Chapter 853: An Unprecedented Finale

MMORPG Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 853: An Unprecedented Finale
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Zhang Yang had only wanted Zhong Xiu Hua to be caught red-handed. However, he would never have thought that Zhong Xiu Hua would descend into insanity and force himself upon his own demise.

The moment Zhang Yang was abducted by the two men in black suits, Sun Xin Yu had immediately called the police. Then, she quickly traced the GPS device that was planted on Zhang Yang to get the precise location of Zhang Yang. After that, she allowed the Police to rush to the crime scene without any delay. By doing so, the police would be able to catch Zhong Xiu Hua red-handed. If they could post the video footage they had for the police operation, with so much hard evidence, Zhong Xiu Hua would never escape the law this time, even if he was still alive.

However, things escalated beyond Zhang Yang’s imagination. Although Zhong Xiu Hua was dead, Zhang Yang now has to face the wrath of the Zhong Family. Their retaliation was at hand now!

"We should be able to cover Zhong Xiu Hua’s death for a few more days. Let’s make visas now and get out of the country for the time being."

Zhang Yang only told Han Ying Xue and Fatty Han about the death of Zhong Xiu Hua. Meanwhile, Sun Xin Yu had already utilized all her connections and connections to speed up the process of acquiring everyone’s visas. So, when the Zhong Family finds out about the death of Zhong Xiu Hua, Zhang Yang and his ladies should have already gotten out of the country.

Zhang Yang believed that Zhong Xiu Hua’s father would deal with things by following the justice system. However, Zhong Xiu Hua’s mother... if Zhang Yang ever gets caged in the police station, he would be dead the next day!

Zhang Yang had put his life on the line once. He wouldn’t risk it for the second time.

The three of them acted normal, as if nothing had ever happened for the moment. They just carried on with the upcoming matches.

During the Semifinal, the opponent that the Silky Soft Battle Team had to face was Paragon, one of the best guilds from Europe Region.

5:1! 5:2!

The Silky Soft Battle Team had once again triumphed over their opponents, proceeding into the finals without facing much of a problem. It seemed that they were about to create another new record in the history of ‘God’s Miracle’ by being the champions of the World League Championship for the fourth time.

However, when the Steely Dang Battle Team managed to proceed into the final, a very dramatic twist of events took place.

God’s Left Hand, Heart of Destruction, Captain America and other top Tier players from all around the world had switched their loyalties over toward the Indian Region and joined the Steely Dang Battle Team.

Wouldn’t that be cheating, then?

It seemed that all of the top Tier guilds from all over the world were not willing to see Lone Desert Smoke’s Silky Soft Battle Team complete the great cause of being the Champion of the World League Championship for 4 years straight. So they decided to try a new approach this time!

If their actions are permitted by the organizers of the championship, then the new Steely Dang Battle Team would have 3 players with Class S Inheritances after they assemble their battle team. However, they would also have over 7 players with Class A Inheritance. They would have even more players with Class A Inheritances than the Silky Soft Battle Team!

According to the rules, there was nothing wrong with this. However, from a personal perspective, that was obviously an act of cheating!

However, even though they did not violate any of the rules in the championship, the organizers were a little confused at the moment. By the end of it, they decided to let the players vote on whether to approve it or not.

Well, that was obvious, though. Other than the China Region, all Regions would never want to see the China Region become the champions again. Over 85% of the players had voted for the new Steely Dang Battle Team to be qualified for the finals! They really wanted to see the newly formed Steely Dang Battle Team go up against the Silky Soft Battle Team.

For the organizers of the championship, the audience are most important of all. Even if the matches might seem unfair, they would not even give a sh*t about it. They would only require people’s support.

Meanwhile, the organizers had approached Zhang Yang to ask for his opinion as well. If the Silky Soft Battle Team does not have the will to participate in such an unfair match, these organizers would be blamed by the players who were very keen to watch the matches!

At that, Zhang Yang spoke in absolute confidence, "Let’s fight then!"

Zhang Yang had the idea of quitting ‘God’s Miracle’ eventually. Meanwhile, getting a challenge from a ‘World Alliance Battle Team’ would serve as the best parting gift for Zhang Yang!

