MW Chapter 2249

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Chapter 2249 – Lin Ming Leaves Seclusion

“His Majesty the Human Sovereign! The Human Sovereign has left seclusion?”

At this time, many martial artists of the 33 Heavens started to realize this possibility. The great earthquakes occurring throughout the Asura Road might be an indicator of Lin Ming leaving his seclusion.

That was right… everyone had heard that the Human Sovereign had to fuse with the Asura Road and Akashic Dream Universe. Although they didn’t understand how this could occur or the specifics, if the Asura Road was fused by Lin Ming then perhaps it disintegrating because he left seclusion was possible…

“These wretches, just what are they babbling about!”

On the side of the abyssal army, the four demon kings all had incredibly ugly complexions. At this time they also realized that the most likely possibility was that Lin Ming had emerged!

“Don’t panic!”

At this time, several upper True Divinity abyssals barely managed to maintain their calm. “Although Lin Ming has left seclusion, he might not have stepped Beyond Divinity. Don’t forget – he has been wounded by the Lord Demon God!”

“Right, that’s right.”

As the abyssals spoke amongst themselves, the earth began to continually crack. Divine light shot out and a pair of massive black wings stretched out, covering the entire bed of the Asura Sea like titanic black clouds!

These were the wings of a black dragon!

Ao - !

A resonant dragon’s cry pierced into the highest heavens. Within the storm of energy, two cold lights shot out like a divine sword, thrusting into the skies and leaving the mind shaking.

Lin Ming had most likely left seclusion!

And those two cold lights were his burning gaze!

“Lin Ming!”

“Lin Ming!!”

The moment that Lin Ming appeared, the four demon kings stepped back in the skies, their pupils shrinking.

This fear came from Lin Ming’s aura!

The aura was from the countless victories that Lin Ming had accumulated, from the countless powerhouses that had been felled by his hand, from the blood of all the proud sons of heaven who he had slain, this was an emperor’s majesty that Lin Ming had cast himself!

The four demon kings were awed and horrified. They drew back again and again, a cold chill running down their backs. None of them were able to summon the courage to face Lin Ming!

There were too many legends concerning Lin Ming. Moreover, he was an opponent that even the Demon God’s Tomb Master somewhat feared. Before they even fought, they were already terrified in the depths of their hearts!

The storm of energy faded away. A thousand mile long black dragon stood above the ruined earth, and Lin Ming stood alone above the dragon’s head, a spear in his hands!

His body was straight and tall but his appearance left one startled.

He no longer appeared youthful and majestic, shining like a jade sculpture. Instead, his body was thin and his skin was charred black as if he had exhausted his blood vitality.

When the Demon God’s Tomb Master’s final strike destroyed the Amethyst Heavenly Palace, it had also caused Lin Ming to appear in everyone’s vision for a brief period of time. Back then, he still had this burnt appearance and it had left everyone worried. Would Lin Ming have received some sort of irrecoverable wound?

Now that his seclusion had ended and he emerged, everyone thought that he would be restored to the appearance of his peak state. But his body was still like before…

Not only was Lin Ming’s figure thin and withered but his long hair lay scattered across his head like chopped grass. This spirit treasure clothing he wore had been torn to pieces, leaving nothing but rags hanging off his body.

With Lin Ming’s current appearance, all of the martial artists of the 33 Heavens were left with heavy hearts. Did Lin Ming complete his fusion of heaven and man? Had he been severely wounded? If so, then how much combat strength would he have remaining?

“Hehe! I thought that you completed your seclusion and stepped Beyond Divinity, but you are nothing but a dried up well, a lamp that has lost all oil!”

Seeing Lin Ming’s appearance, Deep King Road’s Sovereign laughed out loud, seeming to have found his courage again.

That was right. The Lord Demon God’s attack had been horrifying. In order to send out an attack of such strength, the Lord Demon God had sacrificed strength that he had accumulated for many years. Lin Ming had been forced to withstand that attack so how could he not be injured?

And even the Asura Road Master likely had his soul turned to ashes! Otherwise, why would he have disappeared?

Lin Ming was strong, but no matter how strong he was could he be stronger than the Lord Demon God?

