1613 Origin of life

God of Slaughter

Among millions of races and trillions of creatures, not many could witness the changes of time where Gods were buried and creatures were born like Yuan did.

After the Absolute Beginning Era ended, the brutes like Desolate, Devour, and Hui had gone dormant, and didn't have a chance to witness the changes of time. They didn't know about the mysterious, magical features of the new lives. However, Yuan, the coward who had hidden away, had experienced the ups and downs of an entire epoch.

A long while ago, he had always thought about how the new species were born, and decided to observe the Phantom Clan during their history. He could feel the similar aura and shape of Phantom from the Phantom Clan's fellows.

However, he remembered clearly that Phantom was gone even before the Absolute Beginning Era ended. He was one of the experts who witnessed Phantom's soul vanishing.

Then why did the Phantom Clan in this new era have a similar aura, body, and even life energy fluctuation?

Moreover, it didn't happen only to the Phantom Clan.

The members of the Mysterious Sky Clan, Black Demon Clan, Ancient Monster Clan also had the traces of the Absolute Beginning creatures more or less. There were so many signs that proved the mysterious link between the new species in the new era with Absolute Beginning creatures!

This doubt had troubled his mind for a long time. He didn't know the truth after so many years of investigating and observing, since he didn't have explicit proof.

That was until today!

Getting into Absolute Beginning's Sea of Consciousness and seeing so many gray tornados, he saw the images of memories and Soul Consciousness, and finally understood the truth.

Every creature was originated from Absolute Beginning. Their souls, lives, and bodies used to be parts of Absolute Beginning!

When they died, their Soul Seals broke, and their Soul Consciousness and memories would return to this place, becoming Absolute Beginning's Soul Consciousness. The Soul Consciousness fused with the pure soul energy from the soul pond in this place could create new species and creatures in every corner of the universe.

It was an unceasing cycle of life.

"You mean our souls, bodies, life seals, and everything came from him?" Sauron was stunned, looking at Yuan with a frightened face.

"Just like the creatures in our territory that we can use our soul, Soul Consciousness and power to create, we were created by him in the same way. We used to be part of him." Yuan was so exhausted, his giant body shivering and his voice sounding gloomy.

"If so, when our time ends and every creature dies, we will become Absolute Beginning's wisps of Soul Consciousness and memory here. Then, fusing with the soul energy in the soul pond, we will return to different territories to become new species? The races to be born in the next era will be born by the destruction of this era?" cried Sauron.

"The truth shouldn't be much different," Yuan confirmed.

They then quieted down.

The earth-shaking roaring and the terrifying explosions of the impact in the tier of power Upanishads above their heads became furious all of a sudden.

Sauron pulled himself together, getting rid of his puzzled state. He reminded himself of his priority. "Not good! Seems like Desolate and Hui want to get here, too. Find the soul pond first! Shi Yan must have seized the chance to find the soul pond!"

Then, he controlled the Roulette of Fate, forcing Yuan to transform into his human form and departing while releasing their Soul Consciousness to search. However, as soon as his Soul Consciousness appeared in this area, he was shaken hard. His head was filled with strange, buzzing noises.

Many complicated images of different creatures were shattered, flooding his head. He was stuck, and couldn't sense anything else.

Sauron felt his Soul Consciousness not being clear anymore, everything seeming stagnant. Getting frightened, he hurried to retrieve his Soul Consciousness and didn't dare to search recklessly anymore.

While Sauron pulled Yuan around to find Shi Yan and Absolute Beginning's soul pond, Desolate became restless and hot-tempered in the tier of Power Upanishads.

Zi Yao had turned into a twelve-headed heavenly snake, using the divine light to create bands of rainbows. Her holy energy filled the void, creating nets, rattans, and snakes that coiled around Desolate's dragon body, trying to keep him in the tier of Power Upanishads.

After fusing with the Ice Power Upanishad Origin, Mei Ji's realm and power had increased greatly. Like an ice sculpture, she used the power of the Power Upanishad Origin to raise extremely cold storms and use her freezing energy to freeze Desolate's flesh body, preventing him from gathering any energy.

They were trying their best to seize more time for Shi Yan.

Desolate finally recognized this, and consequently became so indignant that he felt like tearing everything.

"If Devour were here, you guys could join hands to trouble me. Unfortunately, he's not here. This kid's too weak! Heaven Dragon's Bursting Blood!"

Desolate's giant body suddenly detached as if a sharp weapon had just cut him into pieces. However, each cross section was smooth and shed no blood.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Thick electric beams shot from his cut bodies formidably.

All of a sudden, his broken bodies gathered and twisted into smaller wild dragons. The dragons had different colors, representing different Power Upanishads; the gold dragons cultivated Metal power; the cyan dragons had lightning power; the white dragons cultivated Water power; the yellow-brown dragons had the power of Earth; and the flaming dragons and the wind dragons obviously cultivated Fire and Wind powers.

