Chapter 852: Reckless Attempt

MMORPG Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 852: Reckless Attempt
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After proceeding into the quarterfinals, the Silky Soft Battle Team would only have one day of rest before the semifinals. Well. Their opponents were just some players they knew long ago. The Philosopher Stone Battle Team.

Although their opponents were not weak at all, Zhang Yang and his gang had acquired enough Celestial Tier equipment to get the first special effect of the Armor Set. They were able to take the lead in the battle. Because of that, they managed to win the matches with ease. By scoring 5:1, they managed to proceed into the semifinals.

At night, back in Zhang Yang’s room, Sun Xin Yu revealed a sense of worry on her face. She was serious, "Zhong Xiu Hua has just arrived at Shang Hai. So have you made up your mind? Are you sure?"

"Yes. Even though the hatred we have for each other is a little messed up, now it’s either me or him. One of us must go down," Zhang Yang nodded and revealed a smile on his face all of a sudden, "Rest assured, everything is according to plan! I’m very confident, knowing that you have my back!"

"You must be careful!" Sun Xin Yu was still very worried. She still believed that Zhang Yang’s idea was too insane, to begin with.

During that night, Zhang Yang left the hotel to have a drink at the bar. He even flirted with two hot chicks all the while he was in the bar.

After a while, Zhang Yang went to the washroom. Immediately, two huge men came into the washroom as well. Then the two of them stood at the sides of Zhang Yang. One of them smacked the back of the head of Zhang Yang with a karate chop while the other one carried Zhang Yang after he collapsed.

"The goods have been secured. We’re on our way."

One of the two men spoke into the device on his wrist. The device seemed to be some sort of mini communication device.

Half an hour later, Zhang Yang was rudely woken up by a pail of cold water. He immediately woke up. At the same time, he noticed that he was held in the middle of some sort of broken down, abandoned warehouse. Well, of course, his hands and legs were tied to a chair. The light in the surroundings was dimmed. There was a handsome looking man sitting right in front of him. However, that handsome looking man seemed dishevelled and unstable.

It was Zhong Xiu Hua!

Zhang Yang spat out the water caught in his mouth and looked at Zhong Xiu Hua in disdain, "Master Zhong, so this is your definition of ‘what you got’?" Other than Zhong Xiu Hua, there were also two other men in black suits standing behind Zhong Xiu Hua. Well, they still wore sunglasses, even though they were in a dark place like this. There was no telling if they were just acting cool or if it was their way of fashion.

"How dare you to speak even after knowing you’re in a tough spot!" Zhong Xiu Hua snorted, "Didn’t you already know that many men have ‘disappeared’ by my hands? I’ll let you taste the pleasure of ‘disappearing’!"

He stood up from his chair and walked around Zhang Yang twice. Suddenly, he gave Zhang Yang a slap in his face, "Who are you to fight me, huh? Today, I shall let you know the consequence of going against me, the authority! Money will not be able to buy you out of this!"

"Well, this is an abandoned factory for smithing metal. However, even though the factory is abandoned, their facilities still work like a charm! I’ll put you into the stove and cook you bit by bit until you burn into crisp! Then, you’ll disappear from this world! Hahaha!"

Zhong Xiu Hua swung both of his hands to loosen his hands, "It’s a simple as that! No one will know where you died. It will be just like you’ve never existed! You’re going to feel endless pain before you die. Believe me when I say so. You’re going to wish you die as soon as you can!"

"So are you satisfied with the tomb I picked for you?" Zhong Xiu Hua was looking at Zhang Yang as if he had won. Not only did he want to destroy Zhang Yang’s body, he also wanted Zhang Yang to suffer mentally before he dies. Only then could Zhong Xiu Hua relieve himself of his rage towards Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang could not help but laugh, "So you finally found a way to conquer your fear of the Sun Family, huh?"

"How did you ---" Zhong Xiu Hua immediately revealed a twisted face. It was terrifying to look at his face.

