1109 The Combination of the Thirty-six Maps of Access to Heaven!

Gate of God

Stuck because of the mud!

No matter how powerful he was, he should not be able to escape, right?

Ping Yang felt hopeful when she saw Chi You being dragged down by the mud. After all, this was common sense.

However, as compared to Ping Yang, none of Fang Zhengzhi and Chi Guyan, as well as Yun Qingwu could relax. All of them were waiting.

"This… Do we still have to wait?" Ping Yang was very confused.

However, at this moment, the black mud suddenly moved crazily as though something was about to emerge from it.

"Why did this happen?!" Ping Yang was shocked.

"It's the destruction of all living things. Although Chi You was unable to use strength in the mud, he can destroy it directly!" said Chi Guyan.

"That works too? What…" Ping Yang fell speechless.

As explained by Chi Guyan, if Chi You destroyed the mud directly using the Dao of all Destruction, he did not even need to use strength at all.

"Coexistence of water and mud!" Chi Guyan's voice was heard again.



A patch of black soil and blue storm appeared in the Five Elements Formation again.

The destruction of all living things.

She wanted to see which was faster — destruction or creation.

Evidently, Yun Qingwu did not mind dragging this on with Chi You. She continued creating new things in the Five Elements Formation as Chi You destroyed them.


The Godly Beasts and demons stared at the black mud which shrunk and expanded continuously. They could tell Yun Qingwu's plan by now.

However, was she able to beat Chi You?

This question was a no-brainer as the answer was a definite 'no'.

Fang Zhengzhi knew this the best. Therefore, Yun Qingwu should know that too.

However, Fang Zhengzhi did not say anything.

That was because he knew that if the Five Elements Formation could not defeat Chi You, then nothing else in the world would be able to defeat him.

"Nangong Mu, are you going to keep hiding?" As everyone was waiting for Yun Qingwu to take the next step, Yun Qingwu suddenly asked.



The Godly Beasts and demons were surprised.

Ping Yang and Yan Xiu were shocked and did not understand what Yun Qingwu meant.

After all, Nangong Mu was in the same team as everyone else.

Moreover, the right to control the Five Elements Formation was never on Nangong Mu but on Yun Qingwu.

Nangong Mu…

What did he hide?!

"What… what are you talking about?" Nangong Mu's expression changed slightly.

"If you want to continue fighting with Chi You, you should know what I am referring to," continued Yun Qingwu as she narrowed her eyes.

"How do you… know?" Nangong Mu was extremely surprised when he heard this.

"There's no other possibility," Yun Qingwu's answer was very simple.

"…" Nangong Mu fell silent.

However, Fang Zhengzhi's eyes suddenly lit up.

That was because he had figured out what Yun Qingwu was asking.

Thirty-six Maps of Access to Heaven!

He had always thought that the last four Maps of Access to Heaven were with Yun Qingwu and hence neglected another person, Nangong Mu.

Now that he thought about it…

He knew.

Some of the Maps of Access to Heaven were lost in the battle twenty years ago.

After the war, the Radiant Moon Empire, Holy Barbarian Empire and War Pinnacle Empire obtained four of the Thirty-six Maps of Access to Heaven and all of those were with him now.

Also, he obtained nine Maps of Access to Heaven in the Heaven Dao Pavilion.

This was easy to be understood as the Great Xia Dynasty had all along being protected by the Heaven Dao Pavilion and was the closest to the Heaven Dao Pavilion.

It seemed like the Great Xia Dynasty of Great Xia Dynasty had been injured after the battle. They donated nine Maps of Access to Heaven in exchange for the protection.

Meanwhile, the reason behind the close relation of Heaven Dao Pavilion and the Great Xia Dynasty was related to the nine Maps of Access to Heaven.

Nine of the Maps of Access to Heaven belonged to Heaven Dao Pavilion.

Therefore some of the other sects would not snatch with the Great Xia Dynasty.

Of course, there was a special sect.

It was none other than the Lingyun Tower!

Lingyun Tower was the direct participant.

By right, there were many Maps of Access to Heaven in the Lingyun Tower.

