Chapter 850: Acquisition Succeeded!

MMORPG Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 850: Acquisition Succeeded!
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Other than the 9 Celestial Tier Armor Set pieces, Hulkinsh had also dropped another 5 pieces of normal Celestial Tier equipment. Among those pieces of equipment, one of them was a two-handed battle axe!

[Akensh, Hell Lord's Battle Axe] (Celestial, Two-Handed Axe)

Attack: 83,633 – 103,633

Attack Interval: 3.8 seconds

DPS: 24,640

{Level 9 Socket 1}

{Level 9 Socket 2}

Equip: Increases damage by 70%.

Equip: Increases Critical Rate by 20%.

Equip: Normal Attacks have a certain rate of dealing a damage 10 times higher than normal damage.

Use: Within 5 minutes, afflicts your target with a negative effect upon every successful hit on your target. Causes the target to receive an additional 1% damage whenever struck again by you. Can stack. Can only stack up to a maximum of 100%. Lasts for 30 seconds. Cooldown: 1 hour.

Required Level: 260

Special: Reduces Required Level by 30 levels.

Note: This axe once belonged to the great Hell Lord. It became a collection of Hulkinsh after the Hell Lord fell.

A Celestial Tier weapon!

Zhang Yang was overjoyed with his discovery! After equipping the weapon, his basic damage has reached up to 789,686 – 873,286 damage! That amount of Attack was extremely powerful! Well, even if a Holy Tier player with a Class B Inheritance activates his or her Inheritance Transformation, the player would not reach that Attack power either. It seemed that Zhang Yang’s Attack power has become ridiculously powerful!

Other than that equipment, Hulkinsh had also dropped quite a number of Skill Books, Greater Demonic Pearls, and other trivial items. Unfortunately, none of them was suitable for Zhang Yang. However, there was a crimson red rock that was snatched by Felice. She has actually entered her ‘Golden Egg’ form. It seemed that the fourth seal is about to be unsealed!

Because the process would require a long time, Zhang Yang brought the few Level 9 Gemstones that were dropped by the boss and went straight to the Holy City. Then, he immediately inserted two gemstones into the two sockets of the battle axe.

He gathered his gang around and distributed the loots he picked up from killing Hulkinsh. When they received the loots, they were shocked to the point that they dropped their jaws as well.

"Little Yang, did you just take out a Celesxtial Tier boss all by yourself?" Fatty Han took in a cold breath.

"Haha!" Zhang Yang laughed without saying anything about it.

"What the hell! Boss, you’re too crazy! That Celestial Tier boss was killed by you?!" Endless Starlight let out a strange scream, "That’s amazing! You can even solo a Celestial Tier boss now! Boss, do you have anything else to do in this game?!"

Zhang Yang was stunned for a moment there. Well, he was about to step up to the pinnacle of ‘God’s Miracle,’ now. If the officials are not going to release a new patch or increase the level cap up to Level 400, or even introduce new Tiers such as Super Celestial Tier, God Tier or Supreme Tier, Zhang Yang would have nothing left to do in the game!

When he managed to get the full set of ‘God Killer Armor Set’ which included a Celestial Tier weapon, Celestial Tier shield and Celestial Tier Accessories, so what should he do for the rest of his days in the game? The dungeons offered no challenge for him. The bosses offered no challenge for him. Even the players were no match to him! Zhang Yang would be lonely at the top of a snowy mountain!

"When I get a full set of Celestial Tier equipment, it should be about time I leave this game…" Zhang Yang thought to himself.

Although ‘God’s Miracle’ was realistic, it was still, just a virtual reality where players use to pass time and relax. Well, there was no reason for anyone to treat this as their entire career. Meanwhile, Zhang Yang had also yielded enough money from the game. Upon reaching the peak, money has become insignificant to him. The difference between having 100,000,000 and 10,00,000,000,000 was just figurative now. He wouldn’t be able to use all of the money if he makes too much of it!

However, Zhang Yang would like to slay all of the Celestial Tier bosses in the entire server at least once, before he is willing to leave the game.

"Haha! These Celestial Tier equipment have come at the right timing! We’re about to participate in the World League Championship Finale soon. By then, we should be able to oppress all of our opponents!" Lost Dream spoke in excitement.

