Chapter 849: Soloing a Celestial Tier Boss!

MMORPG Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 849: Soloing a Celestial Tier Boss!
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So, this boss appears to be the type that grows stronger as the battle continues on. He would recover more HP if more players were to attack him! Theoretically, the 300-meter radius area around the boss should be able to hold quite a substantial number of players.

Hulkinsh was rather similar to Angus. They were both the type of bosses that would become even more fearless if they were to battle a larger number of enemies. It would best to battle these bosses with a bunch of elites!

Of course, that would work for the other players.

Zhang Yang revealed a crooked grin on his face. Could this boss be designed for him and only him? His Phoenix pet had the ability to ignore all Fire Attacks along with their special effects. Furthermore, the Phoenix pet could also recover HP by absorbing Fire Damage! Even though the boss is also equipped with the ability to deal Physical Damage, the amount of Physical Damage the boss could deal with his normal attacks and his {Furious Hammer Strike} were almost the same as the amount of Fire Damage that the boss’ {Hell Rage} and {Blazing Impale} could deal to the Phoenix pet. That should balance out the damage the Phoenix pet receives and the amount of HP that the Phoenix pet could recover.

In other words, the Phoenix had the absolute advantage of being undefeated in this boss battle!

It would be natural for Zhang Yang to allow the Phoenix pet to be the main Tanker of this battle. He would only be dealing damage to the boss from the sidelines. After all, he would only be receiving approximately 1,000,000 AoE Damage every 2 seconds before the HP bar of the boss goes as low as 20%. With his current Defence, he would only take 450,000 damage head-on. Meanwhile, Zhang Yang’s HP would reach over a total of 33,354,000 HP if he activates his Inheritance Transformation. The boss would still need at least 25 minutes to deplete Zhang Yang’s HP bar with AoE attacks alone.

Well, that would only work, if Zhang Yang did not have his {God of War Restoration} and the additional 30% Passive Damage Immunity provided by his {Rock Solid}. In simpler words, one of Zhang Yang’s HP bars would definitely be able to last for 30 minutes, at least.

Meanwhile, the cooldown for his {Radiance of God of War} was 30 minutes. As long as Zhang Yang does not become the boss’ main target throughout his Transformed period, he should be able to win the battle and stay alive by the end of the battle.

Now that Zhang Yang and his Phoenix pet would not die battling the boss, the outcome of the battle would only depend on one factor now. That would be whether the boss could be taken out within two hours.

The answer would be a definite ‘yes’. Theoretically, he should be able to kill the boss in 110 minutes. Furthermore, if he triggers the special effect of the {Glare of the Death God}, he could further shorten the time needed to kill the boss!

Soloing a Celestial Tier boss!

Zhang Yang could not help to feel a blazing rush of excitement up his chest. Although Celestial Tier equipment had no longer seemed rare to him, having the opportunity to solo a Celestial Tier boss alone will never come every day, or even never! He was shaking with excitement!

After making some calculations and assumptions, he noticed that there were a large number of Elite Tier Hellfire Demons in the entire mountain valley. However, those monsters were staying at least a couple of hundred meters away from the boss, as if they were terrified by the existence of the boss.

"There shouldn’t be any possibility that the monsters would be drawn in while I’m battling the boss, then."

After thinking by himself, he immediately patted the Phoenix pet and charged straight at the boss. 300 meters from above the sky, he leaped off the back of the Phoenix pet and activated both his Inheritance Transformation and the Phoenix Pet’s Transformation Skill.

"Kill him!"

Phoenix pet divebombed the boss to trigger the battle. It began to spit streams of blazing flames towards the boss and caused a series of insanely high damage to the boss. Each damage value had reached over millions! In one brief instant, the boss was already heavily wounded!

"You bastards!" Hulkinsh let out a furious roar and swung his blazing fist straight at Phoenix pet. At the same instance, the boss’s nostrils were flared. Two streams of powerful blazing flames were seen gushing out of the nostrils, reaching the ground! The flames did not stop there, they continued to spread out and radiated into the surroundings.



At first, the Phoenix pet received a damage value. However, a healing value appeared right after the damage value popped out! The lost amount of HP was instantly recovered!

Well, that was the Phoenix pet’s specialty, after all. Any Fire Attack would become useless on the Phoenix pet. Instead, the fire damage that the Phoenix pet receives would be turned into the source of the Phoenix pet’s HP Recovery.

