Chapter 646: The mysterious old man

Banished to Another World

All the three covered caves have been searched and no one has found anything.

There is an underground space under the cave's eyes, but it is as empty as before, and nothing was left.

Yuan Zhan has repeatedly entered the underground and tunnel walls to find, and no other hidden space has been found.

“Maybe it's all emptied by the Ding Yue people. But it doesn't matter. We'll go to their tribe sometime in the future. Even if they find the Godblood Stones, they won't necessarily use them.” Yuan Zhan comforts Yan Mo.

Yan Mo said he didn't care. Seeing Luo looking at him, he promised that he would assign people to look for his tribesmen tomorrow morning.

In the dark of the night, the Jiu Yuan and his party cleared a place in the cave and went to sleep.

It took so much time to come here, but it was empty. Did Yan Mo really care and was not disappointed?

He was disappointed. Were the twelve Godblood Stones taken by the Ding Yue?

Thinking of this possibility, even he was a little depressed.

Ding Yue has a large number of metal control warriors, whose strength is not weak. In addition to energy weapons, it will definitely be the enemy of the Jiu Yuan in the future. If they can get so many of the Godblood Stones...

Yan Mo began to regret that he should come earlier. What's the use of not coming earlier? If the Godblood Stones and energy weapons are put together, the Ding Yue axe wouldn't take the energy weapons without the Godblood Stones, even if they don't know what they were.

Look, they have stripped all the pictures on the wall and taken them away. I'm afraid they have taken all the relics that they can take away. The evidence is that they haven't even found a piece of gravel in these three caves.

All of a sudden, Yan Mo felt the discomfort of being stared at again, and he opened his eyes and sat up.

Not far away, a dark figure squatted on the ground. The other side seemed to realize that Yan Mo had waked up, but he did not run, but turned to look at the sleeping boy at his feet.

That's Luo.

The moonlight outside was blocked when it came to the hole, but the dark shadow could still be seen clearly with Yan Mo's eyes.

It was an old man with long hair reaching to the shoulders, he could not see if it was a man or a woman. The old man was thin, skin covered with bones, like a skeleton, with a circle of tattoos engraved on his face.

The old man's fingers caressed Luo in his hair.

"Who are you?" Yan Mo got up.

Everyone is sleeping, including D.U.O.B.I.

There is no one to watch the night. There are Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo, and no one really cared to watch the night.

But Yuan Zhan, who was supposed to be more alert than him, was still sleeping on his side with his arms on the ground, like holding a man in his arms.

The old man slowly stood up and walked out of the cave.

Outside the cave?

Yan Mo stood still.

The old man turned around to look at him when he reached the entrance of the cave, then turned around again and walked out.

Yan Mo didn't hesitate anymore. He raised his feet and followed.

The old man walked down the catwalk into the alpine meadow.

Yan Mo followed him.

The stars in the sky are bright, and the night wind blows the weeds. There is a good smell full of fragrance.

Yan Mo stretched out his arm and opened his fingers to feel for a while, and confirms one thing.

The old man stopped in the center of the meadow and turned to look at the following Yan Mo.

Yan Mo stood three steps ahead of him.

"You brought back Luo, who told me you saved him." The old man said the first sentence, and his old appearance does not match with the voice, his voice is extremely pleasant.

Yan Mo looked at the necklace on the old man's neck and the rope clasp on the animal skin skirt. “Are you the Great Witch of the Gao-Cave people?"

The old man did not deny it.

"Who are you, Luo?"

"He's the only blood relative I have who is alive." The old man's voice could not portray the sadness, but Yan Mo felt that the old man's whole breath of sadness was spreading out.

“The Gao-Cave people are they dead? Are you still alive..?”

The old man did not wonder that the young witch in front of him could see this about him. "Yes, I am dead. What you see now is my last strength."

The old man raised his hand and pointed to Yuan Zhan, saying that there was a lot of blood, with deep sadness and resentment in his eyes. “In addition to the tribesmen that he could not find, my, Gao-Cave people, shed the last drop of blood there."

“Luo A-Ma?"

"She's dead, too." The old man’s body was more bent.

Yan Mo frowned, “But according to the news I got, didn't some people escape?"

The old man said, “It's not my tribesmen who escaped. The Ding Yue man who stopped them found it too late. When he found it, all my high mountain cave tribesmen who knew the most about the holy land had been killed. At last, all the people who escaped in disorder were nearby tribesmen. Like our Gao-Cave people, they were all captured by Ding Yue as slaves of mountain digging."

"Digging Mountains? Where is it?” Yan Mo doesn't remember where he saw traces of being dug along the way.

The old man didn't answer immediately. He stared at Yan Mo deeply. After a long time, he said: "The Ding Yue people didn't get all the treasure. What they took was only the outside part."

Yan Mo's heart thumping, this old witch knows?

