1614 Power of natural law and order

God of Slaughter

"What are you afraid of?"

Long dragons with different energies rained like a meteor shower, getting into Desolate's head. Energies with different attributes gathered as his detached bodies congregated.

But still he didn't dare to act rashly. He slightly lengthened the distance from Shi Yan, his face serious.

Apparently, Shi Yan was too close to Absolute Beginning's soul pond, but he didn't jump into there to gather the soul energy. Instead, he was backing off continually, his expression looking strange.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Sauron controlled the Roulette of Fate, bringing Yuan forward. They finally got to this place, emerging on a corner of the clear soul pond. In the sky, bright bands of rainbows crossed the void as Zi Yao's snake body meandered and descended.

All the experts that had left the tier of Power Upanishads were now landing in the Sea of Consciousness; and all of them, including Sauron, Zi Yao, Mei Ji, Desolate, and Shi Yan, had at least one Power Upanishad Origin.

It seemed as if fusing with a Power Upanishad Origin was the requirement to enter the Sea of Consciousness.

Absolute Beginning's soul pond was clear and pure, without a single ripple. From the soul pond as the center, the tornadoes of Soul Consciousness extended endlessly and unceasingly.

The experts scattered around the soul pond, and they all felt that strange soul magnetic field coming from that Absolute Beginning's soul pond. This kind of a mysterious and bizarre magnetic field had frightened them.

They all felt a fear as they were instigated to get into the soul pond, merging themselves with it.

Everybody came here to take the soul pond, but when they finally arrived, they were filled with fear; no one got the guts to step forward.

"Shi Yan, what's going on?"

Zi Yao retrieved her brilliant divine light, her beautiful body covered in bands of rainbows. She looked both elegant and holy, an entity no one dared to trespass. She nodded to Mei Ji, who looked like an ice Goddess, and the latter understood the situation and retreated behind Zi Yao.

Desolate wore a cold face, indifferently watching Mei Ji and Zi Yao. He didn't stop them, anyway.

Sauron was holding the Scriptures of Fate with both hands, sweat beading his forehead and his face aghast. Yuan stood beside him, using Yuan Zu's human form. He also looked fearful.

Shi Yan stepped backward, discreetly assessing the others. He found Sauron and Yuan appearing strange. After pondering, he hissed, "You two, stay away from Absolute Beginning's soul pond! Back off!"

Sauron and Yuan were shaken. They were puzzled when they looked at him. Deep in their eyes, gray fibers were gathering…

A feeling of something being very wrong churned in his heart as Shi Yan cried, "The Absolute Beginning's Sea of Consciousness is gathering pieces of memory. The more it collects, the bigger the picture of its broken memory will become. It's like jigsaw puzzle pieces…When the memory's gathered sufficiently, Absolute Beginning's consciousness will possibly be recovered, and it will wake up!"

Hearing him, everybody was petrified. Even Desolate had to change his face.

Sauron was bewildered. As he was about to reply, he clutched his head while screaming. The Scriptures of Fate fell off his hands as blood oozed from his fingertips, which looked really strange.

"There's something trying to capture my soul! A wisp of consciousness I can't resist! He's right!"

Sauron was scared and panicked. He bit the tip of his tongue to wake his mind using the pain. The ring finger and the pinky finger on his left hand exploded at the same time, and a terrifying energy that could resist fate arose from his body. He and his Roulette of Fate got hit hard by some invisible force. With blood all over his body, he was pushed backward.

The Scriptures of Fate got bloodstains from his exploded fingers, turning into a jet of blood light and falling into his hand.

Almost at the same time, a flow of consciousness that was unimaginably strong came, shadowing and attacking everybody's inner world and Sea of Consciousness.

Divine lights shot out of Shi Yan, Zi Yao, and Mei Ji's eyes. They paled as they hurriedly and crazily urged their powers, trying their best to resist that flow of consciousness.

At this moment, all of them were sober enough to confirm Shi Yan's assumption!

To get through the Absolute Beginning Gateway, Sauron had done everything to provoke the race war in the universe, boiling the creatures. Many races were erased during the war; so many territories and masses of the sea of stars exploded, and the life stars disintegrated into ashes…

Even the domineering clans like the Black Demon Clan, Ancient Monster Clan, Soul Clan, and Devouring Clan were eradicated while countless experts were gone. The memories and Soul Consciousness of those deceased gathered here, in Absolute Beginning's Sea of Consciousness. Slowly, Absolute Beginning's Soul Consciousness was recovered, becoming more complete…

In the tier of power Upanishads, as Han Tian, Serene Prison, Rupert, Zhen Ru, Fan De Lei, and the others died, Absolute Beginning's Soul Consciousness was recovered faster. The more experts died, the more gray tornadoes were created, and were the important requirement of waking up Absolute Beginning.

When Absolute Beginning's Soul Consciousness had gathered to a specific level, Absolute Beginning's terrifying consciousness could reach the limit, and it looked as if it could wake up soon!

