Chapter 965: The Two Three Blissful Things(7)

Bringing the Nation is Husband Home

Chapter 965: The Two Three Blissful Things(7)

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Qiao Anxia returned back to the bedroom, staring blankly at the wedding photo of her and Cheng Yang.

After about two minutes, he pushed the bedroom door open. When he caught sight of her wet hair, he frowned. "Why are you in a daze when you haven't dried your hair yet?"

Qiao Anxia was pulled back to reality. She hurriedly averted her gaze, turning to smile at Cheng Yang. She pointed to the photo. "I realized I look quite pretty."

"Hehe." Cheng Yang chuckled. He then brought her onto his lap and started to blow dry her hair.

The whooshing of the blow dryer was a steady noise.

Qiao Anxia could feel him caress her hair tenderly, warming her heart.

After drying her hair, they climbed onto bed, one after the other. Cheng Yang stretched out his arm to pull her into his embrace out of habit. This was their sign, she knew that he wanted to engage in more intimate acts. Maybe because she had been exposed to the issue of children, she wasn't in the best mood, and when he was preparing to untie her sash she hurriedly held onto his arm. "Cheng Yang, I’m a little tired."

He pressed his lips to her ear. "I'll be quick."

His hot breath spilled onto her ear, it was ticklish and sent a tinkling sensation through her. Qiao Anxia moved her head further away before saying coaxingly, "How about tomorrow? I'm really tired today."

Cheng Yang stopped, staring at her for a while. When he saw the persistence on her face, he gave up. He helped her arranged her pajamas before pulling her back into his embrace. "Okay."


As the night trickled by, Qiao Anxia remained wide awake. Beside her, Cheng Yang's breathing deepened as he fell into a deep sleep.

Qiao Anxia's head laid on his chest, she could hear his stable and strong heartbeat. Raising her head, she couldn't help glancing at his face, it was still as dashing. Gradually, her eyes started to sting.

She really wished, really really wished she could bear him a child... Regardless of whether it was a girl or a boy... He would definitely love it, he would shower the child with endless love and, most importantly, it would be the fruit of their love.

In a world full of people, she fell in love with a man but yet she wasn't able to bear him a child.

Tears streamed down her face. She moved her head further away, turning her back towards Cheng Yang before allowing herself to cry silently.


During the celebration for the twins’ 100th day, many people came forward to ask Cheng Yang when he planned to have kids.

When Qiao Anxia heard the question, her heart clenched, aching, but she still struggled to keep a warm smile on her face.

Cheng Yang hugged her shoulders beside her. With a wineglass in his other hand, he replied swiftly, "I don't have much interest in children, I would much rather have a few dogs."

"Hmph, when we were in college, I wonder who said when he was drunk that having a son and a daughter would make him a winner in life?" Cheng Yang's friend exclaimed.