Chapter 968: The Two Three Blissful Things(10)

Bringing the Nation is Husband Home

Chapter 968: The Two Three Blissful Things(10)

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The specialist was tending to a patient. After about half an hour, it was Qiao Anxia's turn. It was the familiar routine checkup, and at the end she sat in front of the specialist, as she looked through the report in silence. When she was finally on the last page, Qiao Anxia didn't ask the usual "How's my condition?" but rather "Is there really no hope in getting pregnant?"

The specialist stared at the report for a long while before looking up at her. "Miss Qiao, according to your current condition..."

"There's a chance of me getting pregnant?" Qiao Anxia interrupted her words, her expression calm. "But this chance is very very slim to the point it's negligible, right?"

The room fell into a silence for a long while. Just when she was suspecting that the specialist was just going to ignore her, the woman replied warmly, "Initially, the cut had penetrated quite deeply, it damaged your uterus, causing your ovaries to be damaged as well, that’s why the chance of ovulation was quite slim. After so many years of treatment, there isn't any improvement and as your age increases, the chance of getting pregnant starts to fall..." The specialist realized that she seemed to have been a little too harsh so she paused slightly before adding, "But if you really want a child, I suggest you consider adopting. It really isn't necessary for children to be biological or have blood relation. After spending time with them, your feelings will naturally deepen, forming an enviable family..."


It was lunch time by the time Qiao Anxia was done, but she didn't have any appetite. She sat in the park nearby for a long while before driving back home late into the evening.

Cheng Yang was already back. After spending the entire day to sort out her feelings, she walked to the bedroom. Cheng Yang was still in the shower, his phone casually tossed onto the bed. Qiao Anxia picked it up and saw a text from Lin Wei.

"Brother Yang, it's my birthday this Sunday. I'll be treating everyone to dinner at Golden Magnificence, would you come?"

Qiao Anxia was quite familiar with Lin Wei, she was pretty and had a mild temperament, and unlike the pampered rich girls, she didn't pursue Cheng Yang outright. Several times when she visited him at work, Lin Wei would secretly get him drinks or snacks, placing them on his chair without letting him know. She must really like him to be able to approach him without attempting to be a homewrecker.

Qiao Anxia glanced at the screen for a while before sending Lin Wei a text. Almost the instant she replied, she heard the water stop running. She didn't write anything else, deleting the evidence.


That Sunday, the weather was great. Cheng Yang had originally planned on bringing her out to play but she was busy, leaving the house.

Qiao Anxia went to the quiet coffee house in Sanlitun .Since it was late afternoon, the coffee house was rather empty, without only a few customers. She stood at the entrance, scanning the surroundings, but when no staff came forward to serve her, she walked to the innermost seat in front of Lin Wei.