MW Chapter 2246

Martial World

Chapter 2246 – Jade-like Gentleman

“Senior Diwuhen…”

As Diwuhen volunteered himself, many of those on the side of the primal god race couldn’t bear to lose him.

Diwuhen was their Patriarch. 20,000 years ago, the primal god race had been invaded by the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign and the old Patriarch had died in battle. Afterwards, Diwuhen had been left in charge of managing all matters concerning the primal god race, becoming the new Patriarch.

He had silently held this position for 20,000 years. In the face of his race’s extinction, as they stood upon the raging winds and waves, there was no joy and beauty in the position of Patriarch. Rather, to carry this title meant heavy responsibility and immense pressure.

Ink and Clear looked at Diwuhen and sighed inwardly. The Asura Road Master had been of the primal god race in the past, and yet that incomparably powerful primal god race had fallen to such a degree.

“Good… then, we still require one more person…”

As Clear swept his eyes over the other True Divinities, a white-clothed youth quietly stood up. “Then it should be me…”

This calm and indifferent voice caused everyone’s hearts to shake!

“Jun Bluemoon!?”

Everyone was shocked. If one stood out to volunteer with Ink and Clear, then death was certain. Those who chose to step forwards were mostly from the older generation. The younger generation still had glorious times awaiting them. For instance, if Jun Bluemoon were to walk further he could become a middle True Divinity; even an upper True Divinity was within the realm of possibility.

To die like was too great a pity.

“Child, don’t be so impulsive…” Ink wasn’t cruel enough to sacrifice Jun Bluemoon here. He had many higher achievements he could reach.

Jun Bluemoon faintly smiled. “My wounds are heavy and I don’t have much combat strength left remaining. I won’t be able to play much of a role in the future fights to come…”

In the previous battle, Jun Bluemoon had been wounded twice and his injuries were heavy.

Although he was severely wounded his source of life remained uninjured. Like that, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to join forces with Ink and Clear to activate the great array.

Clear and Ink were speechless. They could stop Jun Bluemoon, but who would sacrifice themselves in his place?

It would be a pity if Jun Bluemoon were to die here, but for anyone else, all they had was their life. If they died then they would have nothing at all. They had no right to force anyone to do anything, so the two of them simply didn’t try to discourage Jun Bluemoon anymore.

“You… ah…”

Clear shook his head. “Since this is the decision you have made, I will say no more. The required people have already been gathered. Everyone can have two hours to meditate as well as bid their farewells…”

Ink and Clear sighed as they spoke.

The Empyreans and True Divinities of the 33 Heavens had cultivated for 10,000 years together. In addition to the time enchantment, they knew each other for much longer. It was inevitable that people would form friendships, and if there would be those that died then there would surely be matters to settle beforehand.

Diwuhen called the people of the primal god race to his side and began to state what should happen after his death as well as including who would be the next candidate for the position of Patriarch. His tone was gentle, as if he were simply saying goodbye before leaving for a long trip. Many primal god race martial artists sat in deep worship and veneration, and some martial artists quietly shed tears.

Vast Universe quietly accompanied Divine Dream. The two of them were silent as they passed their final two hours before they would never see each other again together.

Vast Universe looked at Divine Dream’s silhouette, saw the black hair hanging down her forehead. This would be the last time he saw Divine Dream...

From the spiritas, an upper Empyrean passed a jade slip containing all his lifetime of studies to his friend. He bid his friend to keep living and seek out a descendant for him that could continue his legacy.

From the saints, a tall and handsome Empyrean bid his farewells to his wife. His wife was only at the World King boundary and simply didn’t have the qualifications to participate in the battle. She could only throw herself into her husband’s chest and weep tears of sorrow.

From the human race, an Empyrean took out a child that was still swaddled in cloth from her spatial ring. Then, she carefully passed this baby to her friend who had grown with her since childhood and asked her to take good care of her child.

Although she passed her child to her friend, this Empyrean still seemed reluctant to let go of the sleeping baby’s hand. As she looked at the sleeping baby, her eyes were filled with love and attachment…

In various areas, similar scenes were occurring all over.

As for Jun Bluemoon, he quietly stood in a corner by himself, withstanding the loneliness and solitude…

In his arms, there was a white and cute little bunny. Jun Bluemoon stroked the soft and chubby bunny again and again. The small bunny enjoyed this, but it seemed to understand something and then look up at Jun Bluemoon with sadness...

Xiao Moxian quietly looked at Jun Bluemoon. She thought that he was a particularly peculiar character.

