MW Chapter 2247

Martial World

Chapter 2247 – Reckless

“Preserve their lives?”

Ink and Clear looked at Xiao Moxian and sighed. “I fear that is too difficult. The great array sucks in one’s source of life… if it is all drawn away then a person will die. Even if a little bit of their life source is left over, they will slowly fade away because too much has been taken.”

“If several more people come, that only means there will be several more victims. And if more people sacrifice themselves then just who will fight in the following battles?”

Ink and Clear would work together to summon the ancient overlords that lived 10 billion years ago. But, even if their summoning was successful, they wouldn’t be able to kill off all the abyssals. In the battles to follow, they still needed everyone to work together and it wouldn’t be an easy task at all.

If too many people died here, how could they possibly continue fighting the abyssal demons?

“I understand…”

Xiao Moxian said, her voice bitter. Lin Ming had lost his source soul force in the past and had only managed to slowly restore it through countless tribulations and lucky chances. But, these tribulations and lucky chances might not necessarily be able to be replicated by others.

“Are you prepared?”

Ink and Clear looked towards the many Empyreans and True Divinities.

Their expressions showed that they were already prepared for anything.

“Then let us begin!”

As Ink and Clear spoke, runes began to ripple out beneath their feet…


Even though Lin Ming was deep in seclusion, he was still keenly aware of everything that was occurring outside.

His seclusion had entered its final and also its most crucial stage!

In order to increase the rate of fusion as much as possible, Lin Ming had already become recklessly desperate!

Because of the powerful impacts of energy against his body, his muscles had torn and his hair had scattered. He looked just like a rakshasa that had crawled up from the pits of hell!

“Faster! Just a little bit faster!”

Lin Ming shouted, burning with impatience. That month he spoke of was only an approximation. Currently, he was doing everything to hasten his cultivation and hopefully reduce this time!

Ever since the Asura Road Master blocked the final strike of the Demon God’s Tomb Master, he had fallen into a deep silence. Lin Ming didn’t know what happened to the Asura Road Master nor could he care about it right now.

He only knew that he had to complete his seclusion as fast as possible, otherwise everyone outside would die.

His family, his friends, his wives, even all those fellow comrades of the 33 Heavens who were fighting that gruesome battle up above.

He could not allow these people to die. If he were the only one left alive, then what would be the point of all this?

“Little Black, give me your strength!”

In front of Lin Ming, there was a black dragon that had already shrunk itself to the size of a tiger.

Originally, Lin Ming’s seclusion required 10,000 years. In order to shorten the time needed, Lin Ming had summoned Little Black to the Amethyst Heavenly Palace.

Little Black shared the same roots with Lin Ming, and the energies within Little Black were also inherited from Lin Ming. Between the man and dragon, their energies were completely intertwined.

Thus, for these past years, Little Black had been absorbing energy within the Amethyst Heavenly Palace and then using itself as the medium to transfer this energy to Lin Ming.

If Lin Ming were to absorb energy by himself it would naturally be somewhat slow. But with man and dragon working in tandem, even if Little Black absorbed energy at a rate far slower than Lin Ming, it would still hasten Lin Ming’s speed.

Everything was supposed to happen along a prescribed and orderly path, but now Lin Ming had become desperate.

He reached out a hand and pressed it against Little Black’s chest. His fingers nearly dug into Little Black’s flesh and blood.


The energy within Little Black seemed to explode!

Powerful energy flowed out with blood from Little Black’s chest, gushing towards Lin Ming like a dam that had burst open.


Little Black emitted a low growl of pain. This crazy and wild outpour of energy nearly caused its body to blow up. But, Little Black knew that Lin Ming had entered the most critical period of his seclusion. Let alone pain, even if Little Black were to die here and turn into a mass of flesh and blood on the floor, it would still persist until his final breath to help Lin Ming complete his cultivation.

“Little Black, bear with me!”

Seeing Little Black’s appearance, Lin Ming’s heart was pained. But at this time just what was pain?

Energy wildly broke into Lin Ming’s body. Within this independent world, a powerful attraction force erupted from him, causing the world strength all around him to form a great vortex. And the center of this vortex was Lin Ming.

In this brutal impact of energy, the pain that Lin Ming withstood was no less than Little Black’s. His skin and blood vessels began to crack open as if his body would implode at any moment!

If this were a normal martial artist they would have long since been too scared to continue and would have done everything in their power to stop their cultivation, lest their body explode.

But Lin Ming crazily absorbed energy. He only hated that he couldn’t absorb even more energy at an even faster pace!

“Almost, just a little bit more! Fuse!”

Lin Ming roared out in his heart. His comprehension of Laws was high enough, but in order to completely fuse these two great worlds together what he required was a massive amount of energy.

This energy boiled together, brewing towards the peak of possibility. At this time in the world outside, the earth began to shake.

Rumble rumble rumble!

Mountains toppled over and rivers collapsed. In the nearly dried up Asura Sea, massive cracks began to appear in the seabed. These cracks were fathomless, as if the entire Asura Road would be torn apart.

“This is…”

The martial artists of the 33 Heavens naturally noticed the changes occurring to the Asura Road.

Could this world-breaking scene be related to Lin Ming?

Xiao Moxian’s breath quickened. She looked towards the place where Lin Ming was in seclusion, her eyes unblinking. She prayed in her heart that Lin Ming could pass this final hurdle and leave seclusion!

However, high in the air, the abyssals also saw these changes. They decided to push forwards regardless of the cost.

“Is this all because of that brat Lin Ming?”

“I don’t know, but it doesn’t matter what it is. We must attack now to prevent any future nightmares!”

In the brief battle just now, the abyssals had consumed a great deal of strength. Their original plan was to recuperate a bit before attacking again, but now they couldn’t attend to such things.

The Great Flood Demon Kingdom’s Imperial Scholar crushed a token in his hand. The instant this token crumbled, the eyes of dozens of higher abyssals suddenly turned blood red, just like those eight True Divinities that had blown themselves up.

They were also completely controlled by the Demon God’s Tomb Master. During this raid to kill Lin Ming, the Demon God’s Tomb Master had done everything in his power to ensure the mission would go smoothly. He had sent over a hundred loyal servants here, including 10 True Divinities and dozens of Empyreans.

And now, these servants had lost their ability to act and were then swallowed up by ‘Evil’!

Dozens of Empyrean level abyssals were swallowed up by Evil!

Seeing this scene, Ink and Clear didn’t dare to delay any further. They didn’t know if the changes occurring within the Asura Road were related to Lin Ming or not. If they were, then it might mean Lin Ming had entered the most critical period of his seclusion and they would have to prevent these abyssals from disturbing Lin Ming no matter the cost.


Ink and Clear shouted out in unison. Their burned all the energy within their bodies, and their life source and blood essence seethed within them.

Around Ink and Clear, the 50 Empyreans and three True Divinities also offered their life energies without hesitation. They could all feel their strength rapidly fading away, but the power of life that gathered became increasingly intense!

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