1610 Insufficien

God of Slaughter

The battles between the Absolute Beginning creatures were really brutal and bloody, since it was like how wild beasts used their teeth and claws to clash, bumping and banging into each other with their flesh and blood!

The creatures in the current era didn't see the Absolute Beginning creatures very often. As they didn't live in that time, they could never imagine how savagely bloody those battles were. Thus, seeing Shi Yan in his Absolute Beginning body and using his teeth and fingernails to tear and eat Yuan's flesh, everybody was petrified.

They were so scared that their souls shivered!

Only Desolate thought that it wasn't a problem. In his eyes, a real battle between the Absolute Beginning creatures should be like that!


Yuan's screech was piercing, and could even reach people's bones and numb their scalp. Absolute Beginning blood still streamed terrifyingly from his body, carrying the immense, magical energy.

That power could transform the Absolute Beginning body and make up for the errors during evolution!

Actually, the Absolute Beginning creatures like Yuan, Desolate, Hui, and Devour hadn't had their current degree of body development during the primitive time. They had transformed their bodies and quenched their bones step by step after each breakthrough, and after taking in the blood of the other creatures. Eventually, their bodies had become powerfully tenacious like right now.

They had almost reached the utmost development of the creature's form!

Blurp! Blurp!

Shi Yan in his Absolute Beginning form was crazily drinking the blood from Yuan. As soon as that essence blood entered his stomach and merged with his blood, it seemed to fill and mend the flaws in his cells, veins, marrow, and the entire body, promoting his body to a higher form of life.

Rumors said that if a creature was strong enough to get all of the essence blood from all Absolute Beginning creatures, that one could resume Absolute Beginning's appearance!

That creature could appear in the world in Absolute Beginning's ultimate and perfect shape!

Unfortunately, until now, no one had ever succeeded in that. Desolate had the greatest chance, but Hui and Devour had joined hands to disturb him. He had failed when he was almost there; afterward, he had sunk into a long, long slumber.

Swallowing the condensed blood with even some broken blood veins, Shi Yan's body began to change significantly. His saber-mountain-like spikes had grown further, which were so thick and sharp that they could tear even the void.

Previously, Shi Yan was hiding in the Space Power Upanishad Origin to calmly absorb the Space Power Upanishad Origin, focusing wholeheartedly. He didn't notice that Desolate and Sauron had arrived until they began to fight each other terrifyingly. He got a vague feeling at that time, but he didn't think much, just trying his best to absorb the Space Power Upanishad Origin.

When Desolate shattered the space mirror and Yuan fell after the Desolate Continent hit him hard, Shi Yan woke up, recognizing an amazing encounter!

As Sauron was confining Yuan's soul altar, he could only use his turtle shell to defend. Since he was used to shield attacks continually, he was wounded severely. At the moment he fell, he was the weakest, because his soul was tied and he couldn't urge all of his power.

Being given this opportunity, he immediately stopped the fusion with Space Power Upanishad Origin and transformed into his Absolute Beginning body to hit Yuan from underneath!

The most vulnerable spot in Yuan's body was his belly. As he wasn't vigilant, he was pierced through, bleeding terribly.

Yuan was like an unguarded feast in front of his hungry eyes that invited him to tear and swallow!

Shi Yan, of course, wasn't polite. He dug in immediately, making Yuan screech in agony. Since the latter's soul altar was controlled, he couldn't gather all of his power to get rid of the former. 

Desolate had summoned the Desolate Continent, which then smashed the cracked space mirror. Since those broken pieces had a subtle connection with Shi Yan earlier, he had made them sharp knives that cut more open wounds on Yuan's body to bring out more blood.

"Free the soul!"

As Sauron saw the situation, his face changed, gathering and changing his power to release Yuan.


Just like an invisible rope that had been cut off, Yuan's restriction was lifted instantly!

"Shi Yan! I want to eat you alive! I want to chew you off!"

Yuan's roaring and grunting arose, rolling around as he was struggling hard; his gushing blood now ran backward into his body. Amidst the torrential, splashing sounds of seawater waves, a heavy energy exploded in his body. Countless clear water drops bombarded on Shi Yan, pushing him downward.

He had finally escaped Shi Yan's cannibal attack.

"Thank you!"

Blood dripped from Shi Yan's mouth, giving him a gruesome appearance, especially when he grinned fiendishly. He sank, proactively lengthening the distance from Yuan.

Sauron looked stern as soon as he saw Shi Yan, his hand hurriedly flipping through the pages as he was trying to search for the latter's string of fate. However, even though they weren't far away from each other, he couldn't find Shi Yan's string. Sauron stooped to watch and asked in an odd voice, "I'm really curious. Where are you from after all?"

"I want you to die!"

At this moment, Yuan was totally maniacal. He roared, trying to plunge and kill Shi Yan.

"Some words for you…Control your dog! I suppose we should join hands to cope with Desolate first. He's strong enough to slaughter all of us. I think you've just tasted his ferocity." Shi Yan bared his teeth in a smile, lifting his head to watch the space mirror that hadn't shattered completely.


The massive mirror under people's feet was completely shattered, sending many broken pieces away.

Billions of space fragments turned into space sabers, slashing at Desolate. At the same time, Shi Yan shouted, "Sauron! If you want to live, you have to deal with Desolate with me! When he dies, you and I can continue our fight!

Sauron wore a calm face. Taking a deep breath, he hissed, "I have the same idea!"

He was considering Shi Yan as his primary target. However, seeing Desolate's intimidation, he changed his mind, turning his spear toward Desolate!

It was because he didn't feel the power from Shi Yan's body that could scare him out of his wits, and he assumed that Devour had eaten Shi Yan's Devouring clone.

He thought that at this moment, Desolate was more threatening than Shi Yan. As long as they joined hands and killed Desolate, he was confident that Yuan, Han Tian, Serene Prison, and himself were enough to kill Shi Yan!

"Get back to Desolate! Kill him!" cried Sauron.

Serene Prison, Han Tian, Rupert, Montecie, and Dracula didn't have another choice as their souls were restrained. They lifted their heads and moved forward, continuing to burn their lives and souls to attack Desolate. They had promoted all of their powers as if they wanted to kill themselves altogether with Desolate.

And this time, they were aided by the sharp pieces of broken space everywhere above their heads! They were the sharpest weapons in this world!

At the same time, Yuan was strong-armed as well, so he had to turn and attack Desolate, moving forward regardless of his life.

Poor Yuan couldn't even take revenge for Shi Yan's bloody attack since Sauron had forced him to join Shi Yan and kill Desolate.

"Hahaha! You're really smart! Sauron, you're truly Sauron!" laughed Shi Yan.

"You only have the Space power Upanishad, and you haven't finished taking in the Space Power Upanishad Origin. Do you really think you can be the key and finish everything?"

Desolate pulled a harsh and cold face. Looking at energy attacks, seals, and bunches of lights filling the sky, he was indifferent and fearless.

"Kill me? You're insufficient!"