MW Chapter 2251

Martial World

Chapter 2251 – Your Era Has Been Ended

At this moment, Lin Ming could feel his body filled with endless strength. The World Destruction Spear in his hands could be called a weapon, but in truth it was no different from a part of his body. It was as close to him as his flesh and blood, and whether it was his aura, divine soul, inner world, life wave fluctuations, spirit mark, everything that made him was cast as one with this spear, completely inalienable!

With a thought, Lin Ming’s body directly integrated into the World Destruction Spear.

Lin Ming vanished; man and spear had become one!

Rumble rumble rumble!

At the point of the World Destruction Spear, thunder and flame wildly gushed out. Endless fog appeared in the void and a black hole-like space channel appeared in front of the World Destruction Spear.

Storms howled through the void. The World Destruction Spear suddenly flew out, passing through the world, tearing through stars.

As it vanished through the space channel, it seemed to carry away all the energy in the universe.

“Lin Ming…”

Looking at the direction that Lin Ming disappeared in, the martial artists of the 33 Heavens held their breath.

At this time, they had already guessed just what Lin Ming was planning to do. Lin Ming wanted to engage the Demon God’s Tomb Master in a final showdown. This would be the last battle, one whose result would determinate the future of the 33 Heavens!

For Lin Ming, the layers of space existed in name only. As he passed through space, distance lost all meaning. He shattered through space barriers again and again. The God Lamenting Wall isolated out the different Heavens of the 33 Heavens, and this was a barrier that even True Divinities found difficult to overcome. But to Lin Ming, the God Lamenting Wall was as frail as glass!

He quickly flew from the Asura Road, through the ancient universe, and into the skies above the Dark Abyss!

Infinite killing intent burst out from their eyes. The World Destruction Spear came crashing down!


The World Destruction Spear pierced through the skies of the Dark Abyss, flew through the world and plummeted into the black earth!

This spear was like a coiling dragon column that fell down from the highest nine heavens. It broke through all barriers, an unstoppable force. The heavy black earth was pierced through by the divine spear, and the first level of the Dark Abyss was forcefully ripped open!

The Dark Abyss was formed by 18 independent spaces superimposed upon each other. The earth of the first level was the skies of the second.

As the World Destruction Spear tore through the earth of the first level, it also ripped open the heavens of the second.

Because of the massive opening, endless world strength began to flow out. For Lin Ming who had cultivated the inner and outer universes to the extreme, who comprehended the highest Laws and who had also reached the boundary of fusing together heaven and man, absorbing the world strength that leaked out from the Dark Abyss was no problem at all!

Thus, while the World Destruction Spear pierced through the first level of the Dark Abyss, the waves of energy winded backwards, and all the endless energy that flowed forth from the Dark Abyss’s first level was absorbed by the World Destruction Spear!

The earth cracked apart, skies turned dark gray, and the seas dried up. The entire Dark Abyss seemed to have all of its spiritual energy completely siphoned away.

After absorbing this strength, the World Destruction Spear became increasingly powerful. Without slowing in the least, it broke into the seas of the Dark Abyss’s second level!

The seas were sundered and massive 10,000 mile waves rose up. The Dark Abyss’s second level was also pierced through!

By absorbing the world strength, the World Destruction Spear became increasingly fierce, increasingly powerful!

Thunderclaps rolled through the world. Storms swept across the void. Layer after layer of the Dark Abyss was broken open. Lin Ming fused together with World Destruction Spear, fusing together infinite strength in this strike. Finally, he pierced through the Dark Abyss’s 17th layer and arrived at the space of the Demon God’s Tomb!

Lin Ming clearly remembered the warning that Immortal Sovereign had given him before he left the Demon God’s Tomb – the Demon God’s Tomb Master was able to control everything within the Demon God’s Tomb, and was the absolute ruler of that land. He must never fight the Demon God’s Tomb Master within the Demon God’s Tomb, unless he had the ability to break apart the world of the Demon God’s Tomb!

Just how firm was the Demon God’s Tomb? This was a world that had survived the great Shattering of the last universe.

But today, Lin Ming would pierce through it!

Lin Ming’s spear was named the World Destruction Spear, and the world it would destroy was the world of the Demon God’s Tomb!

The Demon God’s Tomb Master had fused together with the Demon God’s Tomb. As long as this world was destroyed then the foundation of his strength would also be ruined. This was the best and only method to defeat the Demon God’s Tomb Master!


Lin Ming gave a deep roar, his voice echoing straight into the Dark Abyss’s 18th level!

The totality of Lin Ming’s strength was condensed into this strike. He had poured the entirety of his lifetime of Laws and all of his cultivation into this attack!


The point of the World Destruction Spear thoroughly pierced through the world barrier of the Demon God’s Tomb. A beam of divine light passed through the world, as if the sword of a spiritual god was breaking it apart.

Energy scattered outwards, forming horrifyingly large explosions. It was like the great Shattering of the universe had arrived early. Endlessly energy storms swept out, completely disintegrating the 18th layer of the Dark Abyss!

The Demon God’s Tomb was torn apart by Lin Ming.

Today, this world that was said to be indestructible was actually broken apart by Lin Ming!

In that moment, a powerful impact of energy rushed out from the Demon God’s Tomb, causing Lin Ming’s body to shake and nearly vomit out a mouthful of blood.

Rich world strength burned all around Lin Ming. Fused together as one with the World Destruction Spear, he was like a burning meteor as he crashed down into the boundless earth, pounding open a terrifying pit that was millions of miles deep!

Rumble rumble rumble –

The vault of heaven collapsed and the earth caved in. This apocalyptic scene was like the end of times had arrived.

As the world began to break apart, the originally indestructible Demon God’s Tomb suddenly became frail.

Lin Ming shot out from the massive pit. As he rose up with his scattered hair, he was like a newly born war god!

Pa pa pa!

Burnt black skin cracked and fell off from Lin Ming’s body, rustling down all around him.

Lin Ming lifted the World Destruction Spear, stepping forwards one step at a time. His originally dried and withered mortal body began to shine after the old skin fell off, becoming as glorious and beautiful as jade.

“You’re done for! You have lived for far too long. Your era has been ended, by me!”

Lin Ming looked at the surging energy in front of him – this was… the Emperor Bone Sea!

Dense infernal energy and death energy gushed out from the Emperor Bone Sea, recklessly filling the air.

Lin Ming could clearly feel the pained cries of ancient souls as well as that abyssal’s demonic aura!

Death energy became increasingly rich before turning into black smoke that was visible to the naked eye. The black smoke began to rise up like an inferno.

An old man with a head of sparse white hair emerged from the black smoke. His body was as thin as a skeleton and his eyes were filthy. His complexion was that of a dying man, of fading embers.

He was like a dried corpse that had been slumbering in a grave for 100 billion years. Step by step, he moved towards Lin Ming, his movements stiff and awkward.

As this old man saw Lin Ming, dreadful waves of killing intent flashed out from his filthy eyes!

Seeing this hideous and grotesque Demon God, Lin Ming coldly smiled. “It looks like… in the end you were unable to achieve eternal life. You had fused together with the Demon God’s Tomb, but unfortunately, the Demon God’s Tomb has been destroyed by me. Because the universal system here has collapsed, the energy that was bound by it has also escaped. With your life forcing having been drained, you can no longer fuse with the Demon God’s Tomb. You are done for!”

“Jejejeje!” The Demon God bizarrely cackled, as if he had gone completely insane. “If I kill you and swallow you alive I can still make up for all the vitality I lost! I can still repair the Demon God’s Tomb! Now die!”

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