Ever since, he had been jabbed in the *ss back in Brazil, he had a psychological phobia where he would remember the pain of being poked again and again. He could not even make his ‘brother’ stand up whenever he wanted to f*ck a girl. Well, that was psychological. So, no matter how much viagra he chugs down, he could not solve the problem at all. Well, how many women had suffered by only having his hands on them, then?

"Humph! You’ll face justice until you cry and beg for mercy!" Zhong Xiu Hua told himself that there was no reason for him to be angry at Zhang Yang, a man that was about to be condemned to a torturous death by him. Zhang Yang would become a pile of ashes and the wind would blow the ashes away, leaving nothing behind. Meanwhile, he would be able to live happily ever after.

"Brother Zhao, Brother Bin, put him into the coffin now!"

"Yes, Master Zhong!"

The two big guys immediately walked up to Zhang Yang and untied him. Then he picked him up from the chair.

"People inside the warehouse, listen up! You’ve been surrounded! Release the hostage immediately! Do not resist!" Just when everything was going smoothly for Zhong Xiu Hua, suddenly, they heard sirens that were loud and clear.

"WHAT?!" Zhong Xiu Hua immediately panicked, "You bastard! Did you just set me up?!"

Zhang Yang laughed out loud and shook his head, "With your IQ, I could easily beat you, if it weren’t for your dad!"

Zhong Xiu Hua had thought himself to be a very capable strategist all the while. So when Zhang Yang bested him like his, his brain was overwhelmed by rage and humiliation. Without any delay, he pulled out his gun from his waist and pointed it at Zhang Yang. His face was gloomy, "You say it one more time! I dare you to say it one more time!"

Zhang Yang shut up without any hesitation. Well, he had forced Zhong Xiu Hua far enough. If he tries to push Zhong Xiu Hua little more, he might be the first to die. Well, he did not plan to die, obviously.

Right outside of the factory house, the police sirens were loud. Countless flashings of the police sirens were seen through the windows in all four directions of the house. It was obvious that the entire building was surrounded by the police!

Zhong Xiu Hua had finally understood that everything that Zhang Yang did was to force him into committing such a stupid crime!

Now that he was caught red-handed, even if he has the president to back him up, he would never be able to get out of this anymore! Holding a hostage... if his previous crimes were revealed to daylight, he would be shot more than just a hundred times in his head!

Well, even if his past crimes stay hidden, holding a hostage and possessing a firearm without a legal license would be crimes that would put him in jail for 8 to 10 years! Getting into jail was not something Zhong Xiu Hua could accept. If he is really going to jail, that would mean that his entire life would be over.

At that instant, he became more fearless than he ever could. His eyes were filled with murderous intent. It seemed that he had to bring someone down with him, no matter what.

"Master Zhong!" The two huge guys saw that Zhong Xiu Hua had lost himself to his rage and impulse to kill someone. They quickly tried to persuade him to calm himself. From their point of view, as long as Zhong Xiu Hua does not die, the Zhong family would have a way to get him out of this mess.

"Put down the gun!" A police spoke through a speaker sternly, "Put down your weapon immediately, raise both of your hands where we can see them!"

Zhong Xiu Hua was breathing faster and faster by the second. He could no longer hear anyone talking. He only saw the face of Zhang Yang right before him. All he could think of was the suffering and the torture that he was about to get after he gets into jail. According to rumors, some inmates have collected so much junk, and they would also have men as well for their…

Well, because he had experienced that before, he would rather die now than experience being poked in his *ss again!


Zhong Xiu Hua’s eyes were filled with madness. He was no longer the calm and clever young man he used to be. He had ‘transformed’ into a sick person with painful memories. He held his gun so tightly that his hands were shaking now. His face was absolutely pale.

"Put down the weapon!"

"Put down your gun!"

The police had warned Zhong Xiu Hua a couple of times. However, Zhong Xiu Hua could not hear them at all. He was completely in the state of panic.

