Chapter 848: Demon Lord Hulkinsh

MMORPG Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 848: Demon Lord Hulkinsh
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Although they couldn’t get all of the Celestial Tier items from the boss, having 5 Celestial Tier Armor Set pieces and two Celestial Tier normal pieces should suffice. After all, the boss had only dropped about 13 to 14 pieces of Celestial Tier equipment upon its death! Well, Zhang Yang and his gang had already taken half of the total amount! If they were still not content with their achievement, they should be struck by lightning a couple of times!

"Aaah! It would have been great if we’re the only guild that killed the boss!" Fatty Han was speaking out of his greed.

Everyone had gotten used to taking down a boss with their party of 10, or their party of twenty over the past years. So now that they had to share the loot with the others, they still felt a little disgruntled about it.

"It’s a special boss, so we had no choice!" Zhang Yang tapped Fatty Han’s shoulder and said. Well, it was utterly true that Maya was a boss that can never be taken down by merely one guild.

"Quick! Distribute now!" Wei Yan Er started poking others like a little impatient monkey.

Unfortunately, none of the 5 Celestial Tier Armor Set pieces belonged to Guardians. The five necklaces were given to Sun Xin Yu, Han Ying Xue, Fatty Han, Wei Yan Er and Female Raid Covent. However, Zhang Yang was not disappointed at all. Well, he managed to acquire a new shield.

[Holy Light's Blessing] (Celestial, Shield)

Defence: +47,385

Vitality: +178,394

Equip: Increases Maximum HP by 356,780 points.

Equip: When hit, absorbs 18,055 damage.

Equip: Increases Passive Damage Immunity by 10%.

Equip: Upon a successful block, there is a 10% rate that you can recover 1% HP.

Required Level: 260

Special: Reduces Required Level by 30 levels.

A shield could be considered the face of a Tanker. It would decide how the Tanker looks for a long time! Meanwhile, this shield seemed to be the pinnacle of shields, in both attributes and Special Effects.

Well, this shield is worthy to be deemed as a Celestial Tier equipment!

It would bestow Zhang Yang with approximately additional 180,000 HP if Zhang Yang just equips it. Under the boost of his {Vitality Aura}, he could get his Maximum HP up to 2,500,000! Meanwhile, a normal shield would only have one Special Effect. This shield had two Special Effects, though.

With the additional 10% Passive Damage Immunity combining with the Special Effect of having two pieces of Armor Set pieces, Zhang Yang would have over 50% Passive Damage Immunity! Well, this 50% Passive Damage Immunity would stay forever on him! Even if Zhang Yang did not have any Damage Absorption effects, he would still only receive half of the damage that he is supposed to receive! What kind of madness would that be?

Furthermore, Zhang Yang also has his {Rock Solid}. Whenever he activates that Skill, he would have over 80% Passive Damage Immunity!

The second Special Effect was a little underwhelming, though. Each successful block could only recover 0.001% HP. The enhanced version of {Block} could only be used once every 5 seconds. That would mean that Zhang Yang would only recover 0.0005% HP each second. In other words, Zhang Yang would need 2,000 seconds in order for him to recover to full HP. That would be 33 minutes!

However, Zhang Yang’s {Radiance of the God of War} would need 30 minutes to cool down. Well, the amount of HP recovery for this Special Effect was not much different from the amount of HP recovery for {Radiance of the God of War}. Too bad, the amount of HP would only recover overtime, not in an instance like the {Radiance of the God of War}. This Special effect could be used to boost the endurance of Zhang Yang. However, it could not be used to save his life.

After equipping the shield, Zhang Yang’s Vitality had reached up to 8,337,790 points, with the support of his {Vitality Aura}! His Defence had also reached up to 57,625 points while his Damage Absorption had reached up to 49,348 points. Now that he had acquired a 50% Passive Damage Immunity, his enemies would need to deal at least 156,321 damage before they can actually deal any damage to Zhang Yang. Well, they also need to deal more than 98,696 Magic damage in order to hurt Zhang Yang!

Zhang Yang has become so insanely powerful, that he might be even beyond godlike now!

Zhang Yang could now easily keep his HP full with merely his {Block,} and his slow recovery rate, even if he comes under the attack of a player with a full set of Level 200 Holy Tier equipment.