Desolate's detached body had turned into several thousand wild dragons instantly!

With that, they immediately got rid of Zi Yao's restraint. However, they didn't mind Zi Yao and Mei Ji, rolling and swimming toward Absolute Beginning's Sea of Consciousness like a cloud of heavenly dragons from the Dragon World.

He knew Mei Ji and Zi Yao's plan, so he didn't want to waste more time. He had to force Shi Yan to get out and not give the latter a chance to take the soul pond.

At his moment, Sauron and Desolate had the same idea. Everything had to be done for Absolute Beginning's soul pond…

"Not good!" After Desolate got rid of them, Zi Yao's face changed as she screamed, "After a whole era of staying idle, he's not hot-tempered anymore. I didn't expect that he does think but fight rashly. At this moment, Shi Yan's body doesn't have enough power. He's not Desolate's equal opponent. If Desolate gets the soul pond, no one can escape alive!"

In the next moment, Zi Yao's twelve-headed snake turned into twelve magnificent rainbow bands, retrieving her auspicious sunset clouds in the sky and heading toward the Sea of Consciousness underneath.

"You're not strong enough! You can't force yourself. Otherwise, you will be killed soon. When Shi Yan and I fight him, you can seize the chance to attack, but don't face him directly. Your body's too fragile, and you can't resist even one hit…"

Before they left, she advised Mei Ji to be cautious.

"Thank you, Jie jie…I understand!" Mei Ji hesitated for a while but still answered nicely.

Rolling gray air masses were scattered in the Sea of Consciousness which had no restriction or boundary. Strange emotions of creatures filled the place, making people stagnant altogether with their energy upon arriving here.

Deep inside the gray masses of dust lay a clear pond, hovering inside the vortex of clouds.

A strange soul magnetic field that could shake people's hearts hovered above the lake. It made all creatures emotional, forcing them to kneel and bow instinctively. Waves of soul energy attracted creatures' thoughts, making them proactively release their soul pond to worship that lake.

By the lake and the strange soul magnetic field, a figure was struggling hard to back off, his face pale.

It was Shi Yan!

As his Star clone and Life clone shared the same cognition, before they came to him, they had worked with Mei Ji and Zi Yao, asking them to join hands with Sauron and Yuan to hold Desolate off for a while. In the best case, they could tie Desolate down to gain more time for Shi Yan.

As a result, Shi Yan had time to get to Absolute Beginning's soul pond.

The Star clone and the Life clone had tried their best to hinder Sauron. But Shi Yan then asked them to take the chance and run away discreetly to merge with the host body. As Shi Yan's host body had the Space Power Upanishad Origin, he was familiar with the open space of the Sea of Consciousness, and got to the soul pond quickly.

After the host body got the Star clone and the Life clone, his competence had skyrocketed sharply, his energy and realm expanding on a large scale. While his confidence increased, he wanted to take Absolute Beginning's soul pond as Desolate was temporarily held back.

However, at the moment his host body arrived at this place, he discolored in fright as soon as he urged his soul altar.

The soul magnetic field from Absolute Beginning's soul pond was a strange but irresistible power. The soul pond didn't ripple, but in this vast Sea of Consciousness, the gray clouds and wisps of Soul Consciousness moved as if they had a soul controlling them…

The entire tier of Sea of Consciousness trembled slightly!

As he had just fused with the Space Power Upanishad Origin, he could use the space energy to cover the entire place. That was how he perceived the strange commotion. He suddenly thought that this Sea of Consciousness seemed to have a soul and will. An unpredictably domineering creature, for some reason, was about to wake up!

As soon as this thought arose, he found his soul, will, soul altar, and even the soul pond become restless as they were sucked, being pulled toward the lake.

It was the first time he was so frightened that he had to gather all of his power, using his Absolute Beginning body, urging the Life, Space, and Star power Upanishad to retreat. Step by step, he was leaving the lake as far as possible…

"It… It is…"

Sensing for a while, he suddenly got a strange idea, which sent shivers down his spine.

The universe collapsed, and billions of creatures died in countless territories. Han Tian, Montecie, Rupert, and all the experts who got into this place perished. So many pieces of memories had turned into Soul Consciousness and gathered here. All this had brought a great change to this Sea of Consciousness.

Absolute Beginning was about to wake up!

"Could it be…?"

He felt anxiously restless. While trying to move backward, he crazily sent the message to the Evil clone.

"Found you!" However, at this moment, a several-thousand-meters-long flaming dragon came and transformed into Ghost Hunter's humanoid body. He watched Shi Yan and then the lake, changing his face. "What are you afraid of?"

More and more dragons came from the sky like meteors, falling on Ghost Hunter's head and entering his body.

He was gathering his body.