Chapter 855: Smoldering Intensity

MMORPG Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 855: Smoldering Intensity
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Zhang Yang grinned faintly. Although he still had one Accessory that could allow him to break out of any Status Restriction Effect once, he did not intend to use it for the moment.

So, he activated his {Shield Wall}. That Skill would still be accessible even while he is under a Status Restriction Effect.

Although his {Rock Solid} was no longer in effect, Zhang Yang could still have over 92.5% Passive Damage Immunity under the support of his {Shield Wall}.

Even if any of his opponents could deal as much damage as the last hit of his {Sky Slicer}, the amount of damage the strike would deal would drop from 1,200,000 to 700,000 damage!

In the meantime, Heart of Destruction and the others were trying their very best to restrain Zhang Yang as much as they could. They were attempting to buy enough time for God’s Left Hand and Captain America to fully unleash the full potential of their {Sky Slicers} on Zhang Yang.

Unfortunately, 10 seconds later, Zhang Yang only lost approximately 14,000,000 HP!

He laughed out loud and got out of the Stun Effect. Immediately, he returned the favor to Captain America with his {God of War Restoration}.


{God of War Restoration} could recover all the HP lost over the past 6 seconds. Meanwhile, Captain America was focused on using his {Sky Slicer}. He had opted to forego his {Destructive Smash} on Zhang Yang earlier on! Because of that, Zhang Yang managed to heal 100% of his healing efficiency!

In other words, all the ultimate Skills that Hourglass and the others used on Zhang Yang only managed to take away approximately 5,000,000 HP of Zhang Yang. That was… really a blow to their faces!

"He got through! Zhan Yu has avoided being killed without facing any difficulties!"

"Actually, I’d say that the two {Sky Slicer} should have been used separately. Then, at least one of their {Sky Slicers} would not have been affected by Zhan Yu’s {Shield Wall}!"

"However, the Status Restriction Skills of the players are limited, after all! If they had used their {Sky Slicer} separately, the second person who uses it might get interrupted by Zhan Yu easily!"

"Well, they could wait for the cooldowns of their Status Restriction Skills to be over before using them, right? They can just wait for 1 minute for everything to cool down first."

"But can Captain America last another 1 minute? Look at his condition now!"

"That sounds dangerous and risky!"

While the three hosts were explaining the situations to the audience, Zhang Yang had once again started his ferocious attacks on Captain America. In just 30 seconds, he had once again reduced the HP bar of Captain America to 20%!

{Apocalyptic Bondage}!

God’s Left Hand had activated his most powerful Skill to hooked Zhang Yang over to him, putting Zhang Yang into a situation where he could only attack God’s Left Hand for the next 10 minutes!

That was a very powerful Skill for luring monsters. At the same time, the Skill was also deemed to be the best at protecting the player’s teammates! Captain America instantly vanished from the sight of Zhang Yang. Even Felice and Phoenix pet were not able to lock on to any targets in their vicinity!

To defeat Captain America during this period of time, the only way was to hit Captain America with all sorts of AoE Attacks. Well, only the splash attacks of AoE Skills would work for the moment. Furthermore, Captain America had to be within the effective range of Zhang Yang’s AoE attacks!

In other words, Captain America had been saved from meeting his own demise. 10 minutes was more than enough for the others to heal Captain America’s HP back up!

"Do you think that I can’t move you, just because you have a super thick skin?" Zhang Yang laughed out loud and switched his target to God’s Left Hand. At the same time, he activated his {Tribulation} to deflect any form of attacks for the next 10 minutes. Meanwhile, Zhang Yang’s Defence was insanely high. If his enemy was to deal approximately 500,000 damage on Zhang Yang, Zhang Yang could deflect approximately 1,300,000 damage back to his enemy! Who could afford to receive that much of a damage then?!

As the Chinese say, killing a thousand of your enemies would require you to sacrifice 800 of your own. Well, at least you’re still earning something, if you compare the numbers, right? However, the situation was like killing fifty of your enemies by sacrificing a hundred of your own! That’s quite a great loss, don’t you think?

Well, the battle had to go on, even though he was suffering a great loss. Could he be beaten up by Zhang Yang within 10 minutes? God’s Left Hand’s Defence and Healing Ability were stunningly powerful. However, he could not survive long against Zhang Yang, Felice, and Phoenix pet after all!

