Chapter 851: The Disbanding of Eternal Flame

MMORPG Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 851: The Disbanding of Eternal Flame
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Although Zhong Xiu Hua has a very powerful father, he has never been fond of asking favors from other people, especially his father.

From his point of view, maintaining good connections would mean wealth and fame, a total control over the others. Meanwhile, he also witnessed quite a number of events that convinced him that his thoughts were true. One must at least act like an upright officer. It would be impossible for Zhong Xiu Hua to behave otherwise!

Since he joined ‘God’s Miracle’, pursuing Sun Xin Yu was merely one of his smaller aims. Well, he wanted to get Sun Xin Yu in order to form an ‘alliance’ with the Sun Family. The Zhong Family would still have a limited capability. His father was the only one who managed to slip himself onto the political stages. He would need to search for a new political platform for him to shine in his own way, because he did not intend to follow his father’s footsteps.

There, he saw the opportunity to make big bucks in ‘God’s Miracle’.

The game was basically a gigantic marketplace with more than 2,000,000,000 people in it. The scale of that marketplace had exceeded any other marketplace in the entire world! Judging by the movie industry, the movie companies have managed to earn a lot more money and spend lower cost on movies ever since they decided to shoot their movies in ‘God’s Miracle’.

Of course, he also had something to regret, whenever he thought about picking that sexy superstar Luo Yu Rou, to frame Zhang Yang. Well, instead of defaming Zhang Yang, she actually became Zhang Yang’s money tree! The first movie she made had provided Zhang Yang with an additional 1,000,000,000 dollars as his pocket money! Meanwhile, her second movie had premiered as well! The movie received quite good responses too! Even if this movie cannot earn them as much as they could from the first movie, the amount of money they could earn this round would still be decent.

Meanwhile, Luo Yu Rou was one sexy, seductive minx. Zhong Xiu Hua could not help but regret every single decision he had made now. If only he knew all these, he would have kept Luo Yu Rou to himself. Not only would he get money from her, he could also toy with her whenever he needs to release! The benefits of having her would definitely weigh the same as having Sun Xin Yu!

No, it would provide him an even better future!

Marrying Sun Xin Yu would only be the means of forming an alliance with the Sun Family, expanding his influence by a little. On the other hand, Luo Yu Rou could earn about 1,000,000,000 dollars from making one movie. So if she just makes two movies in a year, she could earn over 40,000,000,000 dollars in twenty years! Would marrying Sun Xin Yu and forming an alliance with the Sun Family be worth 40,000,000,000 dollars?

The answer was obviously no!

Therefore, Zhong Xiu Hua’s mood became worse by the second… the worst part about it was that there was a mole among his own people. That mole had given up the information saying that Hua Yi Trust Fund has been bought to the public. Everyone had found out about the fact that this master Zhong no longer had the money to support everyone’s salaries!

That news was a fatal blow to Eternal Flame. Although his mother has still managed to squeeze some money out for him to get through the storm, Zhong Xiu Hua still owned a month’s salary to all of his guild members. Under the harsh pressure of the guild, he finally stood up to explain the situation. Many of his members there and then, decided to leave the guild and never see his face again!

Up till this point, the number of members remaining in the guild had dropped from 68,967 to only 29,873. Meanwhile, it was obvious that the imminent danger was far from over. Everyone stood to believe that if Zhong Xiu Hua could not find a way to continue paying the salaries of his guild members, only more would quit the guild!

Everything was happening now, all because of the god damn Zhang Yang!

Zhong Xiu Hua slammed the table with a heavy blow. His face was so twisted that juice might just come out of it!

Scholar Musou and the others remained silent. Although the man had lost all his money, his family was still influential as f*ck. Well, if he ever wanted to get more money, Zhong Xiu Hua could just abandon Eternal Flame and start all over again, any time he wanted to.

Therefore, they did not dare to provoke master Zhong just yet. Well, unless they have already decided to leave the guild.

"So who’s the mole that gave up the information?" Zhong Xiu Hua glanced at his fellow ‘underlings’ with his blazing eyes. His eyes looked as if they were about to explode. After all, he only told the information to all of them, his most trusted ‘underlings’.