“Stop with the act. Did you think we wouldn’t know that your seclusion needed 10,000 years to complete, and even if you were given 10,000 years you still might not be able to succeed? Now, only 9900 years have passed, so how could you have finished?”

The Great Flood Demon Kingdom Imperial Scholar tamped down the fear in his heart and stepped forwards towards Lin Ming.

“Your seclusion was interrupted by the Lord Demon God and you suffered a backlash. Now, you are likely suffering from a deficiency in blood vitality and even if your aura is like this, just how much combat strength do you truly have left over? The reason you forcefully left seclusion now is because you know that not leaving is only a road to death. So, how is it? How does it feel to fail right before you reach the end?”

The four demon kings all spoke one after another and agreed with each other. The more they spoke, the more they suspected that their words were correct. Not only did Lin Ming’s cultivation not rise but his strength fell instead!

And on the side of the 33 Heavens, all the martial artists held their breath. They were worried for Lin Ming, and seeing the abyssals forcing their way forwards once more, they subconsciously moved in front of Lin Ming and continued to activate the Heaven and Man Array.

At this time, not even Xiao Moxian, Lin Huang, or Jiu’er, knew what Lin Ming was thinking. He was like a mass of dense fog, leaving one completely unable to understand him.

Then the black dragon whipped its wings and flew into the skies.

Lin Ming stood on top of the dragon, flying closer and closer to the abyssals!

Seeing Lin Ming fly towards them, the four demon kings were horrified. Although they had all spoken rampant and arrogant words, the truth was that it was merely a front and they were actually afraid in their hearts. They actually had no idea just how injured Lin Ming was.

“Attack him, destroy him!” A demon king gnashed out.

They had no other choice. Even if they didn’t want to face Lin Ming, he has already left seclusion. So, would they even be able to escape?

Moreover, even if they managed to escape from Lin Ming’s grasp, even if they returned to the Dark Abyss the Lord Demon God would likely punish them with a fate worse than death.

“Evil, rush forwards!”

The four demon kings came to a tacit understanding with each other. At this time, none of them dared to attack themselves. Rather, they activated the seal planted within Evil’s soul, taking control of it and sending it into a suicidal explosion against Lin Ming; this was the safest method to deal with him.

But the total amount of energy within Evil was terrifying. If it were to explode, it would be no different from a supernova, destroying all!

With its soul seal activated, Evil was completely controlled. Its eyes turned blood red and with a loud roar it rushed towards Lin Ming.

“Just die. With so many of our people being buried with you and even a totem level abyssal dying with you, you should be more than content!”

“Someone like you should have lived a glorious and heroic life, but what a pity you encountered the Lord Demon God and are doomed to be destroyed!”

Several demon kings roared out loud, trying to convince themselves and pump up their courage. They crazily poured their energies into Evil, and Evil began to rapidly expand like a balloon!

At this time, the martial artists of the 33 Heavens were able to see Evil about to explode. If such a giant totem level abyssal were to explode, the force behind that would be unimaginable.

But Lin Ming’s complexion remained as calm and serene as before. Facing the menacing Evil whose body ballooned more and more, Lin Ming simply reached out a hand and gently and slowly grasped the void!


The four demon kings that were pouring their energies into Evil suddenly cried out in alarm. In that instant they were able to feel their energy and divine sense severed by a terrifying strength. Then, they stared helplessly on as the planet-sized Evil seemed to be grasped by a giant invisible hand and compressed!


After Evil’s head was squeezed to the limit, it directly blasted open!

Evil’s flesh and blood also scattered in all directions as its entire body disintegrated!

This was not an explosion of energy but an explosion of pure flesh and blood. The moment Lin Ming reached out his hand, all of the energies within Evil’s body had been controlled by Lin Ming and it was left unable to explode itself at all!

Blood gushed out like an erupting volcano, recklessly falling all over the skies. Evil’s flesh and blood was crushed to goo as it started to flow out from its broken body. Sounds of Evil’s cracking skull filled the world.

This was a horrifying sound, one left that one’s scalp tingling with fear!

The four demon kings all stared at this scene with wide eyes, their palms wet with sweat. Turbulent waves rose up in their hearts!

They already expected that Lin Ming was strong, likely very strong, but they never imagined he could make such an attack.

The massive planet-sized Evil that had such a hard skull protecting it was actually… pinched to death?

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