They were just 10 days from the 4th World League Championship that was going to be held in Shang Hai. The Silky Soft Battle Team had won a secured seat in the finales. Meanwhile, the second battle team who managed to secure the other secured seat into participating the finale would be the Sky and Ocean Electronics Battle Team from Imperial Sky. Well, only two battle teams were going to participate in the championships.

Well, Eternal Flame has gone downhill into the abyss because of Zhong Xiu Hua’s ‘Sexual Transmitted Disease’ event. They only managed to ‘hang on’ to the Top 5 in the Class S Professional League Championship. Recently, Hua Yi Trust Fund had been trying to fend off Zhang Yang from taking over their company. Without any juice left to even fund Eternal Flame in their daily activities, the guild seemed to be dying soon. Every member of the guild was beginning to feel worried for themselves.

Meanwhile, Crimson Rage was not performing up to their former standards, because quite a number of their core players got married all of a sudden. They even planned to have children after their weddings. Therefore, the Sky and Ocean Electronics Battle Team managed to acquire the second place thrice. Before the final season of the Professional League Championship could begin, it was already decided that the Sky and Ocean Electronics Battle Team was the winner to participate in the World League Championships as one of the two battle teams.

"Little Yang, are you sure you want to do it, then?" Fatty Han pulled Zhang Yang to a corner and asked with concern.

Zhang Yang nodded and said, "Well, Zhong Xiu Hua is too great a threat now. I will not rest until I ‘get rid’ of him!"

"But what if he tries something funny or maybe do something dangerous?"

"Well. I’m counting on that! I’m just concerned if he runs away!"


Zhang Yang brought a few lawyers and Business Excellence along over to Yan City. They arrived to join the Hua Yi Trust Fund’s Board Meeting.

"We’re all here because we need to decide who should be the new Chairman of the board." Zhang Yang revealed a vague smile on his face while sitting on the couch, in the middle of the office.

That lazily rough way Zhang Yang sat on the couch had caused many in the conference room to look at him with contemptuous looks on their faces.

"Mr.Zhang, you’re just the second largest shareholder of this organization. You’ve no authority to make such a significant decision for our organization!" a middle-aged woman in her fifties said. She was wearing a custom made Armani branded uniform. She seemed to have kept her body and her health well cared. She looked rich enough and she definitely looked intimidating.

Well, she is the mother of Zhong Xiu Hua, Li Wan Rong. She is also the largest shareholder in the entire organization.

Zhang Yang smiled vaguely and snapped his fingers. The lawyer standing behind him immediately walked up and placed a document on the table before Zhang Yang. Then Zhang Yang said, "This is Mr. Ma, Mr. Zhou and Mr. Feng’s signature for letting go of their shares to me. This means that not only am I the organization’s biggest shareholder now, I also have more than 50% of the shares of the entire organization. So, I can do whatever f*ck I want!"

Li Wan Rong immediate lost the colors in her face. She instantly snatched the documents over and took a closer look at the pages. Her face instantly turned, well, twisted. She slammed the table hard and spoke in rage, "Ma Yuan Shen! Zhou Li Tao! Feng Dong Ming! You guys are great! Very great!"

She pointed her fingers at three men in the conference room. They were the main three biggest shareholders in the Hua Yi Trust Fund. Well, the total shares that these three held and the shares that Zhang Yang was currently holding was indeed more than 50% of the shares for the entire organization. Zhang Yang had acquired absolute control over the shares of the company.

Even though the three were a little ashamed of what they did, they were not afraid at all. Zhang Yang had paid them more than enough for them to live like kings for several lifetimes over. Well, when they are well fed and their wallets are fat, they no longer have to worry about Li Wan Rong retaliating.

"From now on, Ms.Li is no longer the Chairman of the Board. Every decision on investments and any visions related to Ms.Li will be re-evaluated. Alright, the meeting is over, dismissed!"

Zhang Yang was the first to walk out of the conference room, leaving Li Wan Rong standing stiffly like a statue. Well, eventually she did start screaming and shouting. She could not understand it at all. She was actually winning the battle of ‘the hostile Anti-takeover’ on her company. So how did Zhang Yang managed to cut the ground from beneath her feet! He actually bought the company from the inside!

How did Zhang Yang get so much funds, then?

Ring! The phone rang. Zhang Yang picked it up and heard a lady’s voice with weird accent, "Darling, everything going fine?"