However, Zhang Yang was not equipped with the ability to absorb Fire Damage. Immediately, he received a blow from the boss’s {Hell Rage} head on. However, only 450,000 damage from the 1,000,000 Basic Damage of the boss managed to penetrate Zhang Yang’s insanely high Defence! That was really nothing to him.

Zhang Yang waved his hand and summoned Felice out from her slot. The little lady immediately entered her Goddess of War Scion Form before launching her fierce attacks on the boss.

Theoretically, as long as the DPS exceeds 500,000 damage, the boss would be receiving effective damage. Or else, whoever who could not do that would only be a burden to all. Felice’s DPS had surpassed 900,000 damage. Although each {Hell Rage} would allow the boss to recover a certain amount of HP, the effective damage dealt to the boss was still about 400,000 damage. It was quite a decent progress for the moment.

However, Felice no longer had the ability to heal when she is in her new form. Therefore, after a brief moment of battling head-on against the boss, Felice would be forced to return back to her slot.

{Charge Up Strike}, {Sky Slicer}!

In order to maximize the damage output, Zhang Yang activated his strongest Skills. Instantly, he dealt over 250,000,000 damage and took over the aggro of the boss.

{Shadow of the Void}! By using that Skill, Zhang Yang disengaged the aggro of the boss.

Right after that, he resurfaced to continue his ferocious strikes on the boss. A few minutes later, he did the same thing and took over the aggro again. However, he did the same thing as well, using his {Shadow of the Void} again to disengage the aggro of the boss again. Well, because he needed to use the same Skill before it cooldowns, he had to use {Rearm} to reset the cooldown of his {Shadow of the Void}.

With two rounds of that, the Phoenix pet managed to generate enough aggro --- upon reaching Level 230, the Phoenix pet had automatically become Celestial Tier. Its power level had increased tremendously --- so that should allow Zhang Yang to focus on attacking the boss for at least 10 minutes. After that, he could just use his {Shadow of the Void} to vanish from the sight of the boss whenever that Skill is ready. Upon the third round of the same routine that Zhang Yang did with his {Shadow of the Void}, it became impossible for Zhang Yang to OT within the timeframe of 10 minutes. In that sense, that would also mean that Zhang Yang would never OT again, ever for the boss battle!

Although Fatty Han also had a Phoenix pet, that fatty’s Defence was too weak for the moment. He could at most, last for 5 minutes under the onslaught of the boss with his {Hell Rage}. It would be impossible for the fatty to solo the boss. Only Zhang Yang, who had one Phoenix pet, a super high Defence, and also insanely powerful Attacks would be capable of soloing the boss!

Of course, that would only work for Zhang Yang, thanks to this unique boss. A miracle like this would never be replicated again!

"God damned fire chicken! I’m the Lord of Flame, the conqueror of Fire!" Hulkinsh let out a raging roar as he was launching his attacks at the Phoenix pet repeatedly. Truth to be told, if the boss was only using single-unit attacks, the Phoenix pet would not have held on for long as well. However, a monster would always remain a monster. The boss would not possibly leave his Skills there when they are ready for use. So, the boss was destined to be helpless against the Phoenix pet.

"Hahaha!" Zhang Yang laughed out loud. Such a thrilling joy does not come easy. He had already switched on his in-game footage recorder to record everything down so that he could rewatch the footage.

Well, soloing a Celestial Tier boss while oppressing the boss with absolute power was absolutely satisfying!

{Glare of the Death God}, resisted!

Zhang Yang told himself that it wouldn’t matter much at all. As long as no other player comes in all of a sudden and lets the boss recover his HP, Zhang Yang should be able to kill the boss within 2 hours!


An extremely high value popped right on top of the boss. It was Zhang Yang’s {Rising Dragon Strike}! It was an attack 10 times higher than his normal attack! Well, the good fortune did not stop there. Zhang Yang’s {Frost Strike} had also dealt over 12,551,792 damage! It was the weapon’s 8-time damage special effect!

Well, that’s what we call‘when one door shuts, another opens’. Unfortunately, even though the {Rising Dragon Strike} could deal a damage 10 times higher, the effect would never be as great as the special effect of the {Glare of the Death God}. Each special effect of that Ultimate Skill could have dealt over 265,000,000 damage! The only Skill that could match the special effect of the {Glare of the Death God} would be the {Sky Slicer} after Zhang Yang activates his {Charge Up Strike}.