Without any choice left, he could only charge into battle. When worst comes to worst, God’s Left Hand would have to use his life-saving Skills. Meanwhile, he was also the toughest player among the 5 of them. If he can’t last against Zhang Yang, the others would definitely fail as well!

All sorts of Skills were seen across the arena. Zhang Yang could only see God’s Left Hand and God’s Left Hand only in his sight. Therefore, he could not make any accurate moves to dodge or avoid being hit by the Skills thrown at him. Sometimes, he would even collide into someone, because he could not see anyone else! It was really troublesome.

Zhang Yang was losing HP rapidly. However, God’s Left Hand was suffering as well. He was being pushed back so violently that he had to use one of his life-saving Skills to heal himself.

Although God’s Left Hand had quite a high amount of HP, a powerful Healing Ability, a super high Defence, he was still not capable of withstanding the combined Attacks of Zhang Yang, Felice and Phoenix pet. In just less than two minutes, his HP bar was about to hit the bottom!

God’s Left Hand was so shocked that he quickly activated his Invincibility Skill, followed by his ultimate healing Skill that he could only use once in every 30 minutes! Instantly, his HP bar was healed back up.

Meanwhile, Hourglass Figure and the others had retreated to the sidelines after battling for approximately 1 minute. Well, they were constantly getting hit by the deflected attacks throughout the entire battle, after all. So, they had no choice but to spam using their Healing Potions and Bandages to heal themselves back up. They looked pathetic.

For them, Zhang Yang was a Celestial Tier boss! It was just too difficult for them to battle against Zhang Yang!

{Charge Up Strike}, {God of War Devastation}!

Although Zhang Yang could not see the other four of them around, his {God of War Devastation} has become an AoE attack because his EP bar was full at that particular moment! Well, the attack would spread across into the surroundings, finding the targets automatically, dealing approximately 15,000,000 basic damage to all 5 of them on the arena!

"F*CK!" Captain America could not help but curse. As he was only taking care of himself, Captain America could only rely on using his own Bandages and Potions. He did not even dare to go up and hit Zhang Yang. It was mainly because he might get hit to death by the deflected attacks before he could kill Zhang Yang. So, he could only stay at the sidelines, staring at Zhang Yang. It was quite humiliating for him.

Hourglass Figure grit her teeth and suddenly, she took out a scroll. Then she tore it and threw it over her own head.

[Forbidden Scroll: Sacred Glory] (Consumable)

Use: Recover 10% HP once in every second for all friendly units in the range of 5-kilometer. Lasts for 30 seconds.

Required Level: 200

"Holy god! She has a Forbidden Scroll that heals everyone on her side! A large-scale healing Forbidden Scroll!"

"Holy mama god! She’s worthy of being the guildmaster for the number one guild in India Region! She’s just so willing to spend!"

"More importantly, she actually used that scroll on 5 players, only! I have no words to describe her actions!"

The three hosts sprayed their saliva across the table once again. Even though the finale in this championship had lifted some restrictions, however, using one Forbidden Scroll in a match was a little too much. After all, the final reward for becoming the champion of this World League Championship was not as valuable as one Forbidden Scroll!

Although Zhang Yang could not see Hourglass Figure tearing a Forbidden Scroll and using it on herself, he could still make a deduction by observing the rapid increase on God’s Left Hand’s HP bar.

Well, none of that mattered, anyway. It was futile for them to try any tricks!

30 seconds had passed, Zhang Yang immediately threw {Glare of the Death God} onto God’s Left Hand!

God’s Left Hand immediately panicked. That was because he had used all of his life-saving Skills once. The only thing that he could do was to pray that Zhang Yang does not trigger the special effect of his {Glare of the Death Gpd}.

However, it was a wild dream! Not only was Zhang Yang hitting him, Phoenix pet and Felice were also hitting him!


{Glare of the Death God} activated! God’s Left Hand only had 1 HP remaining on him, all of a sudden!

{Blazing Dragon's Spear}!

Felice quickly struck God’s Left Hand before he could even react and sent him straight out of the arena!

One down!

However, the {Apocalyptic Bondage} did not fade upon God’s Left Hand’s death. Instead, Zhang Yang had lost the only target he could aim at! So he immediately rose into the air and used his speed to fly blindly in the arena. His main intention was to drag the battle on for the remaining 4 minutes before the {Apocalyptic Bondage} expires!

