MW Chapter 2248

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Chapter 2248 – Lin Ming Leaves Seclusion

The sky seemed to droop downwards, filled with divine light, and the earth was cracked open. The seas had dried up and the entire Asura Road seemed on the verge of destruction, as if the end of times had arrived.

Ink and Clear gathered the many martial artists of the 33 Heavens into an array formation, gathering their boundless life energy and combusting it like a blinding sun. Beams of multi-hued light flew out from the array formation, crossing through the skies like rainbows as they flew deep into the Great Desolate.

At the Great Desolate’s Red Moon Canyon, the Forsaken Mortal Tomb that had been sealed for 10 billion years was split open!

Giant bronze coffins opened and ancient god kings flew out from their resting place.

These god kings had already slept for countless years. They had long since lost their wisdom, lost all memories. All they remembered was to slaughter and kill atop the blood-drenched battlefield!

Before their death, they had withstood excruciating pain to be made into corpse puppets and sealed away into deep slumber for innumerable years. And all of that was for this one moment!

They were people that should already have died. Now, with Ink and Clear utilizing a grand array formation to awaken them, their lives could only be maintained for a short three days.

But these three days were already enough.

Roars spread out like a tide, breaking through the universe. Hundreds of ancient god kings savagely burst into the ranks of the abyssal army!

These ancient god kings had all been True Divinities before their death. After dying they were made into puppets and sealed away for 10 billion years, causing their cultivations to plummet precipitously. Even so, the worst amongst them had strength equal to an upper Empyrean!

Among them were powerhouses that possessed the combat strength of lower and middle True Divinities!


“This is…”

Seeing this crowd of ancient god kings rush towards them, the abyssals were shocked. They had no idea where these reinforcements had come from.

These ancient god kings of the 33 Heavens were already withered and dried up, as thin as firewood. Their corpses were wrapped in chains and they held rusty and stained weapons that had lost their luster. Some of them even rode on skeletal mounts, like a legion of the undead that poured forth from hell!


The undead army of ancient god kings brutally collided with the abyssals!

One of the ancient god kings leading their force grasped a large flag and plunged it into the head of Evil!


Bones shattered. Evil was enraged. It glared at this ancient god king who appeared in front of it. Although this ancient god king had a thin and withered body, one could still vaguely make out the outlines of his face and his once youthful and handsome appearance. When this ancient god king died, he had likely been extremely young!

10 billion years ago he must have been majestic and glorious, a shining jewel amongst the primal god race, one of their indomitably proud and peerlessly arrogant elites!

Even after being made into a puppet, even after death, even after being sealed away for 10 billion years, he still retained the strength of a middle True Divinity. It was hard to imagine just how powerful he must have been in the past!

Evil opened its great maw to swallow up this ancient elite warrior!

But, just before Evil could swallow this ancient elite genius, the ancient elite genius revolved the energy within him without hesitation and exploded!


Divine light soared through the heavens. Evil cried out in pain and its massive body was sent tumbling backwards. Its maw was filled with blood and its chin had nearly been torn off!

“Kill them! Kill them all!”

The Great Flood Demon Kingdom Imperial Scholar was incensed. This undead army fought without any fear of death!

As for them, they had already consumed a great deal of strength because of their continuous battle with the 33 Heavens. Before they could fully restore themselves, the army of ancient elites had come hurtling towards them.

“Just be destroyed!”

The Great Flood Demon Kingdom Imperial Scholar slammed out his palm, completely crushing two ancient elites, ripping apart their meridians and shattering all their organs!

However, the moment before they died, they exploded their bodies without hesitation!

The Great Flood Demon Kingdom Imperial Scholar was able to rely on his profound cultivation to avoid the explosion of those two ancient elites, but the seven or eight Empyrean abyssals around him weren’t so lucky. They were directly sucked into the vortex of energy where they suffered gruesome deaths.

“Damn it!”

The high level figures within the abyssal army were infuriated. Because they had been caught off guard and also because they had used up too much energy, they simply didn’t have enough time to form a battle array before the ancient god kings of the 33 Heavens broke into their ranks.

These ancient god kings completely lacked any concept of death. Once they realized they were soon about to die, they would grab onto the nearest abyssal and blow themselves up!

Their reckless method of fighting caused the abyssals to suffer heavy losses!

“Withdraw! Tighten up the formation!”

Deep King Road’s Sovereign yelled. The demon army was too scattered and this allowed the ancient army of god kings to utilize their suicidal attacks to the maximum effect. But once they could shrink back and recognize their formation then their losses could be minimized.

The disparity was still a disparity. Even though army of ancient elites didn’t fear death, the strongest amongst them still had the strength of six or seven middle True Divinities and the rest of them had the strength of lower True Divinities and Empyreans; they were still far short of being able to compare with the abyssal army.

