodlines of Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan, under the guidance of Yuan Zhan and Yuan Wang consciously or unconsciously were assigned to this army.

In the future, Mo Army will be famous all over the world. Those who are not loyal or do not carry the Jiu Yuan and Yan Mo or Yuan Zhan's most orthodox bloodline will not be allowed to enter into this army.

And Si, who knelt on one side, felt that he has heard the great secret. He felt frightened and trusted at the same time. Especially, those two didn't warn him when they finished speaking, which makes him more devoted to them. If you believe me so, I won't lose you!

That night, Yan Mo showed his miracles again, and the light green light representing endless vitality enveloped Si.

All the members of the first generation of Mo Army saw this scene. They didn't sleep. They were all waiting for the miracle to happen again.

The miracle really happened again. Mo Army couldn't sleep.

Si thought that he would never be excited by anything again, but after seeing and touching his body and found his equipment down there complete again, more than half of the men shed tears in front of so many people, crying uncontrollably.

And all the males in the room understood his mood, and Yuan Zhan lamented, “It's lucky you didn't get castrated at the beginning."

Yan Mo slapped him on the back of the head.

The next day, the whole Mo Army was filled with a commotion of joy.

Every Mo warrior's face is full of infinite expectations for the future. The original numbness and gloom have disappeared, not to mention all, but also seven or eight are thinking of working hard.

The first Luo can be said to be a special case, but with Si, the Mo Army finally began to really believe Lie Da-Ren's words - each of them has the possibility of recovery.

Yan Mo was served comfortably last night. In the morning, everyone was very friendly. Seeing that the atmosphere of Mo warriors was different from that of the past, he decided to make these poor people happy again.

“Before, because I blessed the whole family of the Rong tribesmen, I consumed too much vitality. I will also bless you when I have a period of time to fully recover. I may not be able to completely recover you all at once, but for three years, as long as you are loyal to the Jiu Yuan, I swear that I will make your missing organs grow again. "

“Ow Ow --! Priest Da-Ren Above! Thank you priest Da-Ren!” After a moment's silence, the Mo warriors all howled uncontrollably. They were all crazy with joy.

Yan Mo raised his hand and they stopped howling.

“But if any of you betray me, the chief or the Jiu Yuan, both the God and I will take back their blessings and punish the betrayal. You will never want to know what the God and I will punish the traitor."

The whole place was silent, not even for a few hours. Mo warriors thought of the scream from the warriors of the Lie Tribe that afternoon, and all members of Mo Army secretly shivered.

At this time, Si stepped forward, knelt on one knee, and swore loudly: “I, Si, swear by the spirit of war, never betray Mo Da-Ren, chief Da-Ren and the Jiu Yuan. If I disobey this oath, my soul will be torn by the gods, and I will never return to the Mother God's embrace, and I will suffer from the soul splitting forever!"

This oath is not without weight.

But after hearing the oath of Si, no one in the other Mo Army hesitated. They all knelt down on one knee and took the same oath with their hands over their hearts.

“Good!" Yan Mo smiled again. "You are loyal to us, and Zhan and the Jiu Yuan will never fail you!"