Even Zhang Yang started feeling nervous. This man has totally lost his mind! Well, no one could ever imagine what a madman would do if provoked! Although Zhang Yang had planned well to lure Zhong Xiu Hua here, he had never planned to give his life while doing that. No one had expected Zhong Xiu Hua to breakdown during all this!

Seeing the murderous eyes of Zhong Xiu Hua, Zhang Yang knew that he would shoot!

His hands were tied so tightly that he could not even move. So he moved his body back a little and charged forward with all the strength left in him! Bam! His huge movement had caused the chair to fall. Zhang Yang fell to the ground with his face. However, his back was still tied to the chair. Now, he looked like a turtle on the ground.

Zhong Xiu Hua was already on the verge of losing himself completely. Zhang Yang’s move had ignited the dynamite!

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Zhong Xiu Hua could no longer resist. He gave in to his insanity and started pulling the trigger on his gun. He fired three shots at Zhang Yang!


Another shot was heard coming from afar. The next thing that happened was Zhong Xiu Hua’s brain splattering across the ground like cotton candy! Then, his body collapsed to the ground. However, his eyes were still wide open, staring at Zhang Yang. It seemed that he was still trying to confirm whether Zhang Yang was dead or not, even after he was shot in the head!

However, he could no longer confirm Zhang Yang’s death anymore. His pupils had dilated. His consciousness slipped away, slow and easy. Then, he died.

"Master ---" the two huge guys were extremely shocked. They quickly charged towards the dead body of Zhong Xiu Hua. However, the Police thought it was them trying to fight back. They thought the two huge guys were trying to take Zhang Yang as a hostage. So the police let out two more shots from their handguns and the two bullets went straight into the skulls of the two huge men. The aftermath of having three brains blown out of their skulls was disastrous. The grey matter and blood was everywhere.

"Zhang Yang ---" Sun Xin Yu ran towards the scene with a panicked voice. She quickly pulled the chair up and noticed that Zhang Yang’s eyes were closed. His face was pale, as if there was no life sign anymore. Instantly, Sun Xin Yu sat on the ground helplessly. She lost her strength to even stand. She stopped breathing for a moment.

A few more policemen followed and made a quick check on Zhang Yang’s body. Then they told Sun Xin Yu, "No worries, he just had a concussion. He just passed out."

Sun Xin Yu felt so relieved that she could breathe again.

After untying Zhang Yang’s hands, it was about time for him to wake up, "Oh, I’m not dead yet!"


Sun Xin Yu swung a solid punch at Zhang Yang’s face. However, before he could talk again, Sun Xin Yu had pulled him into her arms. Then she said in rage, "If you ever dare to pull a stunt like that, I’ll punch you to death with my bare fists!"

Her trembling body had revealed her fear for almost losing Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang reached out and hugged Sun Xin Yu, "There won’t be a next time, I promise."

Well, he was also panicking when things were escalating earlier. Place a hand on his shirt, and you’ll know that is it soaking wet!

Who would not feel anything after having a gun pointed at his or her head? If that person feels nothing, he or she must not be human anymore!


Although he almost lost his own life back there, Zhang Yang only wanted to have a good sleep back at his own hotel room. Well, he wouldn’t mind having Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue accompanying him in bed, doing some ‘excersices’ so that he could forget about the dark hole of the gun’s muzzle pointing at him. However, Zhang Yang was brought back to the police station for his statement to be taken down. Well, three people had died in that incident, after all.

Fortunate for him, he only mentioned the in-game name of Zhong Xiu Hua in the ‘God’s Miracle’. He managed to keep the police from knowing about the grudges the two of them held against each other. Well, that was the main reason why Zhang Yang got abducted in the first place, while he was participating in the championships in Shang Hai.

Because the police did not know Zhong Xiu Hua’s identity just yet, Zhang Yang was soon released back to the hotel to join the championship. However, there was no telling about how long the death of Zhong Xiu Hua could be kept silent.