MW Chapter 2252

Martial World

Chapter 2252 – The Memories of a Lifetime



The Demon God’s Tomb continued to collapse upon itself, disintegrating!

At this time the Demon God was like a wild beast. His hair spread down his head like withered grass and his thin hands had turned into grisly claws. A faint trace of blood red light shimmered in his filthy eyes.

He needed to swallow Lin Ming now, otherwise he would slowly weaken due to the collapse of the Demon God’s Tomb, eventually becoming a lamp that lost all oil!

“Sheng Mei! Where is she?”

Lin Ming coldly asked. 10,000 years ago his spiritual connection with Sheng Mei had been severed and he had no idea what had happened to her.

At that time, Lin Ming had been unable to leave the Asura Road nor was he able to help rescue her. His strength was far from being enough – if he were to meet the Soul Emperor then it would have been a sure death for him.

He knew that his wife was in a great danger but there was nothing he could do. The pain and guilt he felt could be imagined!

In these past years, Lin Ming would periodically worry over Sheng Mei. And although he knew that the Demon God wouldn’t answer him, he still couldn’t help but ask this question.

“Sheng Mei!?” The Demon God diabolically cackled. “That whore was used as a blood sacrifice by me, otherwise how would I have been able to open up the Eternal Wall? Jejeje!”

Seeing the Demon God wildly laugh, Lin Ming’s eyes flashed with thick killing intent. He didn’t believe the Demon God because at the time he felt that Sheng Mei hadn’t died but had instead been isolated out by some sort of mysterious strength.

Moreover, what was without doubt was that the Soul Emperor’s plan to use Sheng Mei as a blood sacrifice had failed, otherwise the Soul Emperor wouldn’t have dragged out time for so long before managing to open the Eternal Wall.

But no matter what the reason was, the chief culprit behind Sheng Mei’s troubles was the Demon God in front of him!

Lin Ming grasped the World Destruction Spear and was about to attack. But then, his thoughts shook. “This is…”

A weak yet marvelous connection touched Lin Ming’s heart. It came from a far, far off place…

This sort of connection was like the reunion of old friends or family, leaving one recalling fond memories.

Could it be…

Lin Ming’s thoughts changed course. Without spending any time bothering with the Demon God, his figure flashed and he flew out from the giant crack in the Demon God’s Tomb!

“You want to run!?”

As the Demon God saw Lin Ming run away, he fiercely grit his teeth and chased after him!

The truth was that he also feared Lin Ming but he had no choice but to chase after him. This was because the Demon God’s Tomb had broken to pieces and if he wanted to repair it he required a massive amount of energy!

Currently, all of the powerful abyssals had been slain by Lin Ming. Like this, the Demon God had no other source of nourishment. If Lin Ming didn’t die then the Demon God would be unable to repair the Demon God’s Tomb.

And because the Demon God’s Tomb was broken open, the world strength within would continuously leak out. This would cause the world of the Demon God’s Tomb to become increasingly fragile until it was the same as any other ordinary great world.

Once this happened, destroying the Demon God’s Tomb would be easy.

How could the Demon God simply sit idly back and watch this happen? He raced out of the Demon God’s Tomb through the gap, feeling the world strength gushing out from the world in a storm all around him. As he felt this strength dissipate into the void he felt his heart drip blood.

Lin Ming’s speed was incredibly quick but the Demon God followed right behind!

The two raced through layers of space boundaries one after another. In front of Lin Ming and the Demon God, all of these barriers were like doors that were opened wide, none of them able to stop them.

The further Lin Ming flew, the closer the sense of connection in his heart became. Finally, he flew to somewhere in the void and reached out his hand.


Space tore apart. Lin Ming reached his hand into the space slit and fished out a gray cube.

This was the Magic Cube!

Considering the time within the time enchantment, Lin Ming had already been separated from the Magic Cube for tens of thousands of years. But now, as he felt this connection humming in his blood, he was overjoyed!

The Magic Cube was not only a divine tool to Lin Ming. It was his memories, his past, something that had carried far too many burdens with him.

The Magic Cube had followed Lin Ming during his travels. The Magic Cube had watched as Lin Ming began from nothing and slowly stepped onto the road of martial arts, becoming a young elite, a proud son of heaven, and finally taking that final step Beyond Divinity!

Although the Magic Cube was only an item, Lin Ming’s feeling towards the Magic Cube were far more profound.

Unfortunately, even though Lin Ming found the Magic Cube he still hadn’t found any information about Sheng Mei; it was like she had completely disappeared from the world.

With Lin Ming’s current strength and the power of his divine sense, even if Sheng Mei were layers of universes way he would still be able to find her. But, for his sense not to reach her, that was actually strange.

Lin Ming sighed, his thoughts filled with worry.


Close behind Lin Ming, the Demon God came flying straight in!

The Demon God suddenly came to a screeching halt. He stared at the Magic Cube in Lin Ming’s hand and his complexion turned horrendously ugly!

“That thing… just how…”

The Demon God was left speechless for some time. But as Lin Ming saw the Demon God’s reaction, he roughly understood just why the Magic Cube was here.

Lin Ming originally thought that the Magic Cube had been wrested away by the Demon God. But, he never imagined that Immortal Sovereign would actually have such methods to send it away.

Thinking about it, this was also reasonable. When Immortal Sovereign joined forces with the highest Demon Lord and also had the help of the numerous ancient demons in the Emperor Bone Sea, that allowed him to control the Demon God’s Tomb to a certain degree. With such control, sending away the Magic Cube wouldn’t have been difficult at all!

Immortal Sovereign used the Magic Cube to control the Emperor Bone Sea, but that was only in order to create trouble for the Demon God; he hadn’t thought that he would be able to kill the Demon God.

Immortal Sovereign clearly knew that he wouldn’t be able to resist the Demon God afterwards, so when he realized that his time was near, he sent the Magic Cube away!

Wanting to defend the Magic Cube was impossible, but hiding it would be far simpler.

Moreover, the Demon God likely didn’t know that Lin Ming had given the Magic Cube to Immortal Sovereign. He probably assumed that Immortal Sovereign had some hidden ace up his sleeve that he had used to control the Emperor Bone Sea.

With how the situation was back then, the Demon God was likely in a hurry to quickly refine the Demon God’s Tomb, so how could he spend energy and time on searching for something like the Magic Cube that may or may not have existed?

And when Lin Ming had given the Magic Cube to Immortal in the past, Immortal had recorded Sheng Mei and his own spirit mark in the Magic Cube. As long as he felt this aura it would be easy to find it.

“Senior Immortal, thank you…”

Lin Ming quietly said, feeling heartfelt gratitude and admiration towards Immortal Sovereign. Immortal was truly an extraordinary character. Even after his death, his methods were still transcendent!

If the Magic Cube had fallen into the Demon God’s hands, Lin Ming would still be able to take it back. But, he wouldn’t have been able to tolerate the Demon God destroying the bloodline connection that he had formed with the Magic Cube through their life and death tribulations.

“The Stone of Eternal Life… what a wonderful method…” The Demon God mumbled, clenching his jaws.

Lin Ming narrowed his eyes, his gaze burning as he stared at the Demon God. He knew that Immortal Sovereign had likely been thoroughly destroyed by the Demon God, and not even his remnant soul would have been left over.

To Immortal, this might have been freedom. But as Lin Ming thought of this, he still felt a knife twisting into his heart.

The grudges of Immortal, the grudges of Sheng Mei, the grudges of all the elites of the 33 Heavens, the grudges of the primal god race, the grudges of the countless lives that died…

All these blood debts could be paid by the Demon God’s death, paid with his blood!

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