However, he also made a request of his own: During the finals, all restrictions are to be lifted!

After a brief session of voting, the organizers decided to grant him his request.

On 21 January, 7 p.m, the finale for the fourth World League Championship finally began!

The two battle teams handed in their lists of line-ups before the first match could begin.

Sun Xin Yu VS Heart of Destruction!

These two were basically old rivals since forever. However, Heart of Destruction would begin to flee every single time, before the battle between the two of them could be concluded. Therefore, the two of them had never actually had a definitive showdown before. However, on the arena, one of them must fall before the battle ends!

Let the battle begin then!

As all restrictions had been lifted. The two of then activated their Inheritance Transformations. Both them of flapped their radiating wings and charged towards each another. They began the slaughtering each other up without showing any signs of mercy. The battle went on for approximately 20 minutes before Sun Xin Yu claimed victory over the match.

Although it was a battle of endurance, the two of them had put up a great performance for everyone to watch. The crowds felt so intense watching the match that they almost forgotten to breathe! They did not even feel that the match had gone on for over 20 minutes! It was like a few seconds for them! When the match ended, they only wanted more!

Since lifting all of the restrictions on the players allowed them to use all of their Skills, the players were able to unleash their full potential on the arena. Although the power level between players with top Class Inheritance and players with low-Class Inheritance differed greatly, the match would be incredibly interesting to watch when two players with the same Class Inheritances were to clash on the arena!

1:0, the Silky Soft Battle Team was in the lead for the moment.

On the second match, it was time for the match between Wei Yan Er VS Captain America!

During the battle between these two Berserkers, everyone could tell that the two of them were on the same standards, in regards to their experiences and controls. However, Wei Yan Er had acquired 3 pieces of Celestial Tier Equipment. Her Attack, Defence and HP amount were beyond Captain America! It was no surprise for Wei Yan Er to claim victory in the second match as well!


On the third match, it was time for the match between Lost Dream VS Hourglass Figure!

Although Lost Dream also had 3 pieces of Celestial Tier equipment, there was no way that he could cover the gap between having a Class B Inheritance and having a Class S Inheritance. When the two of them activated their own Inheritance Transformations, the power level between the two of them became so obvious that everyone already knew who would win by the end of the battle!

Lost Dream lost… 2:1, the ‘World Alliance Battle Team’ has earned back one point!

On the fourth match, it was time for the match between Daffodil Daydream VS God’s Left Hand!

God’s Left Hand had extraordinarily powerful Defence and high HP. Furthermore, he also had his godly powerful Healing ability which made him a ‘dual-Class’ player! Even though his Attack power was not very strong, he still managed to slowly torture Daffodil Daydream to her demise by relying on his endless healing ability and his Defence!

2:2! The two battle teams had gotten a tie for the moment!

On the fifth match, it was time for the match between Han Ying Xue VS Seductive Wild Pussy!

Previously, God’s Left Hand had slowly tortured Daffodil Daydream to death. This time around, it was Han Ying Xue’s turn to torture Seductive Wild Pussy to her demise.

3:2! The Silky Soft Battle Team was once again in the lead.

On the sixth match, it was time for the match between Hundred Shots VS The Cupid!

The Cupid was a new Top Tier player who rose from India Region, a Cryomancer who acquired the Class A ‘Heart of the Swarm’ Inheritance. This player had been kept in secret by Hourglass Figure until now. Because of that, this player became an element of surprise that won the match! Upon summoning a sea of insects to drown Hundred Shots, even though the insects were just Normal Tier monsters, they managed to eat Hundred Shots alive!

3:3! The two battle teams were tied again!

Zhang Yang decided to forfeit for the seventh match. He intended to let the two battle teams decide the champion through the team battle session.

Truth to be told, it would be pointless even if any of them could score the fourth win just now. When both sides had scored at least 3 wins, the only way of deciding which battle team wins would be participating in the team battle session of the championship.