Meanwhile, the average player at the current stage of the game was still striving to acquire Ethereal Tier equipment. Not even 10% of the total players in the entire server have managed to acquire a full set of Holy Tier equipment. Zhang Yang could literally walk like a king in the server, merely his Defence, without the need to even activate his Inheritance Transformation!

"You’re insane!" Everyone began to flip their middle fingers at Zhang Yang while making complaints.

Zhang Yang grinned for a while. Well, this gang of his used to have the idea of challenging him at the beginning. However, as Zhang Yang had gotten better equipment over the time, even Sun Xin Yu who did not like to lose, no longer challenged him! Instead of a battle, it should be called a torture, by the hands of Zhang Yang of course!

Well, none of them loved being tortured, after all. If they keep getting tortured by Zhang Yang in PvP, they might really lose their mind, one day!

"It’s just too bad that there’s no extra Celestial Tier equipment. Or else, we could have used some high level ‘spare parts’ to enhance the Armor Set pieces. Not only can we increase the level of the Armor Set pieces, we can also enhance the attributes of that equipment!" Zhang Yang sighed faintly.

Well, there were all sorts of Celestial Tier bosses, out there. Their levels would range from Level 230 to Level 300. Of course, they would drop Celestial Tier Armor Set as well. However, the levels of that equipment would range from Level 230 to Level 300. Well, the Officials had once announced that if a Level 300 Celestial Tier equipment is fused with a Level 230 Celestial Tier Armor set piece, the new equipment would retain the special effects of the Armor Set equipment. However, the attributes of the new equipment would be at basic Level 300 levels. With another enhancement, the level would increase even further.

Zhang Yang and the others had the [Tesseract] and [Greater Demonic Pearls] to aid them in enhancing their equipment up to +6 upgrades without any risks at all. However, acquiring a +6 upgrade also meant that the player would need 7 pieces of similar Celestial Tier equipment in terms of armor type and armor part. That would be insanely difficult at the current stage of the game. No, it would still be insanely difficult even in the future!

If Snow Seeker and the others could hear Zhang Yang sighing at such a thing, they would definitely be super mad about it! Each of them only had about one Celestial Tier equipment on them. However, Zhang Yang was already considering the idea of fusing Celestial Tier equipment to enhance his equipment and get better ones! His thoughts would be considered luxurious as f*ck!

"So everyone, do your best and grind well. Get to Level 235 or Level 240 as soon as you can. We’re going to take down the next Celestial Tier boss. This time, we’re taking the boss all to ourselves!"


Zhang Yang was currently Level 232. However, Hourglass Figure, who was second in place on the list of level ranking, was just Level 230, currently. Even though the two-level gap seemed small, it would take approximately half a month for Hourglass Figure to catch up to Zhang Yang’s current level.

New dungeons would be available to the players, once they reach Level 230. Well, there were four dungeons, to be exact. Of course, they were Grouped Dungeons. One was a 10-player scale dungeon and the other three were just 5-player scaled dungeons. They were named the ‘Devil's Ridge’. They were strongholds built upon the foundations of the ‘Demon’s Descend’ patch. Players would be required to finish them off to prevent any further unforeseen events in the future.

However, the top Tier guilds had put all of their attention on Celestial Tier bosses, now. They had no intention of challenging the four dungeons as of now. By the end of it, the ‘First Clear’ of those four dungeons were acquired by four unknown guilds.

Well, players with Inheritance Transformations would be far better to perform at their best, if the scale of dungeons were any smaller. Obviously, that would reduce the difficulty of the dungeons. Therefore, from Normal Mode to Hard Mode, and from Hard Mode to Hardcore Mode, the four dungeons were cleared within a day. It was quite obvious that the difficulty of clearing those dungeons were quite easy, to begin with.

Let’s look at Zhang Yang now. With his current Defence and Attack, even if he doesn’t activate his Inheritance Transformation, he could have cleared the Hardcore Mode of a 5-player or even a 10-player scale dungeon with the aid of Felice’s healing ability. Well, that is, if the boss has no HP Recovery Skills, of course.

The Grouped Dungeons were similar to the Spectre’s Cavern and the Elemental Lair. Their Normal Mode only dropped Mythical Tier equipment. Their Hard Mode only dropped Ethereal Tier equipment. Last but not least, their Hardcore Mode would drop Holy Tier equipment. Well, even though Zhang Yang had no interest in Level 230 Holy Tier bosses, the equipment would still be very precious to all of his middle-tiered members of his guild.