That earth-shaking consciousness was the thought that Absolute Beginning could use to sweep away the entire world. Shi Yan, Zi Yao, Mei Ji, Sauron, and Yuan could feel deeply how domineering that wisp of consciousness was. It sent them a clear message: to enter the Absolute Beginning's soul pond!

Mei Ji's struggling countenance changed. Being the expert with the lowest realm here, she gave up the first. With a blank face, she approached the clear soul pond.

Her charming face slowly turned into a beam. Gradually, she had a wonderful feeling as if she was going home to jump into her mother's embrace…

Among this crowd, Yuan was the expert at the Absolute Beginning Era with a tough will. Sauron was the peerless expert of the new era, his mind also being strong. Although they were affected by the intimidating consciousness, they were trying their best to resist. They gritted their teeth, holding on like a mountain. 

Shi Yan was like a comet that had appeared during the recent one thousand years, and his origin was more mysterious than any other creature's. His soul didn't belong to this universe, so he could wiggle out of the natural principle and order here. He was the only one who wasn't affected by the overbearing consciousness, and he even had the power to counterattack!

"In heaven or on earth, from every direction in this universe, no one can overwhelm or dominate my spirit, my will!" Shi Yan was crazily roaring and howling at the void. At the moment, everybody was motionless, but he could move freely!

He bolted toward Mei Ji, grabbing her and retreating.

After each step he made, his entire body shook as his soul altar was filled with billions of indignant screams and cries. Horrible cracks and cuts started to appear on his tenacious body.

"Come here!" Shi Yan roared as if he was ordering the heaven and earth.

Inside the tier of power Upanishads above their heads, Shi Yan's Evil clone was howling and bellowing. With the dark and demonic air twirling around him, the most terrifying, bloodthirsty aura diffused out, as if he wanted to destroy the entire world. Meanwhile, he dove rashly.

Boop! Boop!

Shi Yan's host body had his bones cracked as blood shot away from the wounds that looked as though they were created by sharp sabers. He had to counter Absolute Beginning's will while bringing Mei Ji, slowly backing off in pain.

Previously, he had consumed a lot of energy to make his body leave the Absolute Beginning's soul pond. And at this moment, he had to bring Mei Ji, who was now a wooden puppet, and resist Absolute Beginning's will at the same time. Plus, he had to use his power to stand the effect of the soul magnetic field. Thus, he had to hurt himself, burning his energy and blood to get further away from the soul pond.

Other than him, none of the intimidating experts like Desolate, Zi Yao, Sauron, and Yuan could move. They were born in this world, and they used to be little pieces of Absolute Beginning's soul and body. When Absolute Beginning woke up, he would control all natural principles and orders, which would be fatal for Zi Yao and Desolate.

As they could resist the order and maintain their consciousness, not walking toward Absolute Beginning's soul pond, it was enough to prove how strong they were.

"Here I come!"

The dark, demonic air came from the sky as the Evil clone descended. He grinned, and a black light beam appeared on his forehead, turning into the devouring black hole in just a split second.

The black hole looked like the mouth of a giant demon, screeching and whining as it attacked Sauron and Yuan.

Sauron and Yuan were scared out of their wits. In this moment, Absolute Beginning's will had intruded them, so it wasn't easy to keep their minds from collapsing. And now, as Shi Yan's Evil clone attacked them, they were hopeless.

"If we die, he will wake up! Noooo!" Sauron bellowed frantically.

"In this universe, no matter who kills you, you will help him grow. But only me, when I swallow you, it won't increase his power. Because in this world, my soul has the same position as his. After I have swallowed and digested you, you will become the energy to strengthen my territory. You will not transmigrate in this universe anymore!"

Shi Yan and the Evil clone shouted in unison, watching the other two. In this moment, a riddle that had troubled him for years was solved.

Why was his territory different from anyone else's?

He had met many experts, and he knew that the territories of the Territory Ancestors with different Power Upanishads would be different. It could be a world of water, heaven flame or magma, desert or glacier, and even something like the Desolate Territory, which was just a magical land that was similar to a natural territory.

No territory looked like his, which was immense and mysterious like a cosmic realm!

An independent universe!

His territory had countless planets, with mountain ranges, lakes, deserts, open land, and four seasons; natural wonders which could give birth to magical creatures.

His territory wasn't different from a real universe, so it was different from everyone else's.

It was because all mighty creatures in this universe were affected by Absolute Beginning's mark, and were born with a restriction. No matter how strong they were, their territory was just a territory within the cosmos Absolute Beginning had created. The restriction in their souls made their territory dependant on this universe forever.

If this universe came to an end, the territory of the domineering creatures like Desolate, Zi Yao, and Yuan would be shattered and vanished altogether. No matter what, their territories were part of this cosmos, and they couldn't get out to exist independently.

Shi Yan was the only exception. Although his soul was weak at first, it was at the same echelon as Absolute Beginning, and the latter couldn't restrict it. Thus, his territory was an independent one that didn't have a connection with the universe where he was. That was why it was vast and mysterious like a brand new cosmos he had created…

His difference came from his soul, which gave him a better start than anyone else!