Over 20,000 years ago at the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting, that was the first time Xiao Moxian met Jun Bluemoon and also the first time she met Lin Ming.

At that time, the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting was basically equivalent to a stage for all Empyrean descendants. Empyrean descendants basically occupied all top ten spots, and it was already a lifetime's worth of honor if a Great World King disciple was able to break into the top 50. As for martial artists from the common people, there were nearly none of them as it was difficult for them to even pass the preliminaries.

However, in such a First Martial Meeting with countless peerless masters and rival geniuses, there were actually two martial artists from the common people that were able to rush into the finals and enter the top 10!

One was Lin Ming and the other was Jun Bluemoon.

Like Lin Ming, Jun Bluemoon had ascended from the lower realms. On the side of the First Martial Meeting he had always been holding onto the furry white bunny and gently stroking it, completely indifferent to all around him.

This little bunny had left a deep impression on Xiao Moxian.

Jun Bluemoon was dressed in white, completely looking like a scholarly youth lost in thought. If this were the mortal world, then there wouldn’t be anyone who thought he was a martial artist from first glance, but would instead think he was some weak and fragile scholar that was preparing to study in imperial examinations.

He had always been silent and collected, and if one were to describe him, it would be – jade-like gentleman.

Afterwards, Jun Bluemoon became a World King, Empyrean, and then stepped into True Divinity, become one of the supreme masters of humanity. Even so, his disposition remained the same as before, without the least bit of arrogance around him.

He joined Mount Potala, becoming a lay disciple. He stood indifferent to worldly sins, approaching buddha with all his heart.

Many of those in the younger generation had broad social circles. Even Dragon Fang had his own friends and had even accepted disciples and married his wife.

But Jun Bluemoon remained a single bachelor his entire life, and he remained untouched by the attraction towards feminine sexuality.

Like this, he lived alone. He seemed to be accustomed to bearing this loneliness, like a sword sealed away in the box. The feeling he gave off was always a simple one, that was completely unpretentious.

For a full hour, Jun Bluemoon continued petting the small bunny in his chest, not speaking a single word.

As the final moments approached, he stood up and looked towards Xiao Moxian.

“Fairy Ji, please help me take care of it…”

Jun Bluemoon passed the small bunny to Xiao Moxian. Then, he took out his sword from his spatial ring and passed it to Xiao Moxian.

“This bunny…” As Xiao Moxian received the small white bunny she held it close to her chest, puzzled. In truth, she had always been confused; just why did Jun Bluemoon bring this small white bunny everywhere with him?

She subconsciously stroked the little white bunny. As she did so, her energies came into contact with the small white bunny and then her heart shook.

This bunny…

She could faintly feel that sealed within this bunny was an extremely weak wisp of remnant soul.

If she carefully probed, she could feel that this was the remnant soul of a woman!

In other words, what she hugged in her chest was simply not a little bunny, but the incarnation of a woman?

Realizing this incredible point, Xiao Moxian looked at Jun Bluemoon, unable to find the words to say.

“She is your…”

As Xiao Moxian looked at Jun Bluemoon, she seemed to suddenly understand many things.

Jun Bluemoon gently traced the little bunny’s head and softly said, “Fairy Ji… if there is a day when Sir Lin can wield the Heavenly Dao and even reverse the cycle of life and death, then I ask you to request Sir Lin to give her a good life…

“This is my final wish… with me alone, I would forever be unable to revive her. But if it is Sir Lin, there might be a slim hope…”

“Just who is she…” Xiao Moxian sucked in a deep breath. The ‘her’ that Jun Bluemoon referred to was naturally the incomparably weak wisp of remnant soul sealed within the bunny. Xiao Moxian didn’t know just what Jun Bluemoon’s story was.

But without a doubt, Jun Bluemoon’s unwavering certainty in stepping forwards was likely related to this mysterious woman’s incarnation. Since he felt that he couldn’t rescue this mysterious woman, then he hoped that once Lin Ming stepped Beyond Divinity he would be able to reverse life and death and revive her.

Xiao Moxian was shocked by all of these realizations.

Jun Bluemoon faintly smiled. Without much else, he only said, “If that isn’t possible, then please bury her and I together…”

Then, Jun Bluemoon turned and walked towards Clear and Ink.

“Wait… wait a moment!”

Xiao Moxian stepped forwards and grabbed onto Jun Bluemoon as well as Clear and Ink. “Seniors, is there really no other means? Will those that join together with you truly die? If I also help, if more people help, can we share the burden and preserve their lives? Even just a little, even just a little bit would be good!”

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