In the team battle session, the ‘World Alliance Battle Team’ had sent forth Hourglass Figure, Heart of Destruction, God’s Left Hand, Seductive Wild Pussy and Captain America. With three players possessing Class S Inheritances and two players with Class A Inheritances, they formed quite an impressive team there. That was basically the same standard as the Silky Soft Battle Team’s best line-up, currently!

Meanwhile, on the Silky Soft Battle Team, Zhang Yang was the only contestant who stepped forth!

"Silky Soft Battle Team, please notify the other four of your team members to come onto the arena. Or else your battle team is going to be forfeited due to time out." The host of the event immediately notified Zhang Yang. Well, the two battle teams only had 2 minutes to get ready. Meanwhile, it was already 90 seconds after the clock started ticking.

Zhang Yang smiled vaguely and said, "I’m going to take you 5 all by myself!"


"He’s insane!"

"There’re 3 players with Class S Inheritance and 2 players with Class A Inheritance over that side! Wouldn’t it be too cocky of him to think about taking all 5 of them all by himself?!"

"He’s arrogant as f*ck!"

The finale had attracted at least 2,000,000,000 players to watch the match. Upon hearing what Zhang Yang had to say, everyone revealed their disagreement on their faces. Maybe, just maybe, one player with Class S Inheritance might be capable of taking on 5 players with Class A Inheritance at the same time. However, if there is one extra player with a Class S Inheritance on the opposition team, there was no way in hell he would survive that!

"Zhan Yu, you arrogant f*cker!" Captain America screamed in rage.

Zhang Yang looked at him in disdain and said, "My teammates trust me. They allow me to do this once! Even if I lose here, so what? We can win again, a couple more times in the upcoming matches. However, if you guys lose here today, will you still have the confidence to continue on with the upcoming matches? I’d say, no! Haha!"

Let’s assume that the five of them could not beat Zhang Yang when he’s all alone now. Unless they win the next 1VS1 session with the score of 5:0, 5:1, or 5:2, they would not stand a chance to even enter the Team Battle session later on!

However, no one could change the fact that Zhang Yang was acting as if he was overestimating himself at the moment!

He is indeed a player with Class S Inheritance. However, Hourglass Figure, God’s Left Hand and Heart of Destruction were also players with Class S Inheritances! They were basically on the same standard as Zhang Yang!

Could it be possible that the Silky Soft Battle Team intended to lose for once this time?

Every single audience by the side was thinking alike at the moment.

2 minutes passed in blink of an eye. After that, all of the contestants received the notification from the system. The Battle Team finally begun! So, it did not matter if Zhang Yang is trying to put up an act, or if he had just lost himself in his confidence. The pace of the match would not be disrupted anymore.

The 6 of them activated their Inheritance Transformations at the same instance!

Currently, everything would work similarly to the 1VS1 matches. Once the players were in the arena, their Skills would be automatically refreshed. Therefore, Hourglass Figure and the others could use their Inheritance Transformations again after they have used them in their previous PvP matches earlier on.

Phoenix pet appeared! Felice appeared! All of them had activated their Transformation Skills!


Zhang Yang looked deadly serious on his face. He flapped the wings on his back and flew straight towards Captain America. Captain America could not even blink once before Zhang Yang arrived right before his eyes. With a solid swing from his axe, Zhang Yang smashed Captain America with a powerful blow.


Even though the approximately 2,000,000 damage was not low at all, Captain America had boosted his HP amount up to about 1,000,000,000 HP upon activating his Inheritance Transformation. That amount of damage was not much of a deal to him.

{Destructive Smash}!


Upon receiving that attack, not only Captain America received a high damage value, and he was also afflicted with a 75% reduction in his Healing Efficiency.

"Zhan Yu! Your overwhelming pride will be the one reason you’re digging your own grave!" God’s Left Hand began to heal Captain America. Although he could only unleash 25% of his healing ability on Captain America, it was enough to keep Captain America’s HP bar from being depleted. Meanwhile, the other four were quite powerful as well. They definitely packed enough firepower to kill Zhang Yang within a brief period of time!

{God of War Shield} activated!

{Rock Solid} activated!




A series of damage popped up on top of Zhang Yang. However, all the damage values were zero! Their attacks did nothing at all to him!