"Thank you for lending me so much money! I’ll pay you back as soon as I can!"

"Darling, you don’t have to pay me back at all. That’s my dowry as your bride!"

Zhang Yang frowned. Well, he did not have enough funds to overtake the shares of the entire Hua Yi Trust Fund. However, after getting sufficient funds from Dusk Phoenix, the princess of Luxembourg, the future Duchess to support him, he managed to pull it off!

After flirting with Dusk Phoenix for a moment, the woman had finally hung up unwillingly. Zhang Yang sighed heavily after that. Well, he has to make sure that he returns the money as soon as possible. Zhang Yang would not want this seductive woman to cling onto him anymore. Or else, his backyard would get burned down!

Upon leaving with the necessary paperwork related to Hua Yi Trust Funds, Zhang Yang cut off the partnership of the company with the Eternal Flame for a start. He wanted to completely cut off Zhong Xiu Hua’s source of income, after all. Other than that, he also began to liquidate the stocks and shares in order to kick Li Wan Rong out of the organization completely! His main intention was to force Zhong Xiu Hua’s hands to the point that he has to act, or he’ll lose everything!

Zhang Yang did not stay in the city for long. After 3 days of meddling around, he went back to Zhou Shu immediately. It was only 6 days before the World League Championship Finale begins. It was about time for Zhang Yang and the ladies to pack their things and get ready to travel.

This time, they went to Shang Hai. Zhang Yang had also brought Luo Yu Rou and his precious baby girl along. Well, he would not be able to feel safe if he just leaves her and the baby girl back in Zhou Shu. Coincidentally, Luo Yu Rou’s second movie was wrapped up and had premiered in cinemas. It was a great time for her to come out and take a breath of fresh air.

Time waits for no man. It was time for the World League Championship Finale to begin! Top Tier parties from all Regions came over to Shang Hai to witness the matches. Because of that, quite a huge number of fans were attracted over to make the scene merrier.

18th January, the premier league of the championship began. Among the 16, only 8 of them would make it to the next round. The first match was Silky Soft Battle Team versus Shadow Ghost Battle Team from the Japan-Korea Region. By the end of the match, the Silky Soft Battle Team won both rounds with the same scores of 5:0. Because of that, the passion of the audience was ignited. Everyone started screaming and cheering. The championship had reached a climax on its first day.

Up to this point of the game, the difference between the controls and awareness between top Tier players were getting smaller and smaller. So now, the equipment on the players and the Skills that they had would determine the outcome of a PvP battle.

The Normal Tier players were able to witness how influential equipment could be and how significant a person’s Defence could be. A super Skill could even change the tide of the entire battle!

For instance, the {Sky Slicer} had destructively high damage. If the Skill is not interrupted, it would bring a tremendous amount of pain and damage to a player. Well, players were not allowed to use their Inheritance Transformations. If they ever take 10 solid hits from {Sky Slicer}, even if the players had a full set of Holy Tier equipment, they would still be as good as dead. However, it might be possible that a top Tier Tanker with a long *ss HP bar like Zhang Yang and an insanely high Defence might survive the 10 hits from the {Sky Slicer}, head-on. Any other player of any other Classes would be as good as dead!


Zhong Xiu Hua was sitting high up with his eyes red. He looked wretched and intimidating.

His mood was extremely bad right now!

Previously, his mother had gone through quite some trouble just to gather some money for him to get through the difficult times. However, once his mother found out that Zhang Yang was the one behind the ‘takeover’ on the Hua Yi Trust Fund, she immediately pulled all her strings and had the banks push Zhang Yang to return the loans. As long as Zhang Yang is willing to return the loans, her organization would have made hundreds of million dollars from the incident.

Zhong Xiu Hua intended to wait and see Zhang Yang’s pathetic face when he loses. However, he heard the news about Zhang Yang secretly buying over some of the major shareholders with larger shares. By doing so, Zhang Yang managed to take control over the entire stock market of the Hua Yi Trust Fund. Meanwhile, Zhong Xiu Hua’s mother borrowed quite a substantial amount of loans in order to fight Zhang Yang. After she was kicked out of the board by Zhang Yang, her net worth dropped tremendously. The money she had left was mostly used to pay the loans she borrowed earlier on. Therefore, she almost had nothing left by the end of the incident.

In other words, he’s now out of ‘rations’ for real!