Chapter 966: The Two Three Blissful Things(8)

Bringing the Nation is Husband Home

Chapter 966: The Two Three Blissful Things(8)

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"All of us have kids already, you're the only one left, you better hurry up and catch up..." A classmate one year younger than Cheng Yang downed a cup of beer before turning to Qiao Anxia. "Sis, you're pretty and Cheng Yang is handsome, you guys would certainly have superior genes. If you were to have children, I’m sure the child would look stunning. If you pick up, next year, we'll be drinking at your child's one month celebration."

Qiao Anxia's hand tightened silently, her newly done nails pushing into her palm, sending a sharp piercing pain through her, but on her face she struggled to maintain a slight smile.

Cheng Yang, who was hugging onto her shoulders sensed her tenseness. He immediately spoke up, interrupting the rambling classmate. "Enough, why don't you talk about your wife? Weren't you complaining on Wechat a while ago?"

The classmate shook his head, sighing. "What can I do? Maybe it's the seven year curse— we quarrel whenever we see each other, but thinking about separation, makes my heart feel empty..."

Everyone present was married, the earliest to marry already had a child in elementary school. The conversation seemed to strike a cord in many of those present, and Qiao Anxia managed to escape the uncomfortable conversation. She sighed inwardly, lowering her head to stare at the wineglass, her gaze turning blurry.

Initially, Cheng Yang would always tell others he was the one that didn't want children and not that she was impotent so that others wouldn't look at her differently. But as time went, and despite the countless methods she tried, she still remained unable to get pregnant. The tiny glimmer of hope in her heart started to fade, turning into despair. At the celebration, when others asked why she didn't want kids, she felt as if she was struck, starting to feel a hard to explain sense of anxiety, as though she had done something wrong.


When they came back from the celebration, it was already 4 am. Since Cheng Yang had a lot of alcohol, Qiao Anxia was the one who drove.

He seemed to be in a good mood. When he entered the bedroom, he continuously shouted, "Wifey, Xia Xia." After repeating it a few times, he started to kiss her and they successfully completed the intimate act she had refused the night before.

When everything was over, Cheng Yang fell asleep. Even though Qiao Anxia knew the chances of pregnancy were low, she still followed the position she found online that aided pregnancy.

After about half an hour, Cheng Yang's phone rang, the screen reflecting the name "Lin Wei".

Qiao Anxia knew who she was, she was a newly signed artist under Huan Ying Entertainment and had once acted alongside Cheng Yang in a movie. Even though she didn't have much lines, it was a memorable role.

Qiao Anxia also knew that Lin Wei had a thing for Cheng Yang, always trying to get close to him.

It wasn't that she was confident that he won't waver but rather she was confident he won't betray her.

Hence, she lowered the volume before dismissing the call.

She seemed to have been influenced by Cheng Yang's drowsiness, so she decided to take a short nap. By the time she woke up, it was 6 pm but Cheng Yang remained fast asleep. Qiao Anxia headed to the kitchen to prepare dinner. At that moment, she received a call.