Scholar Musou frowned and said, "Master Zhong, everyone here is very loyal to you. There’s no way any of us would have betrayed you! I think that Zhang Yang must have planted a mole in our guild!"

"Well, he better stay hidden, then!" Zhong Xiu Hua let out a vengeful tone. Actually, it would be easy for Zhong Xiu Hua to get money. He could just ask for official contracts from the government by pulling some strings. By then, he could easily earn back the money!

As long as he could get through this hardship, Eternal Flame would not die. Of course, he would have to do everything behind the back of his father. Otherwise, his father would have him skinned alive over and over again.

"Master Zhong, I know who did it!" Longrich suddenly raised his hand and said.

"Oh!" Zhong Xiu Hua widened his eyes and spoke with a murderous tone, "Who the f*ck is it?!"

"That should be --- me!" Longrich pointed his finger right back at his own nose.

"Humph! I’ve no time for jokes!" Zhong Xiu Hua was infuriated. If Longrich was not one of the big shots in the Eternal Flame, he would have him hung and make Longrich disappeared from the world. Well, Zhong Xiu Hua was in need of anyone’s support during a time like this. He had no choice but to keep his temper in line for now.

"Master Zhong, I’m not joking around!" Longrich grinned with pride. The expression on his face was now scornful, "You want to challenge Mr. Zhang with that level of IQ? Well, that’s like an old man pushing a car upslope with its parking brake on! Hahaha! You really thought that you could do anything you want just because your father’s influential, huh?"

"YOU ---" Zhong Xiu Hua confirmed that Longrich was not joking around. He was instantly filled with rage and pointed his finger at Longrich, "What made you do it, then?!"

"Traitor?" Longrich laughed out loud and shook his head, "Mr. Zhong, you’ve overestimated yourself. This is merely a game. You can just switch sides whenever fits you!"

"Humph! How much did Zhang Yang pay you!?"

"400,000,000!" Longrich showed 4 fingers at Zhong Xiu Hua’s face. Scholar Musou, Death Arbiter and the others were shocked to hear that amount. If Zhang Yang had provided them that much money as well, they wouldn’t mind stabbing Zhong Xiu Hua in the back, or even up, down, and front!

Well, Zhong Xiu Hua jumped in anger that he did not even know how to express. Then, he suddenly stopped, "Wait a minute… back in Brazil, was it you who led us to that backalley?!"

Longrich laughed again and said, "Master Zhong, how did you like getting your *ss poked?"

"You f*cking bastard!"

This time, it was not just Zhong Xiu Hua popping his veins all over his head. Even the faces of Scholar Musou and the others turned green! Well, they were also the victims in that incident. No matter how many women they paid ever since then to release their steam, they just could not shake the horrific memory of having poked in their own *sses! They would constantly wake from their sleep because as it haunted them in their nightmares!

Knowing that the culprit was just standing before them, everyone was so infuriated that their eyes turned red. They charged at Longrich one after another, swinging their fists and kicks at Longrich.

Well, the Holy City forbade any form of PvP matches, though. Their fists and licks landed on nothing by air. Meanwhile, Longrich was just sitting calmly and quietly, observing the monkeys performing their ‘tricks’.

"Good! Very good!" Zhong Xiu Hua was raging and laughing at the same time, "Longrich! You are finished! We all know where you live! You will regret what you did today! You’ll regret the decision you made for the rest of the days!"

"Haha! Your IQ is really so low that anyone would worry for you, Mr.Zhong!" Longrich showed no signs of fear at all, "Do you really think I’ll still be in China when I decided to reveal my identity? Of course, I’m no longer in China by now! Ha! You can do anything you like in China, but you did not know that you can’t do whatever you want in Brazil, right? Or maybe, you want another fresh poke in your *ss?"

"Argh ---" Zhong Xiu Hua let out a strange roar. Well, it was utterly true that he could do whatever he wants in his own country, because he could cover them up easily. However, he was just like any other foreigner when he steps foot in any other country outside China.

Now that Longrich has hidden himself in Brazil, Zhong Xiu Hua would never have the chance to take his revenge on Longrich ever again.

