1612 Absolute Beginning’s Soul Consciousness

God of Slaughter

The thick smell of blood stormed into people's nostrils while pieces of bleeding meat that even had dragon veins and tendons were now moving in Shi Yan's body, bringing him thick life energy like a flood. Drops of blood with magical energy meted into Shi Yan's body and blood, augmenting his life form.

A pleasure he couldn't describe arose in his heart, making his pores open joyfully.


The Absolute Beginning creature Yuan with his serpent head and turtle body roared indignantly and hopelessly when he saw Shi Yan swallow the meat blocks from Desolate. Looking at his satisfied face and blood trickling down his mouth, Yuan was so angry that he thought he could explode at any moment now.

The Chaos Water Soul Bead was created from Yuan's soul, blood, Soul Consciousness, God power, and power Upanishad—It was Yuan's last resort. As he used it to hit Desolate hard, he hoped to explode Desolate's body and seize the chance to eat his flesh and recover. He couldn't believe that the fruits of his labor were plundered right in front of him.

If his soul altar weren't confined by Sauron, he would destroy Shi Yan even if he had to kill himself in doing that.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Desolate's billions-of-miles-long body resounded with millions of thunderclaps while his eyes rolled as he roared and howled crazily. All of a sudden, his dragon tail, which no one knew where it had reached, sprang back with a horrendously brutal power.

The dragon tail was like a massive rod that whipped Shi Yan's ferocious giant body hard. The sharp and tough spikes on Shi Yan's body were broken under that whip.

Shi Yan's Absolute Beginning body was blown into the dark and deep void, bleeding severely.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

His bones cracked, making people frightened; his extremely tenacious body had almost shattered.

Shi Yan spurted a mouthful of blood, which then turned into a dark blood orb in front of him. The energy moved inside that blood orb was terrifying!

As he was falling, his eyes had many space cracks in front of it. It seemed a hand had grabbed the blood orb that flew out of his body, pulling it back to him and disappearing into his body inaudibly like a drop of water merging with the sea.

"All of you have to turn into dust here! No one can escape alive!"

Desolate's bellow shook the sky, echoing in every corner of the world. He had thrown himself into a brutal frenzy as his giant body twisting terrifyingly.

Countless dragon scales rattled strangely like the sounds of wind blowing through a forest with a rhythm. Countless horrible wounds on his body closed quickly while his blood ran backward into his body, leaving no drops outside. Instantly, Desolate had returned to his supreme condition without a scratch.

Seeing this, Sauron panicked; his thumb had exploded, and the Roulette of Fate flew away uncontrollably to hit the string of fate with all of his power. At the same time, Shi Yan, Yuan, Han Tian, and Serene Prison had joined hands to form an invincible force, but they still couldn't kill Desolate!

At that moment, Shi Yan's Absolute Beginning body was struck to the void below, and Yuan was wounded terrifyingly, almost draining his whole energy to fight. Serene Prison, Han Tian, Rupert, Montecie, and the others, whose soul altars were controlled, had also perished. To himself, because of this formidable hit, his power was reduced greatly.

It seemed as if Desolate didn't bear any attack.

A reluctant desperation arose in Sauron's heart uncontrollably. Looking at Desolate's mighty dragon form, he felt hopeless, as if Desolate was unbeatable, and would stay invincible forever.

As soon as this thought churned in him, he was dispirited as if he had lost his faith in his victory. This had also weakened his aura.

"You're scared now?"

Many halos radiated from Desolate's dragon scales with different bright colors, including sparkling gold, white silver, deep blue, lime, red-orange, and others. The solemn, divine halos covered him as his dragon eyes observed around, looking at Sauron, his voice sounding cold. "Do you think you can control my soul fate when you have my string of fate and kill me? With only your power? Harrumph!"

"Compared to Hui and Devour, your realm and power aren't inferior. However, you don't have a powerful body! You want to build your own world with that fragile body? Are you sleep-talking?"

Then, Desolate opened his dragon mouth, in which light rolled and gathered, shooting like formidable artillery. A dazzling light column that could erase all kinds of creatures' marks in this world shone on Sauron.

Sauron was frightened as if his life had come to an end. Green veins bulged and twitched on his forehead. He shivered as if he would turn into ashes in the next moment, and his existence would vanish shortly.

That light column covered millions of miles, and was moving at a breakneck speed. Sauron could only endure it, not having enough time to dodge.

Yuan was exhausted. Since he had wiggled to vie for Desolate's meat with Shi Yan, he was away from Sauron. Sauron couldn't use Yuan to shield this attack.

Hence, Sauron forced himself to be sober. One hand of his held the Scriptures of Fate and the other hand pulled the Roulette of Fate. He was ready to risk his life at this moment.

The dazzling light column shone with the power that could erase all creatures in this world, carrying the intimidation of the overlord of this universe. If Desolate pumped his soul power into this attack, it would be enough to burn more than ten Territory Ancestors into ashes!

