1609 Space’s broken! Shi Yan gets out!

God of Slaughter

By the time the Absolute Beginning Era ended, Desolate had been wounded so severely that he had to stay dormant, his body dismembered. Staying in Desolate Continent, his host soul had slept for quite a long time.

While sleeping, as he had made Desolate continent his resting place, it had been affected by his consciousness. Slowly, it became a refined divine weapon, a supernatural one!

It had become a lethal weapon with his power Upanishads and Life Seal! The Desolate Continent fell from the sky with an energy fluctuation that made Sauron shiver like a leaf.

At that moment, his face changed greatly. As he shouted, his finger placed on the gray string cracked: his bone was broken!

The ring slid out of the finger, falling on the rough, gray string.


Desolate's ancient dragon body had an explosion in the head as if an earthquake had just taken place there. His host soul was struck hard, which made him dizzy.

Deep in his eyes, complicated dragon scaled patterns arose, which looked like a net that had tied his soul altar down.

He couldn't gather more energy to pump to Desolate Continent to maintain its attack. However, the Desolate Continent was still falling like a massive iron ball, falling toward Sauron with an unceasing momentum.

Sauron's human body was even smaller than an ant compared to the Desolate Continent. As he was busy suppressing Desolate's string of fate, he didn't duck the falling Desolate Continent, which was like a mass of clouds that could swallow the entire world.

At this moment, Desolate's string of fate was pressed, but Sauron couldn't dodge the attack anymore…

Seeing the disaster falling on his head, Sauron pressed another finger on another string on the same page of the scriptures, hissing, "Take it for me!"


The giant Absolute Beginning body of Yuan had been blown far away because of Desolate's previous shockwave. While he hadn't had the time to recover, his soul was struck. While shrilling, he couldn't resist the forced command. He brought his shell, which was bigger and tougher than Desolate Continent, dashing toward the falling Desolate Continent.


Desolate Continent fell, furiously colliding with Yuan's turtle shell. Lights of colliding energy rippled that naked eyes could see. They expanded and shot everywhere, making the void explode continually.

Yuan screeched again, his voice shaking the void. His giant turtle body balled as the head and limbs retracted into the shell. Yuan's shell that looked like a vast continent had a clear dent while he quivered continually, as he was wounded horribly.

Sauron's countenance didn't change, but he actually exhaled in relief. Yuan had shielded one attack for him with the price of his self being hurt badly.

Anyway, Sauron didn't care about Yuan, Han Tian, and the others even if they were to be struck to death. To him, as long as he was safe, he could sacrifice anybody. At the moment Yuan was shrieking and shivering, Sauron quietly left the area covered by Desolate Continent with the scripture in his hands.

"Hit him harder!"

Sauron sent another order while running away. Han Tian, Rupert, and the others were struck away by Desolate's energy shockwave. However, they couldn't control their soul altars. Seeming like gory marionettes, they were burning their lives like moths heading toward a flame as they stormed toward Desolate, regardless of their lives once again. 

Blood dripped down their bodies; Han Tian's body was burning not only on his skin, but in his blood and bones. His vitality was draining and weakening fast…

Rupert and Serene Prison were in the same condition…

They were paying with their lives, trying to stop Desolate no matter what!

Sauron, under Desolate's frightening threat, looked like a maniac with his red eyes. All the tricks he had prepared for Shi Yan were applied on Desolate now.

"He's actually an intrepid and ambitious person!"

Desolate's eyes suddenly projected on the Desolate Continent, and the continent that had fallen on Yuan's turtle shell looked as if it had just received more energy, floating up instantly. While Sauron and Yuan didn't have the time to parry, it pounded again, hitting Yuan's shell hard.

The continent built on Yuan's shell was completely shattered, and Yuan's body was hurt tremendously. His hovering body couldn't stand Desolate Continent's hammering, falling directly onto the space mirror along with a terrifying screeching and crying.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The space mirror already had many cracks on it, and it was broken this time as it couldn't stand the impact. Yuan's massive body immediately got through the mirror, falling into the dark area that no one knew.

"It's broken!"

"He went through!"

"The two tiers are connected!"

Serene Prison, Han Tian, and Rupert screamed. As their souls were controlled, they couldn't go against Sauron's orders, but their cognition still worked. While attacking Desolate, they noticed the changes in the surroundings.

Sauron and Desolate were baffled for a while because of that incident, turning their focus on that space mirror.

They all knew that mirror was the shape of the Space Power Upanishad Origin, also being the barrier separating the tier of Power Upanishads and the Sea of Consciousness, the Power Upanishad Origin Shi Yan was fusing with. As the mirror was broken, Yuan and Desolate Continent had fallen through, and the barrier between the two tiers was gone. It meant that they could directly plunge into the next tier! 

Sauron's finger that was pressing Desolate's string of fate relaxed for a while as he wanted to spend part of his power to cope with the incident.

Desolate did the same, blowing as if he was shooing flies. Serene Prison, Han Tian, and Rupert were blown away from Desolate's body as if they were in a crazy storm.

"Shi Yan! He has not gotten out yet!" Desolate looked at the hole that had just broken open on the space mirror while screaming. His scream rolled up deadly lightning balls, shelling through that hole like a meteor shower.


All of a sudden, Yuan's fearful and outraged howl came through the hole. He sounded like he was having the worst nightmare of his life. He reacted even more terrifyingly than the time Desolate had pounded on him. His roaring and howling were of a beast who was in the most hopeless situation, which rose the hair on the back of people's napes.

"What's happened?"

Everyone had this thought as they pulled themselves together and observed. Desolate and Sauron stopped fighting, looking down skeptically as they didn't know what kind of torment Yuan had to endure down there.

"Get out here!"

Desolate hovered for seconds, then impatiently swung his dragon claw into the void.

Desolate Continent was like a massive, iron ball that went through the broken hole of the mirror, returning to the tier of power Upanishads where the others were staying. Without waiting for the others to react, Desolate snorted, "I do want to see what the heck you are doing there!"

The Desolate Continent pounded one more time!

This time, it didn't aim at Sauron, but the cracked space mirror. A horrible noise that could shatter the soul sounded: the space mirror had almost completely collapsed.

Countless broken space shards shattered and scattered around like sharp swords or broken glass, as a tremendously large cave appeared underneath.

Those space shards with the aura of the Power Upanishad Origin were like sharp space sabers that could twist and change their own trajectory, shooting toward the dark void.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Noises of sharp objects thrusting into flesh arose underneath, together with Yuan's earth-shaking shrill.

Because the mirror was broken, people's vision wasn't hindered anymore. They stooped and became dazed.

They finally saw Yuan's giant body, which was covered in broken space pieces. Yuan was stabbed, his flesh and blood messing. It looked like he had just undergone the ten-thousand-blade punishment. There were so many deep wounds on his body that people could even see his bones. His blood streamed like rivers from his wounds!

After that, they recognized those blood rivers were running down to Yuan's stomach. As they were so bewildered, they changed their angle of view to see what was underneath Yuan's belly…

"Oh my God! That's Shi Yan! Shi Yan's tearing Yuan's body to eat him!"

Serene Prison of the Soul Clan was scared beyond his wits, his face pale.

Previously, Yuan's shell had hindered their eyes so they couldn't see anything. But this time when they changed their angle, they saw the real situation.

Shi Yan's Absolute Beginning body was hovering by Yuan's stomach. He was covered in scale armor; savage spikes jutted out of his elbows, knees, and shoulders like rows of sharp swords, revealing his coldness and sharpness. They carried the power of the Space Power Upanishad Origin that could cut everything!

Shi Yan was like a towering giant whose fingernails were as sharp and cold as sabers. At this moment, his ten fingernail-sabers were thrusting deep into Yuan's stomach, tearing a big hole so he could eat his flesh and drink his blood!

This image was too bloody and cruel to see!

"He…He's eating Yuan!"

"My goodness! Is he crazy?"

"Too cruel, too bloody! He seized the chance when Yuan got hurt to attack. He's eating Yuan alive!"

Everybody could see this scene as they paled and shivers were sent down their spines. They all looked aghast, with a deep fearful countenance.

At this moment, Shi Yan was like a demon, a flesh-eating demon in their eyes!

Sauron wasn't an exception. He changed his face and smacked his tongue discreetly.

Desolate was the only one who didn't look different. He looked at people with his mocking eyes, snorting.

"It's not worth being surprised. His Devouring clone isn't here. If he wants to take Yuan's power, he can only suck his blood. That's how he's getting stronger. In our time, we all did that. I ate them or they would have eaten me. But until now, I've always been the eater!"

"Did you think Yuan has never done this? He has Lizard's smell, which means he ate Lizard! And now, as he's being eaten, he knows the pain and fear as well. Seems like he hasn't changed his cowardice a bit even though he has lived for another era."