Or else, Zhang Yang would be a live target for the remaining 4 enemies on the arena! Although his {Tribulation} was quite powerful, to begin with, the other four had managed to heal themselves up with the use of a Forbidden Scroll. Even if they were planning to deal damage to Zhang Yang by receiving damage from Zhang Yang, Zhang Yang would still be the one who suffers a greater loss! After all, he would be receiving damage from 4 other players!

He flew around with no patterns whatsoever. So, he could still dodge some of the attacks by chance. However, he would also accidentally rush into the crossfire of all four players at the same time! Well, it was fortunate that Zhang Yang managed to survive the remaining duration of the {Apocalyptic Bondage}.

Zhang Yang still had 27% HP remaining. Meanwhile, other than Captain America who only managed to recover his HP up to 49%, the others still had more than 90% HP on them!

"Zhan Yu! You’ll pay for your own cockiness!"

"I don’t think so!" Zhang Yang once again focused all his attacks on Captain America. With a flutter in his wings, he charged in and began his attacks on his target like a madman. Meanwhile, Phoenix pet and Felice had also locked their targets on Captain America.

35%, 30%, 25%... the HP bar of Captain America was reducing so rapidly!

However, Zhang Yang’s {Tribulation} was over as well!

Hourglass Figure and the others had nothing left to worry about now! So they began to launch their fiercest attacks on Zhang Yang. They were also using their Status Restriction Skills at Zhang Yang as frequent as they could in attempt to save Captain America. Well, it was because Captain America was quite a powerful source of DPS! After all, Zhang Yang had not used his {Radiance of God of War} just yet. If Captain America’s {Destructive Smash} could just affect Zhang Yang, that would reduce 75% of Zhang Yang’s Healing Efficiency! Zhang Yang would be losing the ability to heal over 200,000,000 HP!

However, it would still be futile if they just restrain Zhang Yang. The firepower of Felice and Phoenix pet combined was deemed to be as powerful as Zhang Yang’s Attack power! So, the two of them could still take out Captain America within 30 seconds! Well, Felice would not be affected by any form of Status Restriction Effects. Unless Zhang Yang is killed or Zhang Yang is occupied by Skills such as {Apocalyptic Bondage} that causes him to lose his ability to target something, this dragon lady could be deemed as the most terrifying existence on this arena right now!

Well, Felice’s HP was insanely long. Also, she could not be affected by any Status Restriction Effect. Not to mention that her Attack power was insanely high! With these three attributes combined, Felice has become one of the most difficult beings to kill!

20%, 15%, 10%!

Well, Status Restriction Effects had limited durations, after all. Zhang Yang continued to pursue Captain America. Upon activating {Indiscrimination} and {Killing Cleave}, Zhang Yang finally sent Captain America out of the arena.

However, Zhang Yang only had approximately 9% HP remaining on him at the moment! The situation seemed to be very dire for him!

{Radiance of God of War}!


Zhang Yang instantly recovered his full HP! Then he looked at the three remaining ‘kittens’ on the arena with murderous eyes.

Sacrificing two players just to empty out one bar of Zhang Yang’s HP was not an optimistic outcome that they were hoping for. Although the two dead players were not the strongest DPS players, however, with two players missing from the arena, it would require an even long time for them to take out Zhang Yang’s entire HP bar!

Zhang Yang went on to pursue Seductive Wild Pussy. After a series of intense and deadly attacks, Zhang Yang sacrificed 30% of his HP in order to force Seductive Wild Pussy to use all of her life-saving Skills once!

The Invincibility Effect of the [God Killer Cape] was activated. Zhang Yang then activated {Charge Up Strike}, closely followed by his {Sky Slicer}!

Seductive Wild Pussy was instantly shocked to the point, that her face turned pale!

That’s right. Players who use {Sky Slicer} would be pretty easy to interrupt. Even if they are uninterrupted, their enemies could activate their Invincible Skills or other Skills such as {Apparate} to get out of the effective range of the {Sky Slicer}. However, now that Zhang Yang activated his Invincibility Effect while spinning his axe with his {Sky Slicer}, it would be impossible for anyone to interrupt him. Meanwhile, on the other side, Hourglass Figure had just used up all of her life-saving Skills. Although she still had over 90% HP remaining, she basically had nothing left to save herself now! All of her Skills were on cooldown!

In other words, she could only take all of the damage dealt head-on!




Before the tenth strike commenced, Zhang Yang had already sent Hourglass Figure out of the arena with his eighth strike of his {Sky Slicer}. That strike had reached over 150,000,000 damage!

And then, there were two.

Zhang Yang smiled at them, or should we say…snarl…