With the direction of the high level abyssals, the demon army started to retreat as they fought. More and more ancient elites of the 33 Heavens were killed, and because of the increasing distance, they couldn’t cause much damage even if they blew themselves up.

“This is bad…”

Seeing the battle situation in the distance, the martial artists within the Heaven and Man Array frowned. If this continued then it wouldn’t be two hours before all those ancient elites were destroyed.

At that time, the abyssal army would simply meditate and restore themselves for some time before restarting their attack against the Heaven and Man Array. After that, what awaited the 33 Heavens was utter annihilation.

“Let’s rush out and fight with them!”

“That’s right, we cannot allow the elites of ancient times to die in vain for us!”

The martial artists who spoke were already boiling with fighting spirit. At this time, there was no one that feared death. All they wanted was one last valiant war!

They believed that with by using the protection of the ancient elites, they could rush out and surely cause deep losses to the abyssals!

“No… we will stand back and take advantage of this time to meditate and recover.”

Divine Dream immediately rejected the offer, leaving the martial artists around her confused.

“Our goal is not to cause heavy losses to the abyssals but to defend Lin Ming.”

Divine Dream shook her head. Even if they joined forces with the ancient elites they still wouldn’t be a match for the abyssal army. Just that Evil alone could contend with at least two or three upper True Divinities.

And with those four upper True Divinity Demon Kings added on, how could they possibly fight like that?

If they all rushed out, even if they managed to slaughter their enemies for a day, they would eventually be destroyed. At that time, who would be left to defend Lin Ming?

But if they stayed in the Heaven and Man Array to restore their strength and used the array formation to struggle with the wounded abyssal army, they could at least delay for another five to six days.

At that time, Lin Ming might leave seclusion!

In the skies, the slaughter became increasingly brutal and violent. The ancient elites were nearly all killed off but the abyssal army lost 700-800 Empyreans and over a dozen True Divinities.

When added with the eight True Divinities that had blown themselves up previously and those that had been swallowed up by Evil, there were not many lower True Divinities left among the abyssals.

In terms of quantity, the abyssals didn’t have many more True Divinities than the 33 Heavens. However, of the abyssal True Divinities that survived, most were at the middle True Divinity realm and above. With 700-800 more Empyrean masters supporting them, their strength still far surpassed the 33 Heavens’.

“These damned wretches!”

The four demon kings had thought that their offensive would be an overwhelming victory, but after suffering setback after setback, they were now incomparably enraged. Even though their opponents were clearly much weaker, they had still managed to drag things out until the present!

“The Lord Demon God gave us 20 days to finish this mission, and now 20 days have passed. We cannot delay anymore, otherwise the Lord Demon God will punish us!”

Upon mentioning the punishment of the Demon God’s Tomb Master, the complexions of the higher abyssals all turned ugly. The Demon God’s Tomb Master had many methods of torture that were far worse than death.

“Break through that array no matter the cost, even if it’s a suicidal attack!”

“Good! We can no longer wait!”

The high level abyssals glanced at each other. If necessary, they could even sacrifice Evil.

Evil was a quasi-totem level abyssal created by the Demon God’s Tomb Master using hasty methods and an upper True Divinity abyssal as the foundation. In truth, the Demon God’s Tomb Master had branched out a portion of his energy to create this killing beast, and his spiritual sea had been tampered with so that Evil would show absolute loyalty to the Demon God’s Tomb Master. If necessary, Evil would sacrifice itself!

“You plan on… sacrificing Evil to blow up the grand array?”

“That is the final method left to us, otherwise there is no alternate way for us to complete this mission!”

Several abyssals discussed their next plan of action. But then, just as they were about to take action, the vibrations passing through the Asura Road became far fiercer!

In the last battle the Asura Road had already been shaking. However, because the abyssals were busy fighting, they simply weren’t able to care about such things. But now the trembling through the Asura Road had become far too intense, so intense that the four demon kings couldn’t help but frown.

Beneath their feet, the earth began to break open.

The cracking of the earth continued at a horrifying speed. Fathomless fissures formed in the earth, recklessly spreading outwards to the end of the world. Just the width of a single fissure alone was several hundred miles, and they might even be millions or tens of millions of miles long!

“Is the Asura Road being destroyed?”

The abyssals were stunned. There was no excitement in their hearts. Rather, they had a faint foreboding feeling. And at this time, beneath the martial artists of the 33 Heavens where Lin Ming was in seclusion within the void, a dazzling light began to shine out, as if a burning sun were being born in the earth!

The abyssals were all panic-stricken. The unease in their hearts became increasingly strong.

And within the Heaven and Man Array, the martial artists of the 33 Heavens held their breath. They stared unblinkingly in the direction of that divine light.

“Could it be…”

Xiao Moxian shivered. Her heart began to race. In that moment, she could sense Lin Ming’s aura, and this aura was becoming increasingly intense!

Lin Ming… was leaving seclusion!?

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