However, in reality, the core of the battle was caused by Qian Yu. Therefore, judging from her personality as the ex-Tower Master of the Lingyun Tower, she would never eye on the Maps of Access to Heaven.

The remaining sects were Yin Yang Hall, Nine Pinnacles Mountain and Fu Xi Valley.

Fang Zhengzhi did not know how many Maps of Access to Heaven they had. However, he knew that they did not have a lot.

Yun Qingwu had once controlled the Nine Pinnacles Mountain.

Therefore, even if they had the Maps of Access to Heaven, they were taken by Yun Qingwu within the six months of her search.

After all, the Monster Race and Demon Race had the absolute advantage then and ruled over the world for six months.

In this period of time, Yun Qingwu made use of the opportunity to search.

However, after the great search, he still could not find the remaining four of the Maps of Access to Heaven.

Where was it?!

It would definitely be a mystery in the past.

However now, this mystery was resolved.

Knowing the truth of the Great War and being able to find the Thirty-six Maps of Access to Heaven, moreover, being so secretive that nobody knew.

This amount of effort…

Only the Nangong Nobles could do it.

"The last four Maps of Access to Heaven is with you, right? Nangong Mu!" After figuring it out, Fang Zhengzhi asked.

"Yes." Nangong Mu finally nodded. "The Nangong Nobles had indeed obtained four of the Maps of Access to Heaven twenty years ago. They are with me now."

"Then why aren't you taking them out?" Ping Yang asked impatiently.

Meanwhile, Yan Xiu and Chi Guyan kept quiet. They knew that Nangong Mu did not take them out previously because of the grievances he had with Fang Zhengzhi.

As for now…

They could not force Nangong Mu if he did not want to take them out.

"Fang Zhengzhi, you already have 32 of them?" Nangong Mu asked after biting his lips.

"Yes." Fang Zhengzhi nodded.

"Alright, I will hand over the remaining hope to you!" Nangong Mu whipped out a metal box.

It was a box identical to that of what Yun Qingwu gave Fang Zhengzhi.

Fang Zhengzhi could tell immediately. As the descendant of Emperor Yan in the Nangong Nobles, they had the same way to find the Maps of Access to Heaven.

The box was immediately thrown to Fang Zhengzhi.

"The last four Maps of Access to Heaven? What on earth is that used for? You should know by now, right?" Fang Zhengzhi opened the box and his eyes lit up.

According to legends, the Maps of Access to Heaven was left behind by Mother Earth.

It used to be kept by Emperor Huang Xuanyuan.

Now that all of the Maps of Access to Heaven were present, nobody knew how powerful they were.

"Buzz!" A beam of radiance surged out from Fang Zhengzhi's body.

A roll of painting unrolled above his head. It was none other than the "Guangling Painting" that Yun Qingwu pieced together earlier on.



The thunder rumbled.

A few bolts of lightning appeared in the sky when the Guangling Painting appeared.

Meanwhile, four beams of radiance surged out from Fang Zhengzhi's metal box. It merged towards the Guangling Painting like meteor.

Yun Qingwu had already deduced the sequence of the Guangling Painting.

The Guangling Painting looked like a painting with immense attractive force. In a blink of an eye, it merged with the four beams of radiance.

"Buzz!" A powerful force flowed out.

The Guangling Painting glowed crazily and a godly sound echoed in the sky as though spirits were singing. The entire atmosphere seemed to have stopped.

At this moment, Chi You's head suddenly appeared from the mud.

"Hmm? This is… Maps of Access to Heaven?" Chi You's gaze froze when he saw the Guangling Painting that lit up above his head.


"Thirty-six Maps of Access to Heaven?!"

"What? It is Mother Earth's…"

After seeing this, the Godly Beasts and demons widened their eyes.


The Five Elements Formation shook violently.

After the Maps of Access to Heaven fused, thousands of beams of rays shot out from the Maps of Access to Heaven and formed faint shadows.

36 faint shadows!

Every faint shadow was wearing a white dress. They were holding swords, spears, sabers, for visiting.

Some were excited, some were exclaiming, some were exhilarated, and some were in disbelief.

That was because none of them expected Fang Zhengzhi and the rest to kill Chi You, the number one ancient Demon God.a type of chinese instrument