MW Chapter 2250

Martial World

Chapter 2250 – World Destruction Spear

When it came to Evil being killed by Lin Ming, the truth was that the abyssals weren’t shocked. Before the attack began they had already planned for the worst case scenario.

If Evil couldn’t severely wound Lin Ming by self-explosion and simply died, then that wouldn’t be strange. Evil could be pierced through by Lin Ming’s spear or even overwhelmed with an even greater amount of energy. There were all sorts of possibilities for how Lin Ming could defeat Evil.

But, they never thought that the massive, planet-sized Evil would actually be pinched to death by Lin Ming no differently from a frog!

Just what kind of abnormal strength was this!?

Now it seemed that Lin Ming had likely completed his seclusion.

In other words, he had stepped into the realm Beyond Divinity!

When one’s strength reached the peak of True Divinity and when one’s Laws simultaneously reached perfection, then one would be able to step into this boundary. This was the same boundary that the Asura Road Master, Immortal Sovereign, and Demon God stood upon!

“What do we do?” The higher abyssals turned to the four demon kings, all of them panicked as they searched for help. But, the four demon kings were also left at a loss for what to do. Facing Lin Ming, they were no different from a bunch of ants in front of a lion!

“How could he have left seclusion so early? He had to withstand several attacks from the Lord Demon God, so how could he possibly have completed his seclusion!?”

A demon king roared out in unwillingness. But no matter how much he roared, it was all meaningless; Lin Ming was already rushing towards them!

Or, it was more accurate to say that he only took a single step forwards to instantaneously teleport in front of the abyssal army. His figure was relatively smaller compared to the abyssals’, but for the abyssals right now, the Lin Ming in front of them was no different from a god that stood upon the highest heavens!

The four demon kings all held their breath.

The pressure emitting from Lin Ming was simply too great, so heavy that it left them gasping for breath. Their hands and feet turned cold and their shoulders seemed to carry a weight so immense that they couldn’t help but kneel down in the air.

They had already lost all courage to resist Lin Ming.

“Wait… don’t attack us, I will recognize you as my lord and master…”

An abyssal grit out from between clenched teeth, unable to resist the pressure. He hoped that there was some glimmer of a chance that Lin Ming could let him be and simply plant a slave seal in his body.

For martial artists, living with a slave seal planted within them was a fate worse than death. The four demon kings were certainly unwillingly to exchange their lives to live on as slaves, but now, it was likely that Lin Ming would fight the Demon God’s Tomb Master in a final battle.

If Lin Ming controlled them and was killed by the Demon God’s Tomb Master later, then wouldn’t their freedom also be restored?

Hearing the cunning suggestions of these abyssals, Lin Ming only smiled. He reached out a hand. The many abyssals sucked in a breath as they saw this, unsure what Lin Ming was planning to do.

Would he plant a slave seal in them? Or would he kill them?

Facing this dark star Lin Ming that could even pinch Evil to death, none of them dared to escape. Thinking about it, Lin Ming only needed to open a force field to completely trap them like flies in a spider’s web, unable to escape at all.

From the heavens and earth of the universe, infinite energy began to condense in Lin Ming’s hand, becoming increasingly strong!

This terrifying amount of energy left the abyssals stunned. Just what was Lin Ming planning to do?

When Lin Ming killed Evil he had simply needed to reach out his hand and grasp the air. He hadn’t condensed energy at all. To kill the abyssals, he didn’t need such extravagant motions.

It wasn’t just the abyssal demons, but even the martial artists of the 33 Heavens were left puzzled. As Lin Ming gathered more and more strength in his hand, the Asura Road beneath their feet began to disintegrate at an increasing pace!

A crack of unprecedented size began to race through the middle of the Asura Road!

The Asura Road was long and linear, just like a straight road. This was where its name had come from. And now, a massive lengthwise fissure was spreading through the Asura Road!

This fissure was millions of miles wide and countless billions of miles long. From start to end, the entire Asura Road was cracked open!

The Asura Road had been divided in two!

Magma started to gush out from deep underground, forming turbulent waves that rose up into the skies. The void collapsed and disappeared. Massive mineral lodes broke apart, turned into the purest form of energy that was absorbed by some unknown existence. The various mystic lands that dotted the landscape, the innumerable danger zones, all of them fell apart!

The Asura Road was being destroyed!

This was true destruction!

This level of destruction left everyone stunned. “This is…”

“Look below!”

Someone suddenly cried out in alarm. They discovered that the fissure that had broken through the Asura Road wasn’t fathomless at all. Rather, deep deep down, one could see something shimmering with an icy cold light.

There was actually a giant cylinder buried deep in the Asura Road.

This cylinder shined with a metallic luster and was abnormally long. If one used the divine sense of a True Divinity to probe this cylinder, they would discover that it extended from one end of the Asura Road to the other!

“What is that!?”

“This is…”

Everyone, whether they were abyssals or martial artists of the 33 Heavens, were all shocked speechless. Beneath the earth of the Asura Road, there was actually a giant metal cylinder!

Could this giant metal cylinder by the reason for the Asura Road’s shape?

The Asura Road was indeed formed in an extremely strange shape. Normally, when one formed their own world it would be in the shape of a square or circle, giving it an overall comprehensive and whole feel, unlike the long ‘road’ that was the Asura Road.

The earth completely disintegrated and countless mountains and rivers broke apart into dust and ashes. The sea vanished into mist and the entire Asura Road finally and completely shattered, placing the metal cylinder in full view of all.

It was unimaginably huge, like a divine pillar that supported the entirety of the 33 Heavens. And at the end of this divine pillar was an icy sharp edge, one that was dark and glossy, fierce and horrible, like a peerless weapon!


Could it be…

This thought suddenly lit up in everyone’s mind. This giant cylinder was actually a pole, a spear that had been enlarged countless times over!


People couldn’t help but cry out in alarm. The divine spear that could pierce through the cosmos had been buried beneath the Asura Road!

It was even possible that the Asura Road itself was formed by this divine spear. Or, it could be that the Asura Road Master’s ultimate goal in creating the Asura Road was to utilize the infinite destiny and resources accumulated over 10 billion years, to use the blood of all those outstanding elites that had sprinkled upon the earth, to forge this divine spear!

This was the reason for the Asura Road’s strange shape!

The spear began to shrink and shrink again. Lin Ming looked towards this ultimate divine weapon that floated in the void.

This was a spear capable of destroying a world!

And what he wanted to destroy was the world of the Demon God’s Tomb.

To use a world as a weapon to destroy another world!

Just what sort of crazy idea was this!?

However, for Lin Ming, this weapon was still incomplete. He began to condense energy once more. Through the countless layers of space, the already refined Akashic Dream Universe also began to disintegrate!

The Akashic Dream Universe was created by Immortal Sovereign. It was originally an incomparably massive spiritual world without any true physically substantive life inside. And when Lin Ming began to refine the Akashic Dream Universe, the spiritas had already severed their spiritual connection with the world.

The giant Akashic Dream Universe began to shrink and shrink again.

In the boundless sea of stars, the Akashic Dream Universe finally turned into the phantom of a great spiritual god. Its body was hazy and dim, completely blurry, simply unable to be seen clearly.

This spiritual god phantom passed through layers of the universe, stepping through space until finally arriving in front of Lin Ming!

This phantom seemed to be Lin Ming’s own incarnation. At this moment, Lin Ming seemed to have become a true and legitimate god, wielding the Heavenly Dao and controlling the cycle of samsara.

The Akashic Dream Universe had disintegrated and turned into this divine phantom?

Whether it was the abyssals or martial artists of the 33 Heavens, they were all shocked. This divine phantom was…

As everyone was lost in shock and awe, that giant divine phantom turned into a flow of light that fused into the World Destruction Spear!

Divine light burned like a conflagration of flames. The endless starlight in the universe seemed to converge at this moment, all of it swallowed up by that pitch black spear. This feeling was as if this spear had sucked out all the energy in the universe!

“That divine phantom is…”

The voices of the four demon kings shivered. They wanted to flee, but beneath the immense pressure they couldn’t even move their bodies. Moreover, they felt as if the energy within their bodies would be drawn out by this demonic spear.

This divine phantom finally fused together perfectly with the World Destruction Spear.

This caused everyone to recall something…

“Is that… an artifact spirit!?”

This thought flashed through Divine Dream’s mind. To use the Asura Road to forge the body and then cast in the artifact spirit with the Akashic Dream Universe!

Were all of these things arranged earlier, or was it done by Lin Ming himself?

Or, could it be that this was the Asura Road Master’s original plan, and after Lin Ming fused together the highest Laws of heaven and man, he had finally managed to complete the last step!

To thoroughly refine two great worlds and use these two worlds as the main source to forge his own life weapon, this was the method Lin Ming used to refine these worlds!

“Since ancient times, ever since a peerless divine weapon has been born it must drink blood. On this day, I forge this spear and bring it into existence. All of you shall be its blood sacrifice!”

Lin Ming said, indifferently looking at the thousands of abyssals before him as well as the 30 some abyssal True Divinities.

Lin Ming’s gaze seemed to overlook all of existence, bringing with it a pressure that could not be defied!


The abyssals were frightened beyond compare. Using their final ounce of strength, they scattered in all directions in hopes of escape. But beneath the force field and pressure, how could they possibly escape?

The long spear broke through the void, piercing through the heavens. Screams sounded out one after another. The thousands of abyssals began to explode beneath the pressure of the terrifying strength, their blood blooming like flowers in the sky!

Even the four demon kings were unable to resist. In the end, they also suffered the fate of a cruel death.

These were enchanting blooms of blood formed from thousands of abyssals dying in unison. Such a scene shocked the heart and mind!

It had to be known that every splash of blood came from a peerless abyssal master!

Such a scene hadn’t even occurred in the ancient war 10 billion years ago!

All of the blood, even Evil’s flesh and blood, was all absorbed by the World Destruction Spear.

In that originally pitch black spear, a faint red luster appeared!

With the Asura Road as the spear body and the Akashic Dream Universe as the spear soul, this was a weapon that had been refined for 10 billion years and cast using the two highest Laws.

With the blood sacrifice of 8000 Empyreans and 30 some True Divinities, Lin Ming used his Beyond Divinity strength to wield this World Destruction Spear!


It finally shrank into a normal-sized spear that fell into Lin Ming’s hand!

Lin Ming slowly turned around, his eyes like cold arcs of electricity. He looked at a place deep in the void, fighting spirit gushing out from him like a burning star.

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