{Sky Slicer} could deal 12 hits in a row once in every hour. The total damage that the Skill could do was about the same as the special effect of the {Glare of the Death God}. Of course, the {Sky Slicer} would need to be paired with {Charge Up Strike} before it could reach that potential. However, using {Charge Up Strike} to buff {Sky Slicer} was a 100% feasible method of dealing super high damage to the boss. Unlike the {Glare of the Death God}, Zhang Yang could just use it without having to worry about failing.

34 minutes later, Zhang Yang had used his first {Radiance of God of War}. Instantly, he recovered his HP back to full.

50 minutes, 90 minutes!

The HP bar of the boss had dropped to 20%. It was time to enter the ‘Killing Cleave’ Stage.

Instantly, the cooldown for the boss’s {Hell Rage} had been shortened to 1.5 seconds. That would also mean that Zhang Yang would receive additional 50% damage from the boss.

{Indiscriminate}, {Killing Cleave}!


The 100% Critical {Killing Cleave,} stacked with the {Lucky Strike} had brought misfortune to the boss. It dealt over approximately 40,000,000 damage to Hulkinsh in one instance! The boss could only roar in pain.

Because Hulkinsh was considered as a special boss, Zhang Yang’s {Block} could do nothing in this boss battle. So Zhang Yang had used all three Skill Enhancement effects of his [Book of Revelation] to enhance his {Radiance of God of War}, {Shield Wall} and {Rock Solid}. By doing so, he managed to increase his survival throughout the boss battle. Now that he could use his {Radiance of God of War} once every 25 minutes, Zhang Yang’s ability to survive longer in battle had increased to another whole new level.


Hulkinsh had entered his most ferocious state. The cooldown for his {Hell Rage} had been shortened to merely 1 second, now! Not only could he deal much higher damage to Zhang Yang, the boss could also recover HP at twice the amount that he used to be able to recover --- although the amount of HP recovery had only been increased from 230,000 HP per second to 450,000 HP per second.

Activating {Tribulation}!

{Hell Rage} could only deal 450,000 damage to Zhang Yang. However, Zhang Yang could deflect a total of 1,000,000 damage back to the boss. The boss had no choice but to suffer.

Because {Tribulation} could only last for 10 minutes, Zhang Yang chose to activate it much later into the battle in order to deflect a higher amount of damage back at the boss! Well, the boss was using his {Hell Rage} once every second, so Zhang Yang’s {Tribulation} would be deflecting 1,000,000 damage back to the boss in every second! That amount of DPS was as much as the DPS of his Phoenix pet!

9%, 8%, 7%!

Hulkinsh’s HP was dropping lower and lower by the second. It seemed that he would become the first Celestial Tier boss in ‘God’s Miracle’ to be killed by one player in another 10 minutes.

What a pathetic fate!

"God damned fire chicken!" Hulkinsh was infuriated to the point that he jumped around, venting out his rage with all his Fire Attacks. However, he could do nothing to the Phoenix pet. Instead, he increased his rate of using {Hell Rage}, which resulted in helping the Phoenix pet to restore even more HP!

The {Blazing Mine} was even more pathetic. It couldn’t even deal 1 damage to the Phoenix pet, just because it could only deal Fire Damage! Meanwhile, Zhang Yang was flying with the flight ability he was bestowed with after activating his God of War Transformation. So he would never ever trigger the mines.

The boss had already ran out of tricks up his sleeves. He could only witness the fall of his HP bar. He was drawing closer and closer to his own death in every passing second.

3%, 2%, 1%!

When the battle entered its 112th minute, Zhang Yang finally sliced away the last drop of the boss’s HP. Well, Hulkinsh has become the most pathetic Celestial Tier boss in entire history of the game --- he had been slain by one single player!

The gigantic body of the boss collapsed onto the ground heavily and he also dropped tons of loot across the ground. Well, the number of loots was enough to put a smile on Zhang Yang’s face for hours.

This time, Zhang Yang has really hit the jackpot!

Upon checking out on the loots, he noticed that there were a total of 9 pieces of Celestial Tier equipment. Furthermore, this boss has dropped the same equipment as Maya --- they were all Necklaces. Coincidentally, Zhang Yang did not get a Necklace back when they slayed Maya. This should make it up for him.

[God Killer Necklace] (Celestial, Necklace)

Vitality: +26,759

Strength: +3,428

Agility: +3,428

Equip: Increases Maximum HP by 53,510 points.

Equip: Increases both Damage and Healing Efficiency by 15%.

Equip: Absorbs 3,009 when being hit.

Use: When you activate {Shield Wall}, you can deflect all attacks that are directed towards you.

Required Class: Guardian

Required Level: 260

Special: Reduces Required Level by 30 levels.