After all, the number of Ascended Tier and Celestial Tier bosses that have been defeated so far have only reached 50. Even if each of those bosses dropped about 20 equipment, that would only be about 1,000 pieces of equipment. That would not be enough to satisfy so many players in the server. So, the dungeons would be the only place for the players to acquire better equipment to power themselves up.

Zhang Yang started to bring in some parties to clear the four Grouped Dungeons. Firstly, he wanted to gather as many equipment as possible for his guild members. Secondly, the number of monsters in the dungeons were abundant and concentrated. It was much more convenient for him to grind that way. However, when he reaches Level 240, clearing the monsters in these dungeons would not be enough for him anymore.

Another twenty days passed. Zhang Yang managed to level up to Level 235. He immediately went over to Koussou Snowy Mountain.

That place was a Level 210 – 240 map as well. It was just located somewhere among the Misamlock Lake Valley. A Level 265 Celestial Tier boss was hiding quietly there --- the Demon Lord Hulkinsh!

Previously, Zhang Yang was more than 30 levels behind the level of the boss. So, Zhang Yang couldn’t see the Skills of the boss. Therefore, when he reached Level 235, the first thing he wanted to settle was to take a closer look at the boss’ Skills. By doing so, he would be able to plan out some tactics for him and his gang to take down the boss.

This was a gigantic Hellfire Demon. The boss had the features of the high Tier demons such as two horns on the forehead, a pair of bat wings behind his back and a lizard tail slightly above his butt hole. However, his entire body was engulfed in blazing flames. Because of that, the area around the boss was torched in a sea of flames that seemed unlikely to be put out! The air was burned to the point that the very air seemed twisted.

[Demon Lord Hulkinsh, Hellfire Demon King] (Celestial, Demon)

Level: 265

HP: 26,500,000,000

Defence: 64,540

Melee Attack: 720,663 – 920,663

Magic Attack: 426,538 – 526,538


[Hell Rage]: Unleashes the raging flames and causes 1,000,000 Fire Damage to all targets within the area of 300 meters.

[Blazing Impale]: Spits a stream of flames and torches a conical area before himself, causing 200% Magic Attack of Fire Damage to all targets. Targets will suffer 1% additional damage when struck by fire attacks. Can be stacked. Instant, Cooldown: 2 seconds.

[Furious Hammer Strike]: Hammers the target with brute force, causing 100% Melee Attack, Physical Damage to the target.

[Blazing Mine]: Randomly plants mine across the area of 300-meter radius. The mine can only be seen for 2 seconds after it is planted. When a player steps on the mine, the mine will explode, causing 1,000,000 Fire Damage to all targets within the area of 30-meter radius from the explosion as the center point. The mine can be disabled by Thieves with their profession Skill {Diffuse}.

[Life of Fire]: The damage that Hulkinsh deals will turn into his HP. The HP amount recovered will not be affected by any other effects.

[No Escape]: Upon entering 300-meter range from the boss, players will acquire this effect. Once the players with this effect get more than 300 meters further from the boss, the players will die immediately, regardless of their remaining HP amount.

Note: Hulkinsh is the Hellfire Demon King! He’s the conqueror of Hellfire! Anyone who attempts to challenge him will be incinerated to dust!

Well... Zhang Yang could no longer stay calm!

Although the boss had the HP, Attack power of a Celestial Tier boss, Hulkinsh had a fatal weakness. Most of his Skills were Fire type Skills! Furthermore, the amount of HP that the boss could recover would depend on the amount of damage he could deal. The amount of HP recovery would differ, based on the boss’s performance himself.

Well, it would be hard to say if such a HP Recovery would be good or bad. The more the boss attacks the players, the more HP amount the boss recovers. If the boss recovers 1% HP in 30 seconds, then the boss would be able to recover 8,830,000 HP in every second. Everything would differ, based on the situation as well.

Because the {Hell Rage} was an AoE type Skill, it could cover over 300 meters. The Skill would also function according to a regular pattern. However, the Skill only had a 2-second cooldown. When the HP bar of the boss is reduced to 20%, the cooldown period would become 1.5 seconds. Meanwhile, when the HP bar of the boss is reduced to 10%, the cooldown period would become 1 second! As long as there are a total of 1,766 players attacking the boss at the same time, the HP Recovery of the boss would exceed 8,830,000 HP!

That would be the point where you thread a needle.