"Oh, right! Mr. Zhang has a message to deliver to you. He has begun investigating cases regarding people that you made ‘disappear’. Maybe, he still has a surprise for you!" Longrich started playing a recorded message from Zhang Yang himself. Things were just getting more and more out of hands for Zhong Xiu Hua. He was so angry to the point that he could no longer feel anything.

Pfff! Pfff!

Zhong Xiu Hua began to breathe heavily as if he was panting like a hairdryer. Although the was very confident that he left nothing left that can be traced back to him, he would never rest peacefully, knowing that someone was trying something behind his back. Well, he could feel a rush of raging heat up his chest that almost got him dead. It was the rage towards Zhang Yang!

At that instance, the only thought left in his mind was how to kill Longrich, and kill Zhang Yang! Whatever the cost!

"Meanwhile, I’ve also pulled quite a number of people along. I’m going to start a new guild now! Mr. Zhang said it himself, you’re not fit to play games. You better quit and go home to your mummy as soon as you can! Stop embarrassing your F*CKING self already!" Longrich suddenly spoke vulgarly. Then he stood up and walked out of the house.

"You ungrateful son of the b*tch! Traitor! You’re not going to get away with this! You and Zhang Yang! I’ll shred you two into tiny pieces! Just wait and see! F*ck!" Zhong Xiu Hua screamed from the bottom of his stomach.

Scholar Musou and the others looked at each other. Then, they decided to leave the guild as well without saying a word --- judging from what they just witnessed, Zhong Xiu Hua’s identity as a ‘Prince’ no longer had any effect in the game. He was being tortured by Zhang Yang left, right, upside down. Meanwhile, if they remain by the side of Zhong Xiu Hua to fight Zhang Yang... well, Brazil was not the only place with psychotic *ss pokers in the entire world.

‘Ding! Guild Announcement: Longrich has left the guild!’

‘Ding! Guild Announcement: Scholar Musou has left the guild!’

‘Ding! Guild Announcement: Death Arbiter has left the guild!’


As the core players of Eternal Flame left the guild one after another, Eternal Flame descended into chaos. Those who were already angry because they did not get their salaries immediately followed and quit the guild as well. This so-called top Tier guild was instantly torn into pieces. There was only approximately 1,000 members remaining in the guild at the moment. They were just weak players that did not even reach Level 200 yet! In a flash, the guild became as weak as a newly founded guild.

In a nutshell, Eternal Flame was totally gone.

Looking upon the countless streams of Guild Announcements about his members’ resignations, Zhong Xiu Hua totally fell into the dark abyss of despair. A few hours later, his eyes turned red, and he looked at the table as if his eyes could burn the table to crisp. With murderous intent overwhelming his head, he said, "Zhang Yang, I will kill you! I will!"


"Mr. Zhang, I’ve done everything you’ve asked!" Longrich switched on his voice communicator in the game and contacted Zhang Yang. He greeted Zhang Yang with a ‘congratulations’.

Zhang Yang was currently in Shang Hai. He revealed a smile on his face and said, "Thank you very much for your service! It’s been a pleasure!"

"The pleasure is mine, Mr. Zhang!" Longrich quickly cut back in and said. "But Mr. Zhang, wouldn’t that rich brat would try to kill you after all we’ve done? That man has been staying up high in his influential position. I bet he can’t even take a punch! He might get mad and do something horrific!"

"Hmm.. well, you don’t have to concern yourself with that, I guess. Just enjoy your beaches and bikini girls!"

Zhang Yang switch off the voice communicator and swung his axe at a gigantic elephant monster right before him, "Well, if you don’t go insane, how can I play you into my hands then? Zhong Xiu Hua, my dear Zhong Xiu Hua… Do you even understand what does ‘Angered man would splat his blood 5 feet across the ground’ means? So let’s observe and see if you might try something that would destroy yourself, then."

"After settling Zhong Xiu Hua, I guess it’s time for me to rest as well. It might be a good time to solve the problems between ice queen, witchy snow, and the other ladies. I guess it’s unwise to drag the problem any further."