All of a sudden, a massive tower with millions of shining Absolute Beginning symbols emerged from the void. An ivory sea of life congregated under the tower, pouring the immense vitality into it. A human figure slowly appeared under the tower.

It was Shi Yan's Life clone!

The harsh light shone, and many Absolute Beginning symbols on the tower turned into ashes, smoking up.

"Ice freeze!"

Mei Ji suddenly screamed, and the tower was frozen instantly, being covered in layers of ice. As soon as the ice appeared, the light melted it. However, more and more cold energy was congregating, freezing the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower to defend it.

Sauron was surprised just when he had prepared to die. Seeing Shi Yan and Mei Ji, the latter seeming like an Ice Goddess, he couldn't react. However, in this moment, another Shi Yan came from a far distance with a starry sky. The immense but mysterious aura of the everlasting stars filled the void. The sea of stars plunged, shelling so many stars on the giant dragon.

"You want to die!"

Desolate roared outrageously as the stars in the sky bombarded him. His giant body struggled hard, trying to crush Shi Yan's two clones.

"Hey, I'm here…"

Zi Yao's charming voice arose and a large purple dot swelled up, turning into the twelve-headed heavenly snake. Her human clone sat on the head of the main body, using her Power Upanishad.

Countless bands of auspicious light arose from the snakeheads, moving breathtakingly. They turned into beautiful rainbows, winding around Desolate like a rope net which slowed down his struggling body.

"Ha! You're finally here. We should finish the grudge between us!"

Desolate was tied by the rainbows. Although he was wiggling hard, his voice was strangely calm.

"Sauron! I helped you shield that lethal attack! Why are you standing idle? Try your best to control his soul fate!" Shi Yan's Life clone and Star clone shouted in unison. Afterward, the two clones turned into two jets of light, diving directly into the void underneath to reunite with the host body.

Sauron restored his sound mind shortly. He frowned at the two descending lights while talking, "I don't need you to teach me."

Then, he controlled Yuan's soul fate first, making him drag his wounded body toward him; it was to shield him at any minute.

Taking a deep breath, Sauron stabilized his emotions and then extended his finger, trying to tie down Desolate's string of fate.

However, in this moment, a doubt arose in his mind: Shi Yan's Absolute Beginning body wasn't fragile, but he had appeared like that when he was blown down there after one hit of Desolate. He hadn't reappeared—it seemed abnormal.

With that thought, he didn't confine Desolate instantly. Seeing Desolate and Zi Yao attacking each other and unable to spend more efforts to do anything else, Sauron decided to sneak away, getting to the Sea of Consciousness underneath.

Yuan was forced to follow him.

Shortly afterward, he and Yuan had pierced through the conjoint area between the two tiers to got deeper down.

In his vision came massive, ash-gray air masses which were moving like tornados. Emotions like fear, anger, joy, and many thoughts he couldn't name came from those tornadoes. There were billions of air masses like this, and they looked like massive lakes.

"Is it… Is it his Soul Consciousness?"

As soon as Sauron got in here, he was bewildered. Hesitated for a while, he came near an air mass, using his Soul Consciousness to check…

Many images, vague and clear, flooded in; they looked like someone's life experiences. Sauron could even see scenes of battle, encounters with other creatures, and some familiar landscapes…

Images crossed and paused at a scene where he saw Shi Yan. Shi Yan's star energy bloomed, filling the Star Power Upanishad Origin.

"It's Fan De Lei's memory. Fan De Lei's dead. Why is his memory's here? He perished utterly, didn't he?"

Sauron was shaken hard and felt awkward. He didn't mind Shi Yan anymore, staying here to sense around.

Unexpectedly, Ferrell, Neptune, Yerburgh, and even some of the memories of his peers who had been dead for tens of thousands of years, were found here. However, all of the images here were just simple memories without a soul.

"This is Absolute Beginning's Sea of Consciousness. There are countless gray air masses, trillions of them. But, are they all just the simple wisps of memories? It should be Absolute Beginning's Soul Consciousness. But, why did Absolute Beginning's Soul Consciousness have the memories of the deceased?" Sauron shivered while talking to himself, his face baffled.

"… Because their souls were born because of him."

"The creatures' souls are the memories, the wisps of complicated Soul Consciousness in this Sea of Consciousness. Different Soul Consciousness and the soul energy in his soul pond can create new creatures. Taking the Phantom Clan for example, after Phantom died, her wisps of Soul Consciousness and memories returned to this place, fusing with the soul pond. New creatures were born with the foundation of the passed away creatures, and they went on like that all the time." 

"It's not the end when the soul vanishes…What were erased were only the soul seals. The remnants of Soul Consciousness and memories would come to this place. In different masses, the memories and thoughts would gather with the soul energy to give birth to new creatures in every corner of the universe, every planet." 

"It's like that..."

Yuan hovered by Sauron. As he was the expert that had lived through two eras, he suddenly understood the situation, telling Sauron his guess.