The old man is old, but his eyes are very clear. “I know you have many questions, I will answer you, but I hope you can promise me one thing."

"What is it?"

"Help me revenge the Gao-Cave people."

The old man's offer was not expected by Yan Mo, but he didn't immediately agree. Instead, he asked, "What kind of revenge do you want? Is it to kill the whole tribe of Ding Yue, defeat them to make this tribe disappear, or only kill the first villain?”

The old man was silent for a while, and asked, "To what extent can you do it?"

Yan Mo, “I can kill all the Ding Yue people, but I won't do it."

“I know you are a kind witch."

This misunderstanding is good for him, and Yan Mo did not deny it. He thought that maybe the old man had communicated with his grandson Luo before contacting him.

The old man probably knew that it was impossible for the other side to kill all the Ding Yue people for himself. How could the witch who would give his life force to save even the slaves kill all the others for a little treasure?

So the old man made clear his own conditions: “I want the chief of the Ding Yue and his bloodline! The bloodline of the chief and the witch can't be continued!”

Yan Mo shook his head. "The chief and the Witch of the Ding Yue have destroyed your tribe. As the entrusted person, I can help you kill them and teach them a lesson. But as long as their descendants don't take the initiative to kill people, I won't do anything to them. Can you accept this?"

The old man was reluctant, "Do you know how important that treasure is? The Ding Yue Man has only got a small part of it and he dreamed to be the leader of the east continent. If you get all of them... "

“Even if we don't get the treasure here, we are the biggest in the East." Yan Mo said, “In this way, in addition to my promise to help you kill Chief Fu Dian and their Great Witch Zhe Li of the Ding Yue, I will try my best to help you find your exiled tribesmen and help them get rid of the slave identity. Your bloodline Luo, I will also focus on cultivating him." [1] One down, one to go Chief Fu Dian is already dead

The old man was moved.

Yan Mo continued, "What is the need to kill several Ding Yue people? Your tribesmen are all dead. Instead of thinking about the dead, it's better to care about the living and wait for them to grow up alive. If they want to avenge the Ding Yue or rebuild the Gao-Cave people. As long as they find me a good reason, I will help them. "

The old man finally made up his mind, “OK! You swear by your soul, you must do what you say. If you can't do it, tribesmen and I will curse you even if we are dead!”

Yan Mo put his right hand on his chest, “I, Yan Mo, the Jiu Yuan's priest hereby swear to the gods that as long as the Great Witch of the Gao-Cave people tells me all the secrets of the land of ruins and lets me get the remaining treasures in the land of ruins, I will help him and the Gao-Cave people revenge and kill chief Fu Dian and the Great Witch Zhe Li of Ding Yue within ten years. In addition, I will try my best to find the three people living outside, help them free from slavery, and focus on cultivating Luo. If I disobey this oath, heaven and earth will not allow me rest!”

A blood red mark splits into two in the sky, entering Yan Mo and the old man's soul respectively.

Yan Mo raised his eyebrows and swore that he had never seen such a way of "Swearing". Could this special binding force be seen only in the state of soul?

Yan Mo also thought: no wonder the indigenous people in this world attach so much importance to soul oath. The world really has the power to restrain the oath.

The old man also saw the blood red oath, which made him smile for the first time, “Follow me. The holy land faked by the Ding Yue is used to attract people's eyes. Even if someone gets the news, he will think that the place where the Ding Yue people find the remains is there. "

Yan Mo secretly said that those people were cunning. The Great Witch of the Ding Yue was really cunning. He deliberately set a fire when he left, making people focus on the burnt cave.

"Why did the fire go out when it reached the hole?" Yan Mo asked the old man, “But I didn't find anything unusual at that hole."

The old man looked back. "They are deliberately using birds and animals to deceive your eyes and ears. It's their own flames going out. I heard that Witch Zhe Li said that you have the blood of the Shanyan 'Good-Words' clans and can listen to the voice of all things. Besides, you also have a Human-face Kunpeng, who is the king of all birds and animals. Wherever you go, all birds and animals should listen to his orders. When there are Human-faces Kunpeng, you can definitely hear the news that human beings cannot know from the mouth of birds and animals. They set up a lot of traps in the range of the Niutou Mountain in order to cheat you. Did you go there?”

“No, I don't know where the site is, but the approximate location can be figured out. With Luo leading the way, we came here directly." Yan Mo smiled.

"You are a good man, so the gods will bless you. You have saved Luo and found this place here directly. This is God's blessing to you and his pity for so many dead lives of our family.” The old man's eyes at Yan Mo were very tender, but soon he changed his expression, "Those Ding Yue people never thought that I could still leave my soul power after death, and guide you to come here before my last strength dissipated."

Yan Mo can't help but say a word of congratulation. By listening to the language of all creatures, he thought he could find something that others couldn't find, but he forgot that maybe someone would use this ability to cheat him. Because he never thought that the birds, animals, insects and ants would lie to him.

In fact, it is not that birds and animals will lie to him, but that humans can use their own actions to confuse their eyes.

The old man looked up at the starry sky. "What if it wasn't God's will? If you didn't bring Luo and let him be grateful to you, I won't come out to see you. "

“On the contrary, you will try to lead us away and let Luo get the real inheritance, right?" Yan Mo doesn't care about the tunnel.

The old man looked at Yan Mo with flat eyes. "Yes, I'll lead you away, but I won't let Luo inherit these things. He can't afford them or keep them. I will only let him escape into the Mountains and save his life. "

"What happened?" Yan Mo asked.

With a long sigh, the old man said an unexpected past, “Our family is actually the slave of the Bone Sculpting People. When... "

There are many slaves in the Bone Sculpting People. After the last major war, their surviving population fled to the west, and most of them were left behind.

The Gao-Cave people are also one of them, but as time goes on, no one remembers it except for the Great Witch inherited from the receiving clan.

And in the past few thousand years, even the Great Witch didn't remember it. The Gao-Cave people lived in the Mountains and forests like any ordinary tribe. Later, they began to contact with the outside world, learned the common language, learned how to train warriors, and knew what bone objects were.

But at that time they still did not know what they were guarding until eleven years ago.

"The cave we just came out of is the holy land of our family, and the spring inside is our holy spring. The Great Witch of the previous generation only told me to guard the Holy Land and spring. He didn't tell me anything else, not that he didn't say it, but that he didn't know it. We only thought that tribesmen would be blessed by their ancestors when they received the holy spring washing in the holy land. We thought that the murals on the walls were left by their ancestors. We could not understand them, did not destroy them, and did not have special protection for them."

The old man fell into memories.

“Because there is nothing in the holy land, there is only a holy spring, so except for the outsiders, my Gao-Cave people can go in and out of the holy land at will, especially those children who like to run around. When it's cool in summer, they like to stay there and play. One day, the son of the chief came to me with a group of children and said that the holy spring spewed out something like a bone or a stone.

“I took the bone and saw it. At that time, I didn't know what it was, but I thought the bone ejected by the holy spring was very precious, because its surface was very smooth, shiny and hard. Later, some visitors passed by. That winter was very cold and humid. Many children were ill. Our herbs could not cure the children, so we had to beg the visitors. I know these visitors like bones. After I take out our best fur and cured meat, and they were not satisfied, I take out that bone. "

The old man's face was full of remorse, “And this is the beginning of the killing of the Gao-Cave people!"

Later, the visitor left some medicine and left with the strange bone.

Half a year later, a group of people took the visitor to find their tribe.

Those people are Ding Yue people. After leaving their tribe, the visitors went to many places, including Ding Yue, and then the most powerful Bone Sculptor couldn't see the strange bone was caught by the Ding Yue people at a glance.

Ding Yue people wanted to let the visitors bring them more strange bones, but they refuse to do so. He guessed that this special bone must be very precious through the attitude of Ding Yue people. He wanted to go back to the Gao-Cave people and get more of these bones to the Nine Great Cities.

Ding Yue people are bandits. Seeing that the visitors are fibbing, they simply rob and kidnap the visitors, and then force them to help find the Gao-Cave people.

Until then, the visitor and the Gao-Cave people knew that the spewed bone and strange stone thing was a kind of new thing called metal. It is said that this thing is only found by the Ding Yue people at present, and it is also related to their blood ability.

In the old man's description, metal is called strange stone, and Yan Mo converted it into metal for the convenience of understanding.

After that, the Ding Yue man asked the Gao-Cave people to hand over more metals. Where could the Gao-Cave people hand over more metals?

But the Ding Yue people don't believe it. Maybe that kind of metal is really very important to them. They even put on a posture that is necessary.

If the two sides can't agree, they have to use their fists.

"The Gao-Cave people failed and were defeated. Each of them is more vicious than the wild animals. Do you think this grassland is very beautiful? But ten years ago, it was burned into a sea of fire. Those Ding Yue people are crazy! They wanted to burn us all and look for more strange stones. At that time, you don’t know how many people died in order to prevent the fire from burning the mountain?” The old man was very sad.

Yan Mo didn't know how to comfort him, and he was more vigilant to the Ding Yue people. These people can even do crazy things like burning mountain. What else can't they do?

The old man calmed down. “After the fire was put out, the Ding Yue people seized us all. In order to threaten me, in order to know where the strange stone came from, many tribesmen killed them, some of the younger ones were sold to other places as slaves, and the young women were robbed. I kept it back again and again, but there were always people who were afraid of death and pain in the family. They told the secret of the holy land, because the process of finding the strange stone was not deliberately hidden. Many tribesmen knew that the strange stone was sprayed from the holy spring. In this way, the Ding Yue Man occupied the Holy Land and began to dive under the holy spring to look for strange stones. "

"They found it?" Yan Mo asked.

The old man nodded, "They found it. One of them, Shu Yi, can control the strange stones. I didn't know until then that the stones around the holy spring were not stones, but all of them were those strange stones. But Shu Yi said that the strange stones are different from the strange stones. He said that the strange stones in the cave under the holy spring are purer and more precious."

"What else did they find besides strange stones?"

“And bone objects, a lot of bone objects." The old man is more and more sad. They just don't know that they are guarding the treasure!

"However, it seems that those Ding Yue people are not very interested in bone objects. They prefer to find the strange stones. Later, they suspected that there were good things in the opposite Niutou Mountain, so they began to hunt people everywhere as their slaves and dig Mountains for them. "

By this time, the secret of the place of remains has been solved in half.

But there are still many problems in Yan Mo, such as: "You say that you don't remember in your inheritance that you are the slaves of the Bone Sculpting People, how do you know this now? And if you are guarding such a large treasure, don't a few powerful bone objects come down after a while?”

The old man smiled bitterly and turned to walk forward. “I didn't know until I died. As for why I didn't know until I died, you will understand later. I'll take you to Niutou Mountain on the right, but it's empty."

The old man walked very fast in the grass. Yan Mo followed him all the way to Niutou Mountain on the right.

The old man reached for the mountain wall.

Yan Mo looked at the past and saw only the weeds and vines bushes on the mountain wall before meeting, without any big gap.

“Push it away." The old man beckoned.

Yan Mo wanted to say that he couldn't touch the real thing in his state, but the old man had reason to say that, so he reached out to the mountain wall.

The arm penetrated the mountain wall without any obstruction.

The old man disappeared, Yan Mo bumped into the mountain wall, his body was empty and appeared in a small space.

This is? Yan Mo's eyes glowed, the darkness receded, and he could see clearly.

There are traces of excavation on the mountain wall, which is an artificially excavated mountain road.

When the old man appeared, he saw Yan Mo's shining eyes, which seemed to envy him a little. "Your soul power is very strong."

"Thank you."

The old man patted the mountain wall and sneered, "This is the place where the Ding Yue men dug. They found the Holy Land and some left treasures in the flank of the Niutou Mountain on the left side, and they thought that there must be some on the opposite right side. They tortured me and my tribesmen, and finally found a large number of slaves to dig the flank of the Niutou Mountain on the right side. They were lucky enough to really get something out of it. "

Yan Mo asked the old man with his eyes: Do you want to go forward?

The old man shook his head. "They're not the chosen ones. They didn’t get really good things. I've brought you here so that you don't spend your time HERE tomorrow. "

"Where should I go?" Yan Mo asked with a smile.

“Come with me," the old man said again

This time they returned to the alpine meadows.

Located near Niutou Mountain on the right, there is a small mountain lake, with the water depth of no bottom, reflecting the bright moon and stars in the air.

The old man stopped at the berth. "This is the real entrance to the treasure. If you want to get all the treasure, you can only enter from here. The things in the two previous caves of Niutou Mountain are used to confuse those greedy people."

Yan Mo was surprised and thought: Even energy weapons can be used as useless things to confuse people's eyes. How valuable should the things in the lake be?

"The Ding Yue man didn't expect to dig here?"

“Of course they did! So greedy jackals dug the Niutou Mountain on both sides. How could they let go of the middle one? It's just that they didn't have enough time. They were going to get more slaves to come and empty the middle mountain, but they were defeated by you and had to leave here.” The old man looked like he was crying and laughing.

“But even if they find more people, they didn't know how to dig out the secret hidden in the mountain!" the old man's eyes suddenly become a little crazy, "They don't know, no one knows, what is buried under the mountain! That's, that's divine ability... "

The old man suddenly shuddered. He pointed to the lake. "You have to kill the chief and the witch before I could take you into the real entrance. If you didn't have me to lead the way, you will not find where the entrance is even if you steam all the lake water and dig through the mountain. But you saved my bloodline and made him not live as a miserable eunuch. I heard from the population of Ding Yue that you have killed the chief of Ding Yue. Then that is why I can take you down now. But what will happen to you when you go in? I don't know. I only know that the one who wanted to get the treasure must be the chosen one. "

Yan Mo grins, "The chosen? What are the conditions?”

“I don't know. I'm just a guide. "

Yan Mo looked down at the deep lake, and all kinds of thoughts fly around: Who’s the chosen one is it? The Bone Sculpting people? Or the Pan’a Alien Clan? What's the secret here?

He thought he was just coming to get twelve of the Godblood Stone, but he didn't think there was a bigger surprise waiting for him.

But is it really a surprise?

What if he wasn't the chosen one?