1611 Desolate’s Greatest Extreme Ancient Extinguishing Technique

God of Slaughter

The fragments that shot out from the shattered space mirror were extremely sharp like sabers they could pierce through the territory barriers and all solid matter. This sharpest attack in the world was cast by the strongest lances of Space Power Upanishad Origin!

Billions of space fragments had formed a sea of saber lights. It was more like tens of thousands of hedgehogs shooting their spikes at the same time!

Shi Yan laughed arrogantly, transforming into his savage Absolute Beginning body. His ten fingers grabbed Desolate's dragon body like the earth-tearing sabers.

Yuan, also in his Absolute Beginning form, had stopped bleeding, but Sauron had tied his soul once again. As a result, he involuntarily roared and dashed out. Yuan's giant body with a serpent head and a turtle body twisted, releasing water bubbles that were as big as entire planets.

These bubbles were so massive, but they all looked murky, with soul energy and vitality fluctuating inside. They all looked like Yuan's clones or eggs. Those turbid bubbles were controlled, emitting sounds of rapidly rushing water which terrified people greatly.

After a cluster of massive bubbles was created, Yuan looked as if half of his spirit, energy, and Qi were taken away.

Desolate was indifferent. However, when he saw the bubbles heading toward his savage dragon body, he looked stern for the first time. "Chaos Water Soul Bead! It's the mucus from Absolute Beginning's body after he died. You found and refined it already?"

"I didn't find it. It was produced by my spirit, Qi, and soul combined with my power Upanishad, blood, and marrow." The body with a serpent head and a turtle shape was significantly weakened, and its size had also reduced. "As I can produce that thing, it speaks up for the fact that we were originated from him. I was the sweat or the steam from his body. Slowly, I gained consciousness and soul, ascending into a creature. We are…parts of the giant body that had broken that year!"

No one knew why Yuan said that, because he was an Absolute Beginning creature under Sauron's control or because he had foreseen the last day of his life. No matter what, his words shocked people greatly.

Han Tian was burning his body, using his giant, flaming body to attack Desolate. But at this moment, he was perplexed.

Serene Prison was also a brutal soul, swallowing all the brutal souls he had refined in his life. Hearing Yuan, he also looked bewildered.

Rupert, Montecie, Dracula, and Forefather Dragon Lizard wore a stiff and blank face as they were shocked because of Yuan's words.

Even Sauron, the one who controlled Fate's principle, was shocked!

"After the Absolute Beginning Era collapsed, you didn't go dormant. Seems like you've found interesting things as you've been living through another era…"

Desolate contemplated on Yuan's words, his eyes understanding the situation. While talking, he turned his dragon head toward Han Tian, who was coming with a thousand-miles-wide fire sea. Han Tian himself was a burning man emitting a terrifying heat.

Unfortunately, Desolate didn't really consider him worthy of attention.

"You didn't get the Fire Power Upanishad Origin, and you are only at the Second Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm. You're not a threat to me."

Desolate's massive head and long tail emitted a cold air. Thick, white mist of extreme coldness blew and extinguished Han Tian's sea of fire, which he had cast by burning his life. All the flames were neutralized by the cold air that naked eyes could observe.

Han Tian's flames were put out, revealing his red-iron body.

White masses of cold air gathered without dispersing, forming a sparkling hand and grabbing Han Tian.


Han Tian's body was exploded, his red-iron body shattered into pieces.

A cold air covered Han Tian's soul altar and cooled it down instantly. Han Tian's vitality was extinguished shortly, falling into the dark space underneath.

Desolate had killed Han Tian, but he didn't do anything to the space fragments which were aiming at him. Those pieces could break the space, but it could only leave some small cuts on his dragon body. No drop of blood was shed.

His dragon eyes had a gleam of ridicule. "You also cultivate the Life power Upanishad. Of course, you know how terrific and fast the recovery of an expert with Life power Upanishad could be…" 

While talking, an immense life energy emitted from the wounds on his body. People could see a green life energy emitted from the luxuriant ancient tree's branches, healing and mending all the cuts caused by shards of broken space.

At this moment, Yuan's bubble hadn't reached Desolate yet.

Everything happened in just a split second; Desolate received the attack from the space shards, killed Han Tian, and recovered his wounds. As people were in a daze, his giant body that seemed like so many connecting mountain ranges twisted and meandered. The others could see his dragon head in the sky, but they couldn't see his tail…

All kinds of energy fluctuations became fierce and clear on his body, his eyes looking stern.

At that moment, Sauron took action again!

At this moment, he wore the ring made of the Roulette of Fate on his thumb which was oozing blood, running directly to the ring. It seemed to have a force that guided the trickle of blood to move toward the last page of the Scriptures of Fate, dripping on the toughest gray string there.

It was Desolate's string of fate!


Sauron's thumb exploded and the ring returned to the shape of the Roulette of Fate, flying away.


Desolate screeched in pain. His dragon head arose, his body twisting hard; but still, no one could see his tail.

"KILL!" Yuan cried crazily, and the bubbles of his Chaos Water Soul Bead accelerated. As Desolate was groaning and grunting, they entered his body through the gaps between his scales.

Serene Prison, Rupert, Montecie, Forefather Dragon Lizard, and Dracula advanced again with a restrained soul altar, trying to kill the other altogether.

"Well done!"

Shi Yan shouted, his face and body fearless and ferocious. He then used ten fingers, thrusting them into Desolate's dragon neck like sabers.

Sauron, Yuan, Serene Prison, Rupert, and Shi Yan, all the experts here had joined hands tacitly to attack Desolate. After Han Tian was killed, they all stormed forward as Sauron made them. In this moment, they were cooperating to kill the overlord of the Absolute Beginning Era—Desolate, the God of War—who had never been defeated throughout billions of years!

"Immense heaven and earth…Mysterious universe…Millions of species…Ultimate Great Desolate!"

The dragon's roar sounded ancient but majestic, the imposing emotions of the Absolute Beginning Era emitting from each section of Desolate's dragon body. Each sound seemed to contain an attribute of magical Power Upanishads. This piece of melody rolled around, bringing all the strange Power Upanishads together to create a great, ultimate Power Upanishad that the history must behold.

Two sparkling gold Absolute Beginning symbols flew out of Desolate's eyes, which read "Desolate" and "Ancient." From his body came two words "Extreme" and "Greatest", and from the tail that no one could see flew out the symbols of "Extinguish" and "Technique"…

The symbols together with the sounds had created so many power Upanishads, slowly congregating in Desolate's body. They linked up together, creating a meaningful sentence.

"Desolate's Greatest Extreme Ancient Extinguishing Technique!"


World-shaking thunderclaps came from Desolate's body, and Desolate Territory that had disappeared for a long time now emerged!

Attacks created by so many Power Upanishads shot of the Desolate Territory. Mountains rolled like fiery hammers while the rivers and lakes shot water arrows into the sky. The stars in the sky weaved together, creating a terrifying net. The ancient, towering trees became rattan monsters while the earth giving birth to beasts and earthy dragons. At the same time, the snow created a furious storm.

Billions of creatures living on countless planets died, becoming pure energy for the planets and making them the keenest weapons.

Giant asteroids also flew out of Desolate Territory, some of which seemed to have their own consciousness. They came with the terrifying potential to kill all creatures, disappearing into the gaps between the dragon scales, which was also the place the Chaos Water Soul Bead had intruded in Desolate's body.

"Extinguish earth and heaven…Creatures perish!"

Desolate twisted its horrifying body and the Absolute Beginning symbols "Desolate's Extreme Greatest Extinguishing Technique" cracked again inside the world-destroying energy. They restructured into even bigger symbols with the mysterious and lethal energy, descending rumblingly.

Serene Prison was now in a spectacular soul form after he had swallowed all the brutal souls. But as soon as he came near Desolate's dragon body, the word "Extinguish" covered him, leaving Serene Prison with no life energy or soul energy remaining.

Meanwhile, Rupert and Forefather Dragon Lizard had the gray word "Extreme" shrouding them. They were skinned alive, and eventually, their bodies were cut into pieces of bones.

Dracula and Montecie shrieked, wanting to leave instinctively. No matter how hard they struggled, they couldn't avoid the word "Extinguish" above their heads. When that word lowered, they exploded, leaving nothing but dust.

The others Sauron had controlled couldn't escape the Absolute Beginning symbols. They all perished, their soul vanishing in the void.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The terrifying explosions arose from Desolate's giant dragon body like the universe caving in. It seemed that the Chaos Water Soul Bead in his body had been destroyed by the life stars. They collided and created earth-destroying shockwaves as Desolate's body twisted and rolled harder. Eventually, some terrifying wounds appeared on the dragon; his flesh exploded, looking like protruding flesh mountains.

It was unexpected that the Chaos Water Soul bead was so powerful. It was the essence of Yuan's soul, spirit, and energy that was produced after a long time. It was worthy as it could hurt Desolate terribly!

Big blocks of meat exploded and shot away from Desolate's giant body. Yuan, who was so tired underneath, suddenly had his eyes brightened as he tried to open his mouth and swallow those blocks of meat.

They were the essence of Desolate's body and blood! To him, it was the sacred tonic that could recover his wounds!

However, someone was even faster than him!

Shi Yan was forced to dodge the ultimate power of Desolate's Greatest Extreme Ancient Extinguishing Technique, but now, he took action before Yuan could. He grabbed the bleeding meat and swallowed it directly without even chewing.