Chapter 970: The Two Three Blissful Things(12)

Bringing the Nation is Husband Home

Chapter 970: The Two Three Blissful Things(12)

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Mid May was Qiao Anxia and Cheng Yang's wedding anniversary.

On the first day of it, Cheng Yang made a booking at the Rotating Restaurant. Even though he had a tight schedule to finish a film, he still managed to squeeze some time out to head back to Beijing. Before he went home to get Qiao Anxia, he specifically headed to the nearby mall and spent almost two hours to get her a gift.

He called to notify her early in the morning so she was ready by the time he came back.

At 6 pm, Cheng Yang, not having plans to stay at home, drove Qiao Anxia to the restaurant immediately.

After they ordered, he reached into his pocket and handed her the gift he’d gotten. "Happy anniversary."

Qiao Anxia broke into a bright smile. "What's that?"

Cheng Yang remained silent. Reaching over for the gift, he helped her open it up. Inside the box laid a dazzling and intricately designed diamond bracelet from Tiffany's newest collection.

Qiao Anxia had been eyeing this bracelet even before the collection was launched. She had even mentioned it to Cheng Yang once when they were on the online site.

"Do you like it?"

"I like it." Qiao Anxia held the bracelet against her wrist to make a comparison, it was better than she had expected.

Cheng Yang smiled warmly.

She placed the bracelet back into the box carefully, before reaching into her bag for a metal tin and pushing it to him. "Here's my anniversary gift for you."

It was a limited edition watch from an international brand. Cheng Yang placed it in his chest pocket carefully, securing it.

The dishes were served quickly. They chatted leisurely as they ate, the atmosphere warm and blissful.

After their meal, Cheng Yang ordered Pu'er tea. Qiao Anxia brewed it, her actions elegant and graceful.

It was late into the night, the street lights glistering outside.

Qiao Anxia sipped the tea, staring steadily at Cheng Yang before blurting abruptly, "Cheng Yang... I only have one wish in this lifetime, and that's for you to have a perfect life."

His eyes brightened, glistering. "With you, it's perfect."

Qiao Anxia lowered her head to smile shyly, turning to glance out at the night view, her gaze turning distant. From Cheng Yang's angle, she seemed to be smiling with her slightly upturned lips. After a long while, she blinked, turning back to stare at him. "Cheng Yang, you'll be happy in the future."

"You will too." My happiness originates from you and yours from me, if I'm happy, won't you be, too?

Qiao Anxia smiled, changing the topic. "It's getting late, let's foot the bill."

Cheng Yang nodded, signaling the waiter. When he turned to swipe his card, Qiao Anxia poured another two cups of tea, throwing a tiny pill into one of them.

When he was done, she was was still staring at the cup of tea. By then, the pill had already dissolved, leaving the cup of tea no different from before.

"Finish the tea before we leave." Qiao Anxia glanced up, bringing the cup towards him.

Cheng Yang